real love

real love
The one who loves you will never leave you because even if there are100 reasons to give up, he will find one reason to hold on..

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Never break 3 things in ur life,

Because when they break,
they don''t make noise,
But they give pain a lot....
If I can only touch the RAINBOW

I will write YOUR NAME on top of it

To let the PEOPLE know

How COLORFUL is my LIFE to have a PERSON like U ... (:
Life doesn''t provide Warranties & Guarantees... it only provides possibilities & opportunities for those who dare to make best use of it! Gud Day!
Teri Zindagi Ka Har Ek Pal Nayab Ho Jaye

Tere Dil Ki Har Kali Khil Ker Gulaab Ho Jaye

Jin Par Barasti Hai Khuda Ki Khaas Rehmatai''n

Un Hastiyo''n Main Tera Intikhaab Ho Jaye . . .
High level confidence!

Teacher 2 student: If u tel me ''where is GOD'', i''ll reward u 100 rupees.

Student : n If u tell me''whr GOD is not''i''l reward u
200Rs.. ;->
Who said water helps in putting off fire?

if so,


why dont tears heal the burn in one''s heart ?
Laughter ... !

Can Be Satisfying
Than Honor ...

More Precious
Than Money ...

More Heart-Cleansing
Than Prayer ...

Keep Laughing ... =)
Squeeze the past like a sponge, smell the present like a rose, and send a kiss to the future. Gud Day!
In d Rhythm Of Life
V Sumtymz Find
Ourselves Out Of Tune
As Long As
Dere''s Sum1 Whch
Bcomz Our Melody
d Music Plays On
ThanQ 4 Being
One Of My Best Songs .. (:
Rudeness is a weak imitation of strength.
The squeaking wheel doesn''t always get the grease.
Sometimes it gets replaced.
At Age Of 3 V Started Study
Wid Tear & Age 23 V Will Finish Study
Wid Tear.

1st Tear Was Water & 2nd Wud B

Fear Of Missing

Dear Ones Forever
Never believe what the lines on your hand predict about your future.
Because,people who dont have hands,also have a future.