Us ne mujhe prinda samjh

Us ne mujhe prinda samjh
us ny mughy prinda samjh kR is shaM k Andheron main Uraa diya.... ..


usay ye nhe pta k sham ko urny waly parinday kabhi loata nhe krty.

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God has 4 gifts for U: A key for every problem, a light for every shadow, a plan for every tomorrow & a joy for every sorrow. Enjoy God''s Gift forever.
Agar Tum Us Ko Na Pa Sako

Jis Ko Tum Chahte Ho


Usay Zaruur Apna Lena Jo Tumhain Chahta Hy

Kyun K

Chahne Se Chahey Jane Ka Ehsaas Zyada Khoobsurat Hy ...
When Will People Understand


Words Can Cut As Sharply As Any Blade



Those Cuts Leave Scars Upon Our Souls . . .
The "CLOUDS" May Cover The "SUN"
BuT We Know That
The "SUN" Never Forgets To "SHINE"
Just Like "U"
I May Not Often See "U"
But "U" Always
"SHINE" In My "PRAYERS". . .
May GOD Bless You
Keep You Always

May Your Wishes
All Come True

May You Always
Do For Others

And Let Other Do
For You

May You Build A
Ladder To The Stars

And Climb On
Every Rung

And May You Stay
Forever Young ... :)
Corporate Lessons.....
"We Will Do It"
"U Will Do It."
"U Have Done A Great Job"
"More Work Will Be Given To U."
"We R A Team"
"I Am Not The Only One To Be Blamed."
"That Is A Good Question"
"I Do Not Know Anything About It."
"All The Best "
"U R In Trouble." :)
You can fool all of the people all of the time if the advertising is right and the budget is big enough
This SMS Is The Best To Describe Me

Just because my eyes do not show tears,
doesn''t mean my heart doesn''t cry n i don''t get hurt.
Just because I come out strong, doesn''t mean there is nothing wrong.
Often I choose to pretend that i''m happy.
So I don''t have to explain myself to people who''ll never understand.
Smiling has always been easier than explaining y i''m sad...!
Dear God, I
Don''t need
Lots of
Freinds As long as Real ones stay With me,
So bless Them all, Especially the Sweetest One reading this. . . |''!''|
I Am Thankful...
I can move about freely and express my beliefs.
There are those who live in constant fear.

I Am Thankful...
I have been loved.
There are those for whom no one has ever cared.

I Am Thankful...
I can work.
There are those who have to depend on others for even their most basic needs.

I Am Thankful...
For the opportunity to help others.
There are those who have not been so abundantly blessed as I.
Umar K Samandar Me

Roshni Ki Khwaish Me

Waqt k Sitare Hyn

Jis Khuda Ne Ye Dhart

Ye Falak Sanware Hyn

Us Se Iltija Hy Ye

Aur Meri Dua Hy Ye

Wo Aap Ki Qismat Me

ILM Ki Rida Likh De

WAQT Ki Ada Likh De

PYAR Be-panah Likh De

MAA Ki Dua Likh De

Aur Apni RAZA Likh De

~ Aameen~
If Tomorow We Mis Each Other

U Will Get Thousands Frends

Like Me

But I Would Not Get U,

Bcoz In Sky Stars R So


But MOON Is Only One