Meri zindagi ka sahara

Meri zindagi ka sahara
Meri zindagi ka sahara nahi hai,

Is jahaan me koi hamara nahi hai,

Chua unka daaman to wo haskar bole,

Dost ye daaman tumhara nahi hai.

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How Can You"SMI-LE" Without"I"..?
How Can You be "F-NE" without "I"..?
How can you "W-SH" without "I"..?
How can you be "FR-END" without "I"..?
"I" am very important..!
But "I" can never achieve S-CCESS without "U"..
and that makes "U" more important than "I"...
The Best Thing To Give . . . ! ! !

To Ur Enemy Is Forgiveness

To An Opponent Tolaerance

To A Friend Ur Heart

To Ur Child A Good Example

To A Father Difference

To Ur Mother, Conduct That Will Maker Her Proud Of U

To UrSelf Respect

And To All Men Charity . . .
My Relationship
With U
Is Like
Sugarcane ...

Break It

Crush It

Squeeze It


Beat And Grand it

But Alwayz

U Will get
Sweetness ... [-_-]
In d Rhythm Of Life
V Sumtymz Find
Ourselves Out Of Tune
As Long As
Dere''s Sum1 Whch
Bcomz Our Melody
d Music Plays On
ThanQ 4 Being
One Of My Best Songs .. (:
U neVer gEt a pErsOn oF uR tYpe In this WoRld..

You will either have to Adjust
u will have to ComprOmiSe..!

U Adjust when Someone wanTs t0 be with u..

U compRomIse when u waNt t0 be with s0Meone... ;->
A Smile Is The Light

In Your



Tells Others


There Is A

Caring n Sharing

Person Inside . . .

Keep Smiling . . . =)


Stay Blessed
" Health Tips "

1. Answer The Phone By Lert Ear.

2. Do Not Drink Tea 3 Times In Day.

3. Do Not Take Pills With Cool Water.

( New Chain Of Health Messages )
I pray for you...
A life that you truly deserve, A life as good as your heart, A life as bright as your smile, A life as wonderful as you.
Have a Wonderful Day!!
(My Case)

Symptoms :
"Feeling Lonely,
Miserable & Sad"



"Broken Heart"

"Missed U"

"Keep In Touch" ... (=
This SMS Is The Best To Describe Me

Just because my eyes do not show tears,
doesn''t mean my heart doesn''t cry n i don''t get hurt.
Just because I come out strong, doesn''t mean there is nothing wrong.
Often I choose to pretend that i''m happy.
So I don''t have to explain myself to people who''ll never understand.
Smiling has always been easier than explaining y i''m sad...!
To Remove Negative Thinking
To Amplify The Character
To Drop Bad Habits
To Store Good Thoughts:-)
"If you want to see how much rich you are,Don't count your money.
Just drop your tears & see how many hands are there to catch them"