Us ne mujhe prinda samjh

Us ne mujhe prinda samjh
us ny mughy prinda samjh kR is shaM k Andheron main Uraa diya.... ..


usay ye nhe pta k sham ko urny waly parinday kabhi loata nhe krty.

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Suba ko baagh me shabnam parti hae faqat is liye...!!
K ptta ptta kare zikar Khuda ka ba-wuzu ho kr...!!

NeEdInG sOmEoNe Is
LiKe NeEdInG a
PaRaChUtE ...
If He IsN''t ThErE tHe
FiRsT tImE yOu NeEd
HiM, ChaNcEs ArE yOu
WoN''t Be NeEdInG hIm
AgAiN ... (= ;->
The tree does not withdraw its shade from the woodcutter.

So forgive the one who hurt you.

They will realize ur worth one day
Before I got in touch with u,
I used to gaze at stars as they were only my friends.
But after I met u,I started believing
that stars do fall on Earth
Don''t Run Away From Yoour Fears . . .

Run Towardz Your Fears . . .

Hug Your Monsters . . .

An Extraordinary Life Will Follow . . . =)
HaRdEsT MoMeNt Is NoT ThAt
WhEn u |osE SutHiNg
TeArs CoMe OuT OuT Ov Ur EyEzZz....


It'S tHe OnE, WhEn U LoSe SuMtHiNg
StI|| MaNaGe To CrY.....
Ek Artist Se Dil K Darwazay Ki
Tasveer Bananay Ko Kaha Gaya
Uss Ne Bohat Haseen Ghar Banaya
Or Uss Mn Chota Sa Khubsura
Darwaza Lagaya lekin Uss Ka Handle nahi tha~

Kisi ne poocha handle keun nahi lagaya
to woh bola Dil ka darwaza
andar se khola jata hai bahir se nahi
Think It!
Teri Zindagi Ka Har Ek Pal Nayab Ho Jaye

Tere Dil Ki Har Kali Khil Ker Gulaab Ho Jaye

Jin Par Barasti Hai Khuda Ki Khaas Rehmatai''n

Un Hastiyo''n Main Tera Intikhaab Ho Jaye . . .
Do U Realy Wana Know What Is Da

Best Short Cut Of Jannat??

Go2 ''Write Msg'', Activate Dictionary(T9)

& Press 7273687

TRY... /
The real art of conversation is not only to
say the right thing at the right time,
but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing
at the tempting moment....
A Fone Is A Form Of Communication

A Kiss Is A Form Of Affection

A Picture Is A Form Of Remembrance

Choosing ME As Ur FREND Is A Form Of

Ahem Ahem

GOOD TASTE . . . =)
Corporate Lessons.....
"We Will Do It"
"U Will Do It."
"U Have Done A Great Job"
"More Work Will Be Given To U."
"We R A Team"
"I Am Not The Only One To Be Blamed."
"That Is A Good Question"
"I Do Not Know Anything About It."
"All The Best "
"U R In Trouble." :)