Us ne mujhe prinda samjh

Us ne mujhe prinda samjh
us ny mughy prinda samjh kR is shaM k Andheron main Uraa diya.... ..


usay ye nhe pta k sham ko urny waly parinday kabhi loata nhe krty.

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"Excellence has always been achieved by those who dared believe that something inside them is superior to circumstances"
You Can Be :
A Doctor And Save Lives,
A Lawyer And Defend Lives,
A Soldier And Protect Lives,
Or Simply Be YOURSELF,
A SWEETHEART Who Touches Life…
8 Best Moments In Life

> Giving The 1st Salary To Ur Parents.

> Thinking Your Love With Tears.

> Looking Old Photos & Smiling.

> A Sweet & Emotional Chat With Friends

> Holding Hands With Your Loved Ones For A Walk.

> Getting A Hug From One Who Cares You.

> 1st Kiss To Your Child When He /She Is Born.

> The Moments When Your Eyes Are Filled With Tears After A Big Laugh.

" Hit Like If U Have Best Moments" ?
suno logon
meri aankhain kharido gey??
mujhey ek khuwab ka tawaan bharna hai
ek esa khuwab tha jo jaagti aankhon ne dekha tha
magar dekhey huwey us khuwab ki tabeer ulti thi
nahi shikwa kisi se,apni he taqdeer ulti hai
jo ab tak ho chuka hai mujhko wo nuqsan bharna hai
ab aankhain bech ker he,
khuwab ka tawaan bharna hai
meri aankhain kharido gey??
We love ourself even after making so many mistakes...

Then how can we hate otherz for their small mistakes??

Strange but true!!!
While I m lying in bed I
think about U
I know how V all r
growing up
Struggling to make
a place in the ''big big
How 1 day V r gonna
get busy wid Our lives
I just want U to know
I m scared to lose U, I
don''t want U to
I want U to be around
I want U to stay beside
I want U to make me
laugh n smile 4ever
just like U''ve always
U''ll remain special to me
4ever n ever n U r 1
of those Friends I
won''t ever 4get (=

a RADIO Station.!

It will be Broadcasting

All the time...

You just have to

Learn How to



Agar Tum Us Ko Na Pa Sako

Jis Ko Tum Chahte Ho


Usay Zaruur Apna Lena Jo Tumhain Chahta Hy

Kyun K

Chahne Se Chahey Jane Ka Ehsaas Zyada Khoobsurat Hy ...
Wudn''T It B N!xE....

If WhEnEvEr We

MeSsEd Up OuR


We CuD S!mP|y




StArT A|| OvEr..... :-|
Extreme of fashion?

Dhotee with zip

Extreme of secrecy?

Blank visiting card

Extreme of stupidity?

lookin throgh a keyhole of a glass door.

Extreme of Dehydration

A cow giving milk powder.

Extreme of Kanjusi.

A man after accident lying on the road giving misscalls to Edhi.
U Gotta Take The Gud Wid The Bad

Smie Wid The Sad

Love What U Got

& Remember What U Had

Learn 2 Forgive

But Never FOrget

Learn From Ur Mistakes

But Never Regret

Ppl Change Things Go Wrong

Just Remember "Life Goes On" . . .
Relationships Are Like Traffic Signs



Do Not Enter

No U Turn

No Left Turn


The Best So Far Is

Give Way & Keep Right ... (:->