There is a lot of difference between human being and being human.

A few understand it.

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When u r blessed,He is Rehman.
When u R cared,He is Wadood.
When u R gifted,He is Kareem.
When u R forgiven,He is Ghafoor!
May Allah be with You. . .
Enjoy ur life,
no matter how hard it may seem!
When life gives u a thousand reasons to cry,
show the world that u have a Million reasons to Smile.
I Feel That Tears R The Best.
They Come To Accompany U When U R Really Happy&
They R There When U R Really Sad&
U Have No One Wid U
But They R Alwayz Wid Us
Wudn''T It B N!xE....

If WhEnEvEr We

MeSsEd Up OuR


We CuD S!mP|y




StArT A|| OvEr..... :-|

"E"Ffecti Ve

"L"Ove &
When a msg is sent 4m a distance,
U can''t c the faces,
U can''t c the smiles,
But u can sense d care that truly comes 4m d Heart 2 say u "Take care". . . |''!''|
All persons have several weaknesses, but each will have one particular strength, that''ll overwrite all weakneses. Concentrate on it to succeed.
Surkh ankhon say wo jab hamein dekhtein hain
Hum gharbra kar ankhein jhuka letay hain
Kaun milay un ankhon say ankhein
Suna hai who ankhon sa apna bana letay hain
Invite Allah Into The Chemistry of Life.

He''ll Dilute your Sorrows,

Evaporate your Worries,

Filter your Mistakes


Leave you with Crystals of Happiness!

Dont educate your children to be rich.educate them to be happy.so when they grow up, they will know the value of ,things,not the price.

¤Jo Dukh de usay chorh do magar jisay chorh do usay dukh na do.

¤Buri suhbat k dosto''n se kaantey ache jo 1 bar zakhm dete hyn.

¤Agar tum ALLAH ki ibadat nhi kr sakty tou gunah krna bhi chorh do.

¤Apni muskarahat se kisi ka dil jeetna sab se azeem karnaama hy.
NiKal KeR Dil Se Tere Waste Sada Aai

Uthay Haath Tou Yaad Ek Dua Aai

K Teri Umar Ko Dunya Ki Umar Lag Jaye

Waqt Saal Giany Aur Gin Gin K Thak Jaye