When roses blossom

When roses blossom
Valentine's day is day of Love
When roses blossom
When leaves shine with dew drops
When birds sing songs
When my hearts is satisfied
That there is someone like you who cares about me.....

Thanks for all your love and emotions that accompanied me in my hard times and made me stronger enough to handle the difficulties. You will be always in my heart and mind. Never Forget me.


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The Person reading
this, Help Him/Her
live a beautiful life,
promote Him/Her &
cause Him/Her 2 excel
beyond expectations
Help Him/Her 2 shine in
the darkest places &
give Him/Her love where
it''s impossible. Above
all give Him/Her
Jannah ...

~ Aamiin ~
People Are Not Beautiful

As They Look
As They Walk
As They Talk

People Are Beautiful

As They Sincere
As They Care
As They Remember ... (:
Bhula kar humahin wo bhi na khush rhy pain ge
Smany nahi tu humary jany k bad ashk bahaain ge
Dua hai KHUDA say k us ko kabhi ghum na dyna
Wo tu bardash kar lain gy hum na kar pain ge...!!!
Rose is famous 4 Grace...

Advocate is famous 4 his Case..

Horses are famous 4 Race...

But U r famous 4 Smile on your Face
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don''t matter, and those who matter don''t mind.
Chala Jaa Msg. to Ban k Gulab.
Agar Hogi Dil lagi To Ayega Jawab.
Agar Na aye Jawab to Mat Hona Udas.
Samaj Lina Hamare liye Waqat Nahi Un k Pass
Its Not About Control Its About Love
When A Woman Sees A Man Hurting, Struggling Or Overwhelmed

Her Goal Is To Help
Not Control
Let Her Give You A Helping Hand
1 day dream asked life : "when v all cum tru?"
Life smiled n replyd :
"never, coz d day all of u cum true
i'll lost my meaning"
Why is common sense like a rainbow?
Because it never appears until the storm is over.
Life Is Like A Flute

It May Have Several Holes And Emptiness


If We Work On It

The Same Flute Produces Magical Melodies. . . =)
AgAr hUm 1 AnsOo hOt3y..!

To Ap Ki AnkhOn sE hO kAR

Apke hOnton PeR mRnA pAsAnd Krty

Or AgAr Ap Meri AnkhO k AnSoO hOty

ToU vAda hAi dOsT hUm Kabhi nA rOt3y
Wasi shah¤
¤Nazar jab tum se milti he.
Me khud ko bhool jata hon.
Bas ek dharrkan dharrakti he
Me khud ko bhool jata hon.
Tumhen milney se pehley.
Me boht sajta sanwrta hon.
Magar jab tum sanwartey ho.
Me khud ko bhool jata hon.
Me aksar kitabon pe Tera hi naam likhta hon.
Magr kuch tum jo likhtey ho,
Me khud ko bhool jata hon
Me aksar ye hi kehta honktum se pyar karta hon
Magar jab tum ye kehtey ho,
Me dunya bhol jata hun.