There is a lot of difference between human being and being human.

A few understand it.

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AllAh''s LovE hAs No LimIt

AllAh''s GraCe hAs nO mEasUrE

AllAh''s PoWeR hAs No BounDariEs

MaY yOu hAvE AllAh''s EndlESS BlEssinGs
TodaY & AlWayS..
The only way to get rid of a temptation is to yield to it. Resist it, and your soul grows sick with longing for the things it has forbidden to itself.
MeMoRiEs r tReAsUrEd,
No oNe cAn StEaL.
PaRtInG Is hEaRtAcHe,
nO oNe cAn HeAl.
SoMe''ll fOrGoT u wHeN u R gOnE,
BuT I''ll r3m3mb3r u No MaTteR HoW lOnG.....
If I could die early i would ask God if i could be your "Guardian Angel"
I could wrap my wings around you and embraces you whenever you feel alone...
True Fact:

Orat Jab Udass Hoti Hai To Us K
Aanso Nikaltay Hain,

Or Mard K Anso

Kushi K Moqa Per Nikaltay Hain. . .
A SmIlE iS The

LiGhT iN Ur WinDow

Th8 tElLs OthEr''S

Th8 ThErE iS A

CaRinG, ShaRinG

PerSon InSidE.
Bills Travel Through

The Mail At Twice

The Speed Of Checks

Be Careful Of

Your Thoughts,

They May Become

Words At Any Moment
School ki friendship 10th class tak,

Collage ki friendship final year tak,

Love ki friendship shaadi tak,
Humari friendship 30th February tak
Qk na 30th Feb aayegi aur na hi humari dosti tootegi.
4 cheezon ko khoob Sanbhaal kar rakho:
1.Namaz mein Dil ko.
2.Tanhai mein soch ko.
3.Mehfil mein zuban ko.
4.Raasty mein nigaah ko...
Sometimes I lie awake at night,

and I ask,

''Where have I gone wrong?''

Then a voice says to me,

''This is going to take more than one night''.
Some Joyz Are Better
Xpressed In Silence

As A Smile Holds More
Meaning Than Words

I Was Asked If I Enjoy
Having U In My Life

I Juz Smiled ...
Wh8z true but unfair
"Ur presence"

Wh8z real but invisible
"Ur Care"

Wh8z sweet but naughty
"Ur Smile"

Wh8z precious but priceless
"Ur company" ... :)