When roses blossom

When roses blossom
Valentine's day is day of Love
When roses blossom
When leaves shine with dew drops
When birds sing songs
When my hearts is satisfied
That there is someone like you who cares about me.....

Thanks for all your love and emotions that accompanied me in my hard times and made me stronger enough to handle the difficulties. You will be always in my heart and mind. Never Forget me.


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1 Ka 70
1 Ka 70
1 Ka 70
1 Ka 70
1 Ka 70


1 Ka 70 Kia....????
This Is Ramzan Offer "1 Ka 70 .... 1 Naiki Karo Auro 70 Naikion Ka Sawab Kamao"
The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself.
If we both exchange a rupee, we both have 1 rupee each, but if we exchange one good thought, we both hav two good thoughts.

Have a nice day!
The Most Painful

Moment Of Life Comes,

When The Care

Is Mistaken

As Disturbance!":-)
Nice Saying
1-Us Se Dosti Na Karo Jise Khud Per Ghroor Ho

2-Maa Bap Ko Bura Mat Jano Chahy Lakh Un Ka Kasoor Ho

3-Bure Raste Pe Mat Jao Chahy Kitni Bhi Manzil Door Ho

4-Rah Chalte Ko Dil Mat Do Chahy Lakh Mooh Per Noor Ho

5-Pyar Ki Baat Wahan Karo Jahan Pyar Nibhane Ka Dastoor Ho.
Namaz Ki Pabandi Kro.
Laughter is the jam on the toast of life,

It Adds Flavour To It

Keeps It From Being Too Dry


Makes It Easier To Swallow Life's Sorrows.....
''Cutest Story Ever''

Kid- Mom I love u more thn u love me

Mom: how can u prove dix my son?

Kid: Coz u''ve 2 sons n i''ve only one mother =]

Umar K Samandar Me

Roshni Ki Khwaish Me

Waqt k Sitare Hyn

Jis Khuda Ne Ye Dhart

Ye Falak Sanware Hyn

Us Se Iltija Hy Ye

Aur Meri Dua Hy Ye

Wo Aap Ki Qismat Me

ILM Ki Rida Likh De

WAQT Ki Ada Likh De

PYAR Be-panah Likh De

MAA Ki Dua Likh De

Aur Apni RAZA Likh De

~ Aameen~
Knowing a person is like music, what attracts us to them is their melody, and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics.
Sacrifice is greater
than Love,
Character is greater
than Beauty,
humanity is greater
than Wealth,
Nothing is greater than
Good Relations..
And Good Relations
don''t necessarily
mean finding
Its just about
Differences .. (:
Always Draw A Circle Around The Ones You Love . . . Never Draw A Heart
Hearts Can Be Broken. . .
Circles Are Never Ending. . . .
Some Joyz Are Better
Xpressed In Silence

As A Smile Holds More
Meaning Than Words

I Was Asked If I Enjoy
Having U In My Life

I Juz Smiled ...