the hardest thing in life is to explain the reason how much you are true and sincere with someone.

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V Bridge Distance
Wid Text Msgs Still
V Know
It Fails 2 Fill
d Space
I Hope
Ours Isn''t Jst An
Exchange Of Text Msg
Its Keeping Our
Relationship Alive (=
maut ki gari me jis din sona hoga,
na koi takiya hoga na koi bichhona hoga,
sath hogi aap jaise dosto ki mithi yaade,
aur shamsan ka ek chhota sa kona hoga
The Relations Which Requires Efforts To Be Maintained Are Never True


If The Relation r True They Never Require Any Effort To Be Maintaied
You can kiss Your "Family & Frnds" good-bye
Put miles b/w You,
But at the same time
You carry Them with You
in Your heart, mind & stomach,
"You don''t just live in a world but a world lives in You" =)
The softness of a person's nature doesn't mean weakness
Nothing is softer than Water but it's force can breake the strongest Rock.
It Is Very Ussual 2 Ask

Whats Up?
H R U?
Had Ur Lunch?
Hows Life etc etc,

So Let Me Ask U Something Different

Did U Smile 2day?
If not Just do it now;-)
Life Is Like A BOOK - Everyday Is A New Page;
May Your Book Be A BESTSELLER With Adventure To Tell,
Lessons To Learn And Tales Of Good Deeds To Remember.
Success is like a beautiful girl it will leave us at any time, but failure is like a mother it will teach us some important lessons of life.
Hont jab Hont se milte hain to kya hota hai ?
Tauba Tauba kitna burra sochte ho.....
Moo band hota hai aur kya ?

a RADIO Station.!

It will be Broadcasting

All the time...

You just have to

Learn How to



The real art of conversation is not only to
say the right thing at the right time,
but also to leave unsaid the wrong thing
at the tempting moment....
Dont Spend Tym Just Working & Being Busy
U''ll Always Complain About Lack Of Tym
Instead Put A Little Bit Of Effort
Plan & Organize Ur Lyf
U''ll Realize That U Have
Tym 4 Every Thing.....