real love

real love
The one who loves you will never leave you because even if there are100 reasons to give up, he will find one reason to hold on..

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Talk 2 me wen I’m Bored, B with me wen i’m Sad, Hug me wen i Cry, Care 4 me wen i’m Sick, Don’t ever cry 4 me wen I die! Just treasure me wen I’m ALIVE.
Valentine's day is day of Love
When roses blossom
When leaves shine with dew drops
When birds sing songs
When my hearts is satisfied
That there is someone like you who cares about me.....

Thanks for all your love and emotions that accompanied me in my hard times and made me stronger enough to handle the difficulties. You will be always in my heart and mind. Never Forget me.

If A drOp FallS On lAkE,
It LosEs iTs iDentItY.

If iT fAllS oN a rOsE,
It ShinEs.

If iT fAllS On A shEll,
It bEcomEs A pEarL.

ThE drOp iS samE..
But ThE CompAnY mAttErs !!
One hurts you, so that you may find someone who can heal you.
If nobody is there to hurt u, u will never know d person who cares for U.
U live in ur dreams but dreams may die, don''t get shattered never ever cry. D world is real big & has lots 2 giv, pick up a new dream, 4 dats d way 2 live.
Mohabat Mohabat ki tarha kar k to dekho,

Chahat Chahat ki tarha kar k to dekho,

KHUDA bhi mil jayega tumko ek din,

Ibadat Ibadat ki tarha kar k to dekho.
Jo ansu na hote annkho aankhe itni khoobsurat na hoti..!!!!!!!
jo dard na hota dil khushi ki kimat pata na hoti..!!!!!!!
jo bewafai na ki hoti waqt wafa ki kabhi chahat na hoti..!!!!!!
Agar maangne se puri ho jaati uss khuda ki kabhi Zaruratt na hoti..!!!!!!!!
U may miss me,

You may ignore me,

U may even forget me.

But one day if you want to see me

Do not search,

just see your shadow.

I will be there.

Trust me!!!
Zara bhi un k chehray say pata chalta nahi dil ka
Eibarat itni mushkil hai k hum tafseer parhtay hain
"Leave Something for Some1" "But Never Leave Some1 for Something" bcoz in life, Something wil Leave U but Someone wil always remain with u..,

Why do Girls eat Chocolates after a break up?
The Sweetness of chocolates makes them forget the Bitterness of the break up.

Why do Guys drink after break up?
The bitterness of alcohal makes them forget the Sweetness of the girl..... =O

Is that so ... ;)
If Time
doesn't Wait for You,

Don't Worry...

Just Remove
the Battery from
the Clock 'n' Enjoy Life

"wadey log"
"uchiyan sochan"
"ty puthay kam"...:-)