real love

real love
The one who loves you will never leave you because even if there are100 reasons to give up, he will find one reason to hold on..

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"I Cried Bcoz I Had No Shoes,


I Saw A Man With No Feet!"

Life Is Full Of Blessings

Sometimes We''re

Jst Too Blind To See Them
Whoever You May b
Wherever Life Leads
You r Always
A Mom''s Child
A Dad''s Dream
A Family Future
A Frend''s Heart
Someone''s Life
Be The Best It :)
Your love is a lantern
That lights my way,
Uplifting my spirits,
When skies are gray.

Your love is a wave
That lifts me higher,
Into a sea
Of tender desire.

Your love is a flame,
That can never die,
For always and ever,
It will be just you and I.

Your love is a rose,
Moistened with dew,
Touching my soul,
With the beauty of you.
May GOD Bless You
Keep You Always

May Your Wishes
All Come True

May You Always
Do For Others

And Let Other Do
For You

May You Build A
Ladder To The Stars

And Climb On
Every Rung

And May You Stay
Forever Young ... :)
Somewhere we know that without silence words lose their meaning, that without listening speaking no longer heals, that without distance closeness cannot cure’
,*, Kuch Anmol Batain Meri Diary Se ,*,
1. Aalim Se Ek Ghantay Ki Guftgoo 10 Baras K Mutalla Se Behtar Hai
2. Tehreer Ek Khamosh Zuban Hai Aur Qalam Haath Ki Zuban
3. Jhoot Bol K Jeetnay Se Behtar Hai Such Bol K Haar Jao
4. Waqt Se Pehle Kabhi Iraday Ka Izhaar Na Karo
5. Shikayat Na Karna Bhi Sabr Me Shamil Hai,
6. Khamoshi Be-Faida Guftgoo Se Behtar Hai
7. Dunia Me Sab Se Mushkil Kaam Apni Islaah Hai Aur Sab Se Sehl Dusron Par Nukta Cheni Karna
8. Umda Cheez Ko Hasil Karna Koi Khoobi Nahi Balkay Usay Umda Tareeqay Se Istimal Karna Khoobi Hai
9. Khud Pasandi Sab Se Bari Tanhai Hai
10. Khamoshi Barh Jaye To Haibat Ban Jati Hai
3 Things In Life
Never Come Back ..

3 Things In Life
Are Never Sure

3 Things In Life
That Make U A
Great Person
Hard work

3 Things In Life
Are Most Valuable
Self Respect
Friends ... !!!
Maine jab bhi apko dekha....

Hanste dekha,

Muskraty dekha,

Aap har waqt khush hi rehty ho,

Kahin aap.....
Knowing a person is like music, what attracts us to them is their melody, and as we get to know who they are, we learn their lyrics.
A Hug Is A Great Gift

One Size Fits All

It Can Be Given For Any Ocassion


It’s Easy To Exchange . . . [-_-]
zindagi aysa khal hai jis main app jeet nahi sakte hain,

barabar nahi hoo sakte or yeh bi nahi kah sakte k hum nahi khalye
pal pal sa banta hai "EHSAH",
Shsas sa banta hai "VISHVAS",
Vishvas sa banta hai "RISHTA".
Ristoon sa banta hai koi "KHAS",