Decent sms

Decent sms
Ek Mahan Philosofer Ne Kya Khub Kaha Hai


"Zindgi Tu Hi Bata
Kaise Tuje Pyar Karu??

Teri Har Ek 'Subah' Meri Umar Kam Kar Deti Hai.

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Life Is Short

Forgive Quickly,
Believe Slowly,
Love Truly,
Laugh Uncontrollably,


Never Regret Anything

That Made You Smile .
The "CLOUDS" May Cover The "SUN"
BuT We Know That
The "SUN" Never Forgets To "SHINE"
Just Like "U"
I May Not Often See "U"
But "U" Always
"SHINE" In My "PRAYERS". . .
It Is Very Ussual 2 Ask

Whats Up?
H R U?
Had Ur Lunch?
Hows Life etc etc,

So Let Me Ask U Something Different

Did U Smile 2day?
If not Just do it now;-)
Dua Karte Hai Hum Sar Jhukaye, Aye Dost Aap Apni Manzil Ko Paye,
Ager Kabhi Teri Raho Main Andhera Aaye,
To Roshni Ke Lyie Khuda Humko Jalaye,,
Happey Friendship.!
Height Of Hiding Failure In Love


I Will Remember that person

Not As The One Who Broke My Heart,

But As The One Who Taught Me

How To Live With A Broken Heart!

The tree does not withdraw its shade from the woodcutter.

So forgive the one who hurt you.

They will realize ur worth one day
The nicest place to be is in the THOUGHTS of someone &
The safest place to be is in someones PRAYERS... (:
U r Receiving This Msg 4m SMILE''S & CO.
We Are Just Checking If
All Cutie Pies On Earth Are Happy & Smiling.
Hey Thats Such A Cute Smile :-)
How Can You"SMI-LE" Without"I"..?
How Can You be "F-NE" without "I"..?
How can you "W-SH" without "I"..?
How can you be "FR-END" without "I"..?
"I" am very important..!
But "I" can never achieve S-CCESS without "U"..
and that makes "U" more important than "I"...
Whats Sweeter:
Sms Or Miss Call.

Ans: Miss Call,
Becoz It Shows Someone Is Terribly
Missing U That He Or She Is Wordless
To Say Or Write.
.A FrieNd
.I Will
.mE :->
Chala Jaa Msg. to Ban k Gulab.
Agar Hogi Dil lagi To Ayega Jawab.
Agar Na aye Jawab to Mat Hona Udas.
Samaj Lina Hamare liye Waqat Nahi Un k Pass