Tujhe baaho me ....

Tujhe baaho me ....
Tujhe baaho me barkar kitna pyaar kiya tha,

Kya yaad tujhe hai tune ikraar kiya tha,

Kitni raate hamne saath-saath gujaari thi,

Aur maine tujhe choom-choom kar bekraar kiya tha.

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Intizar rehta he her
shaam apka

Raten katti he lekar
naam apka

Mudat se baithe ye
Aas lekar

Kub aye ga paigham
3 Facts Of Life

"Life Has No Pause Button

Dreams Have No Expiry Dates


Time Takes No Holiday"
A Fone Is A Form Of Communication

A Kiss Is A Form Of Affection

A Picture Is A Form Of Remembrance

Choosing ME As Ur FREND Is A Form Of

Ahem Ahem

GOOD TASTE . . . =)
The purpose ov relationship iz nt to hav sm1 who might complete u,Bt to hav sm1 wid whom u might share ur incompleteness!
Zard pat''to''n mein para hoon MAULA

Sabz shakho''n se jhada hoon MAULA

Un k sadqay hi Mujhey ataa kr izzat,

Jin ki UMMAT mein khada hoon MAULA
don't walk as if you rule the world.. walk as if you don't care who rules the world. And that's ATTITUDE! :)
Happiness is like a Radio station
It wil b Broadcasting all time
U just hav 2 learn how 2 tune in and recieve it properly. . . . .!
Ek Hi Dar Ho Tou Sajdo''n Mein Sukoon Milta Hai

Bhatak Jatay Hyn Wo Log Jin K Kai Khuda Hotay Hyn...!
Being single is a choice. Some say it's to avoid heartbreaks/love problems, but some choose to be single because they are still in love with someone secretly.
U may miss me,

You may ignore me,

U may even forget me.

But one day if you want to see me

Do not search,

just see your shadow.

I will be there.

Trust me!!!
What a Nice Feeling to be in love with ALLAH! No Pain,
No Tension,
No Disappointment. Just Blessings & Joy!
Do it with all Ur Heart.

May ALLAH Bless You!
Develope An Attitude Of Gratitude
Give Thanks 4 EveryThing That Happens 2 U
Knowing That Every Step Frwrd Is A Step Towards Acheiving
SomeThing Bigger & Better Than Ur Current Situation....