real love

real love
The one who loves you will never leave you because even if there are100 reasons to give up, he will find one reason to hold on..

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Always Draw A Circle Around The Ones You Love . . . Never Draw A Heart
Hearts Can Be Broken. . .
Circles Are Never Ending. . . .
Girl to Boyfriend:Mein kal tumse nahi mil sakti.

Boy:Thek hai mein tumhara gift kisi aur ko de deta hun....

Girl:Mera matlab tha kal nahi aa sakti,abhi kahan ho ?
Bills Travel Through

The Mail At Twice

The Speed Of Checks

Be Careful Of

Your Thoughts,

They May Become

Words At Any Moment
Na khabo me dkha na nzaro me dkha,

1000 me 1 hmne tmhi ko dkha,

Gum dne wle to hr pl hain yha,

Hr pl khushi dne wlo me 1 tmhi ko dkha...
In life, u''ll never know wt u''ve been missing until it arrives... & u''ll never know what u''ve got until its Missing...
Appreciate every little thing u have <-¡!
Rivers, Ponds, Lakes
& Streams ...
They All Have
Different Names
They All Contain Water.
Just As Religions Do
They All Contain Truths...

~Mohammad Ali~
Pal Do Pal Main Milti Hy Khushi

Pal Do Pal Main Milta Hy Gham

Par Jo Har Pal Saath Nibhaye

Wo Dost Milte Hyn Kam

Jese K . . .

"U" "Me" Aur "Hum" :->


Therz alwyz a reson 4evrythng,

a reson 2 luv,

reson 2 die,

resn 2 live,

resn 2 cry,

bt if u can''t find

a resn 2 smile,

can I b d reasn 4 a while?
Kuch Rishte Upar Wala Banata Hai

Kuch Rishte Log Banatae Hain ..

Par Kuch Log .. Bina Kisi Rishte K Hi Rishte Nibhate Hain

Shayed Wohi Rishte Kehkatay Hain !!!
I may Not Be The Most
Important Person In
Your Life


I Just Hope That

1 Day When You Hear
My Name

You Would Just Smile
& Say

"hey ! That''s My Friend..." (=
I MaY NoT HaVe GiVeN

WhaT Is ExPeCtEd FrOm Me .

I''m HuMaN nOt PeRfEcT


InSiDe ThIs ImPeRfEcTiOn

LiES a HeaRt


YoU ThE BeSt ThE WaY i KnOw ... =_=
Ek Mahan Philosofer Ne Kya Khub Kaha Hai


"Zindgi Tu Hi Bata
Kaise Tuje Pyar Karu??

Teri Har Ek 'Subah' Meri Umar Kam Kar Deti Hai.