born and die

born and die
You r loved when you are will be loved when you die. In between you have to manage

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Time is too slow 4 those who wait, too swift 4 those who fear, too long 4 those who grieve, too short 4 those rejoice but 4 those who have true friend like u time is eternity.
True Fact:

Orat Jab Udass Hoti Hai To Us K
Aanso Nikaltay Hain,

Or Mard K Anso

Kushi K Moqa Per Nikaltay Hain. . .
The Heart suffers a lot,
not because of ''''VIOLENCE'''' of other people,
Because of ''''SILENCE'''' of Dear ones.
Husband:Darling why r u wearing our wedding ring in ur wrong finger ?
i married the wrong man.
aik hathi nay chand chuntiyon ko chaltay chaltay kuchal k mar dya ghalti say.ab chyuntion n us hathi say badla lyne ka plan bnaya.plan.jab hathi ither say guzray ga to us ko tree k uper say jump laga k mar day gay."sab chyuntiyan tree p char hi rahi the k hathi uther say guzarnay laga.1 kamzor si chunti charhatay hue us p pehlay hi gir gaye.peechay say us ki sathi chuntion nay awaz lagaye."PHEY DAY SU PHAY DAY SU
Heart Is Not A Dust Bin

To Dump All Worries,


It Is The Place For Keeping

Happiest Moments..

Let Ur Heart Be Happy Always.
Smile in Pleasure
Smile in Pain
Smile when trouble pours like Rain
Smile when someone Hurts U
Smile because SOMEONE
still Loves to see u Smiling
Psychological Fact:

When A Person Cries Due To Happyness
The 1st Drop Of Tears Comes From The Right Eye.

When It 1st Comes Frm The Left,
Its Pain
@ who r u ...?why do u
keep messaging me...?
who gv u my no........?
plz never message me again..?
me na kabhi aisa kaha ..?
nahin na
to messages kar na ...?
In Life

Future Is A Question Paper,

Past Is a News Paper


Present Is An Answer Paper !!!


Read , Learn & Write Carefully.
Dont Search Any Gud Or Particular Msg 2 Send Me

I''ll Be Satisfied Wid An Empty Msg

Coz I''ll Just Be Happy By Knowing

Dat My Frnds Still Remembr Me !!!
Mujh K0 Mal00m
Nahi Husun
Ki "Tareef" Magar

Meri Nazr0''n Mein Haseen Sirf
W0 Hai J0

"Tum Jaisa" "H0"