Us ne mujhe prinda samjh

Us ne mujhe prinda samjh
us ny mughy prinda samjh kR is shaM k Andheron main Uraa diya.... ..


usay ye nhe pta k sham ko urny waly parinday kabhi loata nhe krty.

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Days begin with hopes and ends with dreams. Everyday starts with some expectation but surely ends with some experience-that's life!
"L A U G H"
As Much as you..
"B R E A T H E"
"L O V E"
As long as you..
"L I V E"
JO tum ko dukh de ussy chhorr do
JO tum ko dukh de ussy chhorr do . magar jisey chor do usy dukh na do ...
din ki roshni main rizk talash karo ! raat ko ussy talash karo jo tumhain rizq deta hai.....'
Life is a collection of changes. So don''t avoid changes. Take every changes as a challenge. Some give success and some act as the stepping stone to success.
While I can run, I''ll run....
while I can walk, I''ll walk......
when I can only crawl, I''ll crawl.....
But by the grace of ALLAH, I''ll always be moving forward......
NeEdInG sOmEoNe Is
LiKe NeEdInG a
PaRaChUtE ...
If He IsN''t ThErE tHe
FiRsT tImE yOu NeEd
HiM, ChaNcEs ArE yOu
WoN''t Be NeEdInG hIm
AgAiN ... (= ;->
I''ve A Special Prayer 4 U
May GOD Bless U n Ur Family Wid Health,
Happiness, Luv, Unity, Wealth, Care n
Wh8ever Ur Wishes r In Life
Ameen (:
9 Most Brain
Damaging Habits

1. No breakfast
2. Over eating
3. Smoking
4. High sugar
5. Air pollution
6. Sleep deprivation
7.Head covered while
8. Working with your
brain during illness
9. Talking rarely

Forward To Whom
You Care About ... :)
Nice Saying
1-Us Se Dosti Na Karo Jise Khud Per Ghroor Ho

2-Maa Bap Ko Bura Mat Jano Chahy Lakh Un Ka Kasoor Ho

3-Bure Raste Pe Mat Jao Chahy Kitni Bhi Manzil Door Ho

4-Rah Chalte Ko Dil Mat Do Chahy Lakh Mooh Per Noor Ho

5-Pyar Ki Baat Wahan Karo Jahan Pyar Nibhane Ka Dastoor Ho.
Namaz Ki Pabandi Kro.
Aap Ki Baato''n Ka
Aap k Naam Ki
Aap Se Dosti Ka
Aap K Sweet Se Sms Ka :)
This Message Has
No Fat
No Cholesterol
No Additive.
This Is All Natural Except
With A Lot Of Sugar
It Can Never Be As Sweet As The One Reading It. =)
Seems Like An
Empty Word,
Its Full Of ...


ThanQ For Being
A Part Of My
SPACE ... (: