Tujhe baaho me ....

Tujhe baaho me ....
Tujhe baaho me barkar kitna pyaar kiya tha,

Kya yaad tujhe hai tune ikraar kiya tha,

Kitni raate hamne saath-saath gujaari thi,

Aur maine tujhe choom-choom kar bekraar kiya tha.

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Bas Aik Dua Hai Meri Apnay Khuda Say
Agah Rakhay Har Pal Mujhay Apni Saza Say
Mit''ti Hai To Mit Jaye Ye Hasti Meri
Par Dil Na Dukhay Kisi Ka Meri Waja Say
There Is A Light
That Shines
Beyond All Things
On Earth,
Beyond The Highest,
The Very Highest Heavens.
This Is The Light
That Shines
In Your "HEART"
Missing someone gets easier everyday, coz even though it''s one day further from the last time u saw each other, it is one day closer to the next time u''ll.
Making Memorable Moments
for Urself Is Not a Big Thing...
U Being the Key Person in Others Memorable Moment is an everlasting Thing !!!
u seem to be much careless nowdays...
alwayz leaving your things here and
c what hav u done now u just came in
my mind and left a smile on my face.
We love ourself even after making so many mistakes...

Then how can we hate otherz for their small mistakes??

Strange but true!!!
A boy was going with his Girlfriend,
a friend asked:Who is she ?
Boy:My cousin.
Friend smiled & said:Last year she was my cousin.
Communication does not always travel
on the wheels of the written
or the spoken word,

Silence too speaks
and often more
loudly and clearly than words.
Dear God, I
Don''t need
Lots of
Freinds As long as Real ones stay With me,
So bless Them all, Especially the Sweetest One reading this. . . |''!''|
3 Facts Of Life

"Life Has No Pause Button

Dreams Have No Expiry Dates


Time Takes No Holiday"
Waldai''n ki Faryaad Aulaad k Naam

Jis Din Tum Humei''n Boorha Dekho

Sabr Krna
Humei''n Samajhney ki Koshish Krna

Jab Hum Khaatey Huey Gandagi Kare''n
Apne Gandey Kapre Badal Na Sake''n Tou
Wo Waqt Yaad Krna
Jab Hum Tumhary Gandey Kaprey Badalty Thay.

Jab Hum Koi Baat Bhuul Jaye''n Tou Hum Pr Tanz Na Krna Aur
Apna Bachpan Yaad Krna.

Jab Hum Boorhey Ho kr Chal Na Paye''n Tou Humara Sahara Ban''na
Apna Pehla Qadam Yaad Krna.... !!
D hardest moments r not those when tears flow 4rm ur eyes
its wen u have to hide d tears in ur eyes wid a smile to remove tears from some1else eyes