There is a lot of difference between human being and being human.

A few understand it.

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I May Not Be Your PEPSI
Choice Of The New Generation

I May Not Be Your COKE
Only The Real Thing


Your NIDO,
World''s No. 1


I Can Be Your REXONA I Won''t Let You Down ... :)
Dukh ...

Bicharne Ka Nahi Hota

Bal K

Un Rishto''n K Tuutne
Ka Hota Hy

Jo Barso''n Ki Rafaqat
K Baad

Pal Main Tuut Jate Hyn ...
I am Thankful...
I can walk.
There are those who have never taken their first step.

I Am Thankful...
I can see the beauty all around me.
There are those whose world is always dark.

I Am Thankful ...
I can hear music playing.
There are those who entire life has been spent in silence.

I Am Thankful...
My heart can be broken.
There are those who are so hardened they cannot be touched.
Play The Game Of Life With The Attitude Of
Not Wid The Attitude Of
(Think About It, It Makes ALot Difference)
U neVer gEt a pErsOn oF uR tYpe In this WoRld..

You will either have to Adjust
u will have to ComprOmiSe..!

U Adjust when Someone wanTs t0 be with u..

U compRomIse when u waNt t0 be with s0Meone... ;->
Dil to chahta hai k aapse milen magar Faaslon ki majboori hai,

Hum to sada aapke sath hein sirf nazron ki doori hai.
Good Unerdtsanding Btewene
Ecah Ohter Is Rael FierndSihp!
Eevn If We Hvae So Mnay
MsiUnerdsantndig Lkie Tish Msseaeg,
Btu i Konw U Cna Raed WtihOtu Msitkae !!
Hanstey Raho
Khil-Khilate Raho

Har Pal Yunhi Khushiyaan
Tum Manate Raho

Yaad Aaye Na Koi
Gham Zindagi Ka

Itnii Khushiya''n
Manate Raho
I pray for you...
A life that you truly deserve, A life as good as your heart, A life as bright as your smile, A life as wonderful as you.
Have a Wonderful Day!!
A Beautiful line by "HumAyuN":

"Quraan ki aayetoun me itna Husan hy kye

Be-zameer Logoun se parda kr Leti hyn."
U R My
{ Q k dawlance reliable hai }

" PEL "
{ Aj B Kal B }

M Ur
" SUFI "
{ Jo Naam Hai Eitmaad Ka }

Our Relationship Like

{ Itnna Khalis jitna pyar }
There r Two Kind
Of People In This World

1-Those Who Remember Names


2-Those Whose Names r Remembered

Choice Is Yours