real love

real love
The one who loves you will never leave you because even if there are100 reasons to give up, he will find one reason to hold on..

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A SmIlE iS The

LiGhT iN Ur WinDow

Th8 tElLs OthEr''S

Th8 ThErE iS A

CaRinG, ShaRinG

PerSon InSidE.
Sacrifice is greater
than Love,
Character is greater
than Beauty,
humanity is greater
than Wealth,
Nothing is greater than
Good Relations..
And Good Relations
don''t necessarily
mean finding
Its just about
Differences .. (:
Celebration MEANZ
Four Frndz
ßahar ßarsat
4 Glases Of Pepsi

Çelebration Meanz
100 Bucks Of Petrol
A Rusty Old Bike N Open Road

Celebrtn Means
Maggi N0dles
A Hostel R0om
4:25 A.M

Celebrtn Meanz
3 Old Frnds
3 Separate Cities
3 Coffee Mugs
1 Internet Messenger

Celebratn Meanz
Rain On A Hot Tin Ro0f
Pakoras Deep Frying
Neighbourz Droping In A Party

Celebrtn Meanz
U N M0m
A Summer Nite
A Bottle Of Coconut Oil N A Head Massage

U Can Spend 100s On Brithdays
1000 On Festivals
Lacs On Weddings
But To Celebrte All U Hv 2 Do Iz Spend Ur Time Wd Ur Loved Ones

Keep In T0uch Wd Those Who Care 4 Y0u
Any fool can criticize, condemn, and complain.....
it takes character and self control to be understanding and forgiving.
God is an invisible parent.

And parents are the visible god.

So if u make d visible god happy,

automaticaly the invisible God becomes happy.

School ki friendship 10th class tak,

Collage ki friendship final year tak,

Love ki friendship shaadi tak,
Humari friendship 30th February tak
Qk na 30th Feb aayegi aur na hi humari dosti tootegi.
Its Not About Control Its About Love
When A Woman Sees A Man Hurting, Struggling Or Overwhelmed

Her Goal Is To Help
Not Control
Let Her Give You A Helping Hand
KeEpInG a SmIlE oN yOuR fAcE,

wHeN iNsIdE yOu FeEl LiKe dYiNg,

FoR tHe SaKe Of SuPpOrTiNg OtHeRs,

MeAnS ...

... S.T.R.E.N.G.H.T ...

a RADIO Station.!

It will be Broadcasting

All the time...

You just have to

Learn How to



The appearence of things change according to the emotions, and thus we see magic and beauty in them, while the magic and beauty are really ourselves
Aam ki khushbu,
Barish ki bahar,
Garmi ka Mosam aaney ko tayar,
Thori si masti,
Thora sa pyar,
Load Sheding k liye raho tayar,
Chala Jaa Msg. to Ban k Gulab.
Agar Hogi Dil lagi To Ayega Jawab.
Agar Na aye Jawab to Mat Hona Udas.
Samaj Lina Hamare liye Waqat Nahi Un k Pass