Only struggle, provides you the chance of success But
Addition of Faith in Allah Rab-Ul-Izzat converts this chance into guarantee..

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Zindagi K Kisi Lamhe Main Jab Suraj Ki Roshni Kam Parne Lage Tou Ghabrana Nahi
Yaad Rakhna K
Zameen K Kisi Goshey Man 2 Haatha Aap K Liye Dua Maang Rahe Hain . . .

...Tu Jab Bhi Koi Dua

...Mera RAB Tujhy Wo
Ataa Karey...

...Teri Jholi Ho
Khushio''n Sy Bhari...

...Bin Maangey Tujhy
Sab Wo Ataa Karey...

...Tu Haath Uthaye
Baad Main...

...Mera RAB Tujhy
Wo Cheez Pehly Hi
Ataa Karey...

~ Aamiin ~ :)
If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character...Would you slow down? Or speed up?”
Extending One Hand to Help Somebody has More Value,

than Joining Two Hands for Prayer.
Dont Search Any Gud Or Particular Msg 2 Send Me

I''ll Be Satisfied Wid An Empty Msg

Coz I''ll Just Be Happy By Knowing

Dat My Frnds Still Remembr Me !!!
I Laugh , I love , I Hope
I Try , I Hurt , I Need ,
I Fear , I Cry & I Know
You Do The Same Things Too
We Are Really Not That

''''Me & You'''' (:
Zara bhi un k chehray say pata chalta nahi dil ka
Eibarat itni mushkil hai k hum tafseer parhtay hain
Success Formula-

Sleep 8 hours....

Work 8 hours....


make sure they are not the same hours.. :)
A Smile Stadts On Lips . . . A Grin Spread To Eyes . . . A Cuckle Comes From The Belly . . . But A Good Laugh Bursts Forth From The Soul. . . Overflows & Bubbles All Arround :)
The difference between God and Man being is...

God Gives and Forgives. Man Gets and Forgets!
There Was An Headcount
Of Angels In Heaven
Pandemonium Strucked
Discovering That
An Angel Is Missing
Plz Call Heaven
Tell ''Em You''re Safe With Me... :)
It Is Said That
When U Laugh, U r Praying To God


When U Make Other Laugh

Then God Himself Prays 4 U

So Stay Happy & Be The Reason 4 Other''s Happiness =)