Tujhe baaho me ....

Tujhe baaho me ....
Tujhe baaho me barkar kitna pyaar kiya tha,

Kya yaad tujhe hai tune ikraar kiya tha,

Kitni raate hamne saath-saath gujaari thi,

Aur maine tujhe choom-choom kar bekraar kiya tha.

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Coffee Never Knew . . .
How Good It Could Taste
Before It Met Sugar, Water
And Milk . . .
We Friends Are Just The
Same . . .
We r Good
But When
We Meet We Become
The Best . . .
The Golden Moments In The Stream Of Life Rush Past Us & We See Nothing But Stand. . . The Angels Come To Visits Us & We Only Know Them When They R Gone. .
I always wanted to be punctual,

When i became punctual.
I realized that.....
"Punctuality is the art of waiting for the careless people"
Whenever U Lie Or Cheat The Person Who Likes U.

Don''t Think They R Fools to Believe U !

They Hide Their Feelingz Bcoz They don''t Like To Disapoint U...
KeEpInG a SmIlE oN yOuR fAcE,

wHeN iNsIdE yOu FeEl LiKe dYiNg,

FoR tHe SaKe Of SuPpOrTiNg OtHeRs,

MeAnS ...

... S.T.R.E.N.G.H.T ...
In the end,
only 3 things matter the most:
How fully u lived,
how deeply u loved
how well u learned to let go of things not meant for u!
A candle loses nothing of its light by lighting another candle.
You are one shining candle...... ..
May you never get tired of sharing your light!!
Golden Words

ALLAH Ki 4 Rahematian Asi Hai
Jo Insan Se Bardaasht Nai Hoti .

1 – Beti
2 - Mehman
3 - Barish
4 - Bemari
If I could die early i would ask God if i could be your "Guardian Angel"
I could wrap my wings around you and embraces you whenever you feel alone...
1 Yaad Sy Wabasta Hy

1 Khwab Sy Wabasta Hy

1 Naam Sy Wabasta Hy

1 Jaan Sy Wabasta Hy

1 Yaar Sy Wabasta Hy

Mera Waqt
Meri Yaad
Mer Khwab
Mera Naam
Meri Jaan

Sab Us Ek Insaan Se
Wabasta Hyn

Aur Wo Ho

A Face Can Speak Thousand Emotions
But It Can Easily Mask What Heart
Truly Feels ... Don''t Be Fooled
By The Happiest Face . It May Be
Masking The Most Hurting Heart ...
Most of the things we desire are EXPENSIVE.
But the truth is -
The things that really satisfy us are FREE:-