Only struggle, provides you the chance of success But
Addition of Faith in Allah Rab-Ul-Izzat converts this chance into guarantee..

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I''ve A Special Prayer 4 U
May GOD Bless U n Ur Family Wid Health,
Happiness, Luv, Unity, Wealth, Care n
Wh8ever Ur Wishes r In Life
Ameen (:
aik hathi nay chand chuntiyon ko chaltay chaltay kuchal k mar dya ghalti say.ab chyuntion n us hathi say badla lyne ka plan bnaya.plan.jab hathi ither say guzray ga to us ko tree k uper say jump laga k mar day gay."sab chyuntiyan tree p char hi rahi the k hathi uther say guzarnay laga.1 kamzor si chunti charhatay hue us p pehlay hi gir gaye.peechay say us ki sathi chuntion nay awaz lagaye."PHEY DAY SU PHAY DAY SU
A Simple Bye Makes Us Cry,

A Simple Joke Makes Us Laugh,

A Simple Care Makes Us Fall In Love.

I Hope My Simple SMS Make U Think Of Me
Life doesn''t provide Warranties & Guarantees... it only provides possibilities & opportunities for those who dare to make best use of it! Gud Day!
the hardest thing in life is to explain the reason how much you are true and sincere with someone.
Two Aspects Of Life

If V Become Too Sentimental,
It Is Too Hard To Lead Life

If V Become Too Practical,
Its Too Tough To Respect Relation
A Prayer can g0, where i can''t g0.
Thr0ugh PRAYER i can b with U, i care with0ut being there.
I may b miles away 4m U,bt my Prayers r alwz vd U!
1 aapki Hasi
1 aapki Dosti
1 aapka sath nibhane ka vaada
1 kabhi na khatam hone wala vishvas
The RESULT is:
(1+1+1+1) = 4Ever
HaRdEsT MoMeNt Is NoT ThAt
WhEn u |osE SutHiNg
TeArs CoMe OuT OuT Ov Ur EyEzZz....


It''S tHe OnE, WhEn U LoSe SuMtHiNg
StI|| MaNaGe To CrY.....
Extending One Hand to Help Somebody has More Value,

than Joining Two Hands for Prayer.
"One Can Cross An Ocean Widout Wetting His Legs
Cannot Cross His Lyf Widout Wetting his Eyez"
Yet We Smile . . .
That''s Life . . .
The value of life does not depend on the length of time on this Earth but rather on the amount of love given and shared to the people we care about.