Meri zindagi ka sahara

Meri zindagi ka sahara
Meri zindagi ka sahara nahi hai,

Is jahaan me koi hamara nahi hai,

Chua unka daaman to wo haskar bole,

Dost ye daaman tumhara nahi hai.

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Dua Karte Hai Hum Sar Jhukaye, Aye Dost Aap Apni Manzil Ko Paye,
Ager Kabhi Teri Raho Main Andhera Aaye,
To Roshni Ke Lyie Khuda Humko Jalaye,,
Happey Friendship.!
1)Eat Ur Words
2)Swallow Urpride
3)Digetst The Teaching Of God
4)Elimintae The Ego
5)For Desserts; Indulge In Prayer & Meditation
Excellent Answer To What Is Success...?

In Simple Words...

When Your


Changes To


That Is Success...!
Kisi se talkh hote waqt itni gunjaish
zaroor rakho k agar wapis aana parey
to rasta kathin na ho.

Jhuk jaana toot jane se behtar hai.

"THe blood of martyers"



"the ink of scholar"
aik hathi nay chand chuntiyon ko chaltay chaltay kuchal k mar dya ghalti say.ab chyuntion n us hathi say badla lyne ka plan bnaya.plan.jab hathi ither say guzray ga to us ko tree k uper say jump laga k mar day gay."sab chyuntiyan tree p char hi rahi the k hathi uther say guzarnay laga.1 kamzor si chunti charhatay hue us p pehlay hi gir gaye.peechay say us ki sathi chuntion nay awaz lagaye."PHEY DAY SU PHAY DAY SU
If The Essence Of My Being
Has Caused A Smile To Have
Appeared Your Face
A Touch Of Joy Within Your Heart
Then In Living
I''ve Made My Mark . . . :)
V Bridge Distance
Wid Text Msgs Still
V Know
It Fails 2 Fill
d Space
I Hope
Ours Isn''t Jst An
Exchange Of Text Msg
Its Keeping Our
Relationship Alive (=
Gardishen Lot Jati Hain Meri Balain Lekr

Ghr Se Jb Niklta Hon Ma"MAA"Ki Duain Lekr

Labon Pe Us K Kbhi Baddua Nai Hoti

Ek"MAA" He Hai Jo Mujse Khafa Nahi Hoti
Hujoom Itna Ho
Tumhari Zindagi Main
Khushiyo''n Ka Mere
DOST !!!

Gham Guzarna Bhi
Chahey Tou Usey
Raastaa Na Miley ... !!
Aap Agar
Ho To Sms Parhte He Miss Call Dena.

Ho To Sms Kerna.

Ho To Call Kerna.

Sub Kuch Ho To
Sirf YAAD Kerlena. . . ("-")