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Bhula kar humahin wo bhi na khush rhy pain ge
Smany nahi tu humary jany k bad ashk bahaain ge
Dua hai KHUDA say k us ko kabhi ghum na dyna
Wo tu bardash kar lain gy hum na kar pain ge...!!!
Make a mind which never mind.
Make a heart, which never hurts.
Make a touch, which never pains.
& Make a relation, which never ends.
Speak less to people whom u love most…..Because if they cant understand ur silence….. They can never understand your words…...
Surkh ankhon say wo jab hamein dekhtein hain
Hum gharbra kar ankhein jhuka letay hain
Kaun milay un ankhon say ankhein
Suna hai who ankhon sa apna bana letay hain
HaRdEsT MoMeNt Is NoT ThAt
WhEn u |osE SutHiNg
TeArs CoMe OuT OuT Ov Ur EyEzZz....


It''S tHe OnE, WhEn U LoSe SuMtHiNg
StI|| MaNaGe To CrY.....
dukh dard k maron say mera zikr mat karna
ghar jao tu yaro se mera zikar mat karna
wo zabt na kar payengay ankhon k samndur
tum rah guzaron say mera zikar mat karna
pholon k nasheman mein raha hun sada say
dekho kabhi khazaroon say mera zikar mat karna
shayed yeh andheray he mujhay rah dikhein
ab chand sitaron say mera zikar mat karna
wo meri kahani ko ghalat rang na dey dein
afsana nigaron say mera zikar mat karna
shaid wo meray haal pey besakhta rodein
is bar baharon say mera zikar mat karna
lay jayngay gehrai mein tum ko baha kar
darya k kinaron say mera zikar mat karna
who shaks milay tu ussay har bat bata dena
tum sirf esharon say mera zikar mat karna
Seprations r those wounds

dat nobody can heal

& memoris r those treasurs

dat nobody can steal.

But dont separate to make memories.

so plz stay in touch !!!
i kept all my feelings for u in a glass n put it in a locker.....
but today when i was filling it up with more ur phone rang...and the glass broke......
Think of life as a great road trip ... if you spend too much time looking back at where you''ve been, you''ll miss what''s ahead.....!!!!!
When the door of happiness closes, another opens; but often times we look so long at the closed door that we dont see which one has been opened for us..
There r two things u can do after waking up in the morning....

Go back to sleep and continue ur dream...

Get up and chase ur dream...
U r The Best
Heart Surgeon In The World
U Made A Place In My
Widout Cutting
Spilling Blood.
I''m Lucky To Have U.....