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Decent sms
Ek Mahan Philosofer Ne Kya Khub Kaha Hai


"Zindgi Tu Hi Bata
Kaise Tuje Pyar Karu??

Teri Har Ek 'Subah' Meri Umar Kam Kar Deti Hai.

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Challenges are like trees seen through a running train. As U approach them they grow bigger, once U pass them they become smaller! So never be afraid of them.
Meri zindagi ka sahara nahi hai,

Is jahaan me koi hamara nahi hai,

Chua unka daaman to wo haskar bole,

Dost ye daaman tumhara nahi hai.
M o t h e r L o v e

I s T h e F u e L

T h a t E n a b l e s

A N o r m a l

H u m a n B e i n g

T o D o T h e

I m p o s s i b l e ;->
Laughter ... !

Can Be Satisfying
Than Honor ...

More Precious
Than Money ...

More Heart-Cleansing
Than Prayer ...

Keep Laughing ... =)
Its good to value the things money can buy,but its good,too,to check once in a while and make sure that you havent lost the precious things in life that money cant buy
NeEdInG sOmEoNe Is
LiKe NeEdInG a
PaRaChUtE ...
If He IsN''t ThErE tHe
FiRsT tImE yOu NeEd
HiM, ChaNcEs ArE yOu
WoN''t Be NeEdInG hIm
AgAiN ... (= ;->
Memories sometimes
behave in a crazy way....
They leave you alone when
you are in a crowd....
& when you are alone they
stand along with you like a
Wh8z true but unfair
"Ur presence"

Wh8z real but invisible
"Ur Care"

Wh8z sweet but naughty
"Ur Smile"

Wh8z precious but priceless
"Ur company" ... :)
Girl to Boyfriend:Mein kal tumse nahi mil sakti.

Boy:Thek hai mein tumhara gift kisi aur ko de deta hun....

Girl:Mera matlab tha kal nahi aa sakti,abhi kahan ho ?
I haven't forgotten where I come from, or who I am,
I've just had to make some minor adjustments to get to where I need to be,

look in my eyes I'm still me
Victory is not the property of brilliants. It is the crown for those who bow themselves in front of hard work & confidence. Gud
KeEpInG a SmIlE oN yOuR fAcE,

wHeN iNsIdE yOu FeEl LiKe dYiNg,

FoR tHe SaKe Of SuPpOrTiNg OtHeRs,

MeAnS ...

... S.T.R.E.N.G.H.T ...