the hardest thing in life is to explain the reason how much you are true and sincere with someone.

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The value of life does not depend on the length of time on this Earth but rather on the amount of love given and shared to the people we care about.
Everyone Thinks That The Truth
Should Be On
Their Side,
Nobody Wants
To Be On
The Side Of
Be Truthful To All...:)
Be who you are and say what you feel, because those who mind don''t matter, and those who matter don''t mind.
Gem Notes For Women

1.If A Man Wants U,Nothing Can keep him away . If He Does''nt want You, Nothing Can Make Him Stay

2.Never Let a MAn Know Everything He Will Use it Against You Some Day.

3.Have Your owen Set of Friends Seprate From His ..Get ur Time With ur Friends To relax & Unwind.
Dil to chahta hai k aapse milen magar Faaslon ki majboori hai,

Hum to sada aapke sath hein sirf nazron ki doori hai.
The difference between ability and character is...

ability will get us to the top, but character will retain us at top.

Be at top always! Gud Day!
Cell Phones Can B Irritating Sometimes.
U Always Hve To Reload, Recharge Evry Nw
& Thn
Msgz r Delayd. Ntwrk Jam
Dere''s 1 Thing I Luv Abt It
It Connects Me To U (:
We love ourself even after making so many mistakes...

Then how can we hate otherz for their small mistakes??

Strange but true!!!
people always throw stones in your path

it depend upon u
what do u make from it
a"wall of difficulties"
a"bridge over difficulties"
Memories Are Special
There Are Sum Frnds
Come Over When U''re Shunned By All & Subdry
Still Luv U
There Are Sum Frnds Who Start Noddling
When U Are Three
Same Sense Of Humor As U. . .
U & I Are Of Those Frnds . . . :->
Isn’I It Nice Feeling
When You Think
I have Forgotten You

Suddenly You Receive A Message
Saying U’re Alwayz Remember & Greatly Missed
Chala Jaa Msg. to Ban k Gulab.
Agar Hogi Dil lagi To Ayega Jawab.
Agar Na aye Jawab to Mat Hona Udas.
Samaj Lina Hamare liye Waqat Nahi Un k Pass