born and die

born and die
You r loved when you are will be loved when you die. In between you have to manage

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All d right things r not possible always. All d possible things r not right always. Be true 2 both ur mind & heart, u''ll never go wrong!
East or West Fahim is the best.
East or West Fahim is the best.
Is MSG ko 50 logon ko send karo.
Inshallah Tomorrow will be Monday. Jite Raho. aur Jine Do.
Dear God, I
Don''t need
Lots of
Freinds As long as Real ones stay With me,
So bless Them all, Especially the Sweetest One reading this. . . |''!''|
Life is like a novel.

It is filled with suspense.

You hav no idea wat is going to happen

until u turn the page.

so enjoy each moment of life.
Extreme of fashion?

Dhotee with zip

Extreme of secrecy?

Blank visiting card

Extreme of stupidity?

lookin throgh a keyhole of a glass door.

Extreme of Dehydration

A cow giving milk powder.

Extreme of Kanjusi.

A man after accident lying on the road giving misscalls to Edhi.
Beautiful thought- "We always feel bad,that good things happen only to ''others'', But we always forget that we are ''others'' for someone else....
Gr8 fRiEnDz ArE pArT
oF mEmOrIeZ
wHiCh TiMe
CaN nEvEr ErAsE
wHeN lIfE iZ
bLeSsEd WiTh FrIeNd
LiKe YoU
sWeEtEsT mEmOrIeZ
sTiLl ReMaIn ... (:
Mangi Thi Dua Main Ne Rub Se,

Dena Jo Alag Ho Sab Se,

Mila Diya Hum Ko Tum Se,

Aur Kaha Sanmbhalo Ise,

Ye ANMOL Hai Sab Se
Whoever You May b
Wherever Life Leads
You r Always
A Mom''s Child
A Dad''s Dream
A Family Future
A Frend''s Heart
Someone''s Life
Be The Best It :)
People are like stained glass windows: they sparkle

and shine when the sun''s out, but when the darkness

sets in, their true beauty is revealed only if there

is light within.
When a love comes to an end, weak cry, efficient ones instantly find another love, and the wise already have one in reserve...
So b wise always ;-

"E"Ffecti Ve

"L"Ove &