born and die

born and die
You r loved when you are will be loved when you die. In between you have to manage

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I Am Thankful...
I can move about freely and express my beliefs.
There are those who live in constant fear.

I Am Thankful...
I have been loved.
There are those for whom no one has ever cared.

I Am Thankful...
I can work.
There are those who have to depend on others for even their most basic needs.

I Am Thankful...
For the opportunity to help others.
There are those who have not been so abundantly blessed as I.
We love ourself even after making so many mistakes...

Then how can we hate otherz for their small mistakes??

Strange but true!!!
Time is the most playful element because...

It lengthens the minutes when you wait for some1.

& rushes the hours when you enjoy special moments with them.. :-|

"THe blood of martyers"



"the ink of scholar"
True Fact:

Orat Jab Udass Hoti Hai To Us K
Aanso Nikaltay Hain,

Or Mard K Anso

Kushi K Moqa Per Nikaltay Hain. . .
Gurbat ki waja se
Kisi Ko faqeer mat
Samjo Q K Uska "RAB" B Wohi HE
Jo Aap Ka he
Wo "Ye" Sb Use Ata
kr sakta he
OR Aap Se "Le" B Sakta he
Ae Dost Humari Wafae''n Tumhare Liye Hyn

Mehakti Fiza''en Tumhare Liye Hyn

Jahan Bhi Raho Tum Khush Raho

Labbo''n Pe Dua''en Tumhare Liye Hyn
A= Aitbaar
B= Bharosa
C= Chahat
D= Dosti
E= Enaayat
F= Faisla
G= Gham
H= Hamdam
I= Intizar
J= Justuju
K= Khayal
L= Lamhay
M= Mohabbat
N= Naarazgi
O= Omeed
P= Pyaar
Q= Qismat
R= Rishtay
S= Samjhota
T= Tamanna
U= Udasiyan
V= Virasat
W= Wada
X= Xcuse
Y= Yadain
In Sab Feelings Se Milkar Banti Hai Z=Zindagi
Plz Count How Many Stars In This SMS















Pehli bar CHAND ko Sitare Gintay Dekha Hai ..
Kbhi kbhi AaNSon MUSKURAHAT Se Zyada SPECIAL Hote Hen


SMILE Tu Sub K Liye Hoti He.

Magr AaNSU Sirf UnKe Liye Hote Hen

Jinhen Hum KHONA Nhi
Keep the smile,

Leave the tear,

Think of joy,

Forget the fear ,

Hold the laugh,

Leave the pain,

Be jouyous till

I sms again. . . :)
Happiness is not something u postpone 4 the future. It''s something u design 4 the present. Make each moment a happy one. I jus did it by remembering U! Have a nice day.