When roses blossom

When roses blossom
Valentine's day is day of Love
When roses blossom
When leaves shine with dew drops
When birds sing songs
When my hearts is satisfied
That there is someone like you who cares about me.....

Thanks for all your love and emotions that accompanied me in my hard times and made me stronger enough to handle the difficulties. You will be always in my heart and mind. Never Forget me.


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2 Keep Ur Marriage Brimming,

Wid Love In The Wedding Cup,

Wenever U''re Wrong, Admit It;

Wenever U''re Right, Shut Up.
''Beautiful Advice
Ager Dukhon Ka Darya Uboor Karna Hai To Ansoun Ko Jazb Karne Ka Tareeqa Seekho

Duniya Ko Jeetna Chahte Ho To Awaz Main Narmi Paida Karo''
Surkh ankhon say wo jab hamein dekhtein hain
Hum gharbra kar ankhein jhuka letay hain
Kaun milay un ankhon say ankhein
Suna hai who ankhon sa apna bana letay hain
Kisi Apne Ko Kabhi Apne
Se Itna Duur Na Krna
Wo Duur Hi Ho Jaye

Bal K

Us Apne Ko Apne Itna
Paas Rakhna
Wo Kabhi Kisi K Paas Hi
Na Jaye ... (:
Don''t hold anybody by his shirt or arm to be heard, if he doesn''t wants to listen to you better hold your tounge
Decisions are the hardest move to make. Especially when its a choice between where you should be and where you want to be. :)
Never break 4 things in your life:







when they break they don''t make noise


pains A LOT...
We Need At least 2 Things To Live In Life

" 1 Heart 2

Feel the Love


1 Brain 2

Understand It ...

Otherwise We''ll Have

Broken Hearts


Confused Minds " =)
Rose is famous 4 Grace...

Advocate is famous 4 his Case..

Horses are famous 4 Race...

But U r famous 4 Smile on your Face
Talk 2 me wen I’m Bored, B with me wen i’m Sad, Hug me wen i Cry, Care 4 me wen i’m Sick, Don’t ever cry 4 me wen I die! Just treasure me wen I’m ALIVE.
1. Live without pretending.
2. Love without depending.
3. Listen without defending.
4. Speak without offending.
Nashili aankho se wo jab hamein dekhte hain,
hum ghabraakar ankhen jhuka leite hain,
kaun milaye unn ankhon se ankhen,
suna hai wo ankho se apna bana leite hai..