Us ne mujhe prinda samjh

Us ne mujhe prinda samjh
us ny mughy prinda samjh kR is shaM k Andheron main Uraa diya.... ..


usay ye nhe pta k sham ko urny waly parinday kabhi loata nhe krty.

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The Best Thing To Give . . . ! ! !

To Ur Enemy Is Forgiveness

To An Opponent Tolaerance

To A Friend Ur Heart

To Ur Child A Good Example

To A Father Difference

To Ur Mother, Conduct That Will Maker Her Proud Of U

To UrSelf Respect

And To All Men Charity . . .
True Fact:

Orat Jab Udass Hoti Hai To Us K
Aanso Nikaltay Hain,

Or Mard K Anso

Kushi K Moqa Per Nikaltay Hain. . .
Each Of Us Is A Star

Some Tyms We Shine With The Rest

Sometyms We Twinkle Alone

Sometyms When We Least Know It

We Make Someone''z Wish Come True :->
If someone would ask me what a beautiful life means, I would lean my head on your shoulder n hold u close to me n answer with a smile:
''''Like this''''
We live in r Dreams
Dreams May Die.
Don''t get shattered & never cry.
The world is big n has lots to give.
Pick a new Dream
Start Again.
Gud Day.. . . . .
Kamran Akmal's wife teaching her son ABCD:
A for Akmal,
B for Ball,
C for Catch,
D for Drop.
Time Doesn''t Wait For
U or Me
Days Pass n Years Pass
U Miss Ur Best Ones
U Move Away From Ur
Close Ones
Ur Life Changes
Frnds Change
Ppl Change
Ur Heart Has Those
Precious Moments
Etched In It
Wether U Want It
Ot Not
Its Always There
Making U Happy At Sad
Times n Making U Sad
Even At Happier Times
Ur Heart Has Those
Moments In Tht Corner
Where No One Can See
What It Is
So Enjoy Every Moment
Of Life

Have A Beautiful Life (:
Defence ka nazara.

liberty ka fawara.

shadi tumhari honi nahi.

karo poondi py guzara.
Dua Hy !
Aap Ki Sari Mushkilat
Duur Hon

Dua Hy !
Ko Baksh De

Dua Hy !
Us RAHEEM Se k Aap Pr
Reham Kare

Dua Hy !
k Aap Ko Izzat De

Dua Hy !
Us GHANI Se k Aap Ko
Hadh-darja Nawaze

Dua Hy !
Aapko Hr Khushi Se
Humkinar Kare

HaRdEsT MoMeNt Is NoT ThAt
WhEn u |osE SutHiNg
TeArs CoMe OuT OuT Ov Ur EyEzZz....


It''S tHe OnE, WhEn U LoSe SuMtHiNg
StI|| MaNaGe To CrY.....
Never believe what the lines on your hand predict about your future.
Because,people who dont have hands,also have a future.
A Face Can Speak Thousand Emotions
But It Can Easily Mask What Heart
Truly Feels ... Don''t Be Fooled
By The Happiest Face . It May Be
Masking The Most Hurting Heart ...