Educate your children

Educate your children
Dont educate your children to be rich.educate them to be when they grow up, they will know the value of ,things,not the price.

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Nice Ppl r Blessed Ppl
Who r

Ever Friendly
Always Smiling
Forgive Easily
Hold No Grudges
Keep No Malice

Snding Dis 2 Sch
Prson Is Tuff Job

I Jst Did :)
''TIME'' Is A Rare Luxury Which Can Never Be Purchased At Any Cost......
So When Someone Spends It With You...
It Defines The Depth Of Care They Have For You...!
4Jaghon pr
4Chezon pr Qabo Rkho.!

1.Kisi k ghar me apni Ankhon pr,

2.Dastarkhan pe apne Hathon pr,

3.Mehfil me apni Zuban pr,

4.Ibadat me apne khayalat pr!
4 Steps To Attain Success!

1st T H I N K.

2nd B E L I E V E.

3rd D R E A M .

4th D A R E.

Good L U C K.
Some promises r always unbroken
Some memories r always unwritten
Feel d magic of true relation
U''ll realize th8 true feelings r always Unspoken ... !
Like, a storm raging in all frenzy,
Furiously beating the waves.
Or, turbulence beneath tranquil sea,
Mysteriously it behaves.
" A Relation Is "

When Sum1 Hurts U , U Don''t Hurt Back

When Sum1 Shouts At U , U Don''t Shout BAck


When Sum1 Needs U , U Always come Back
0334 3004071

is number se call Aye to ignore Nhi karna.



Din k liye udaas ho jao gay.
I always knew that looking back on my tears would someday make me laugh but i never knew that looking back on my laughter would someday make me cry...
.A FrieNd
.I Will
.mE :->
Everything Is Pre-written & nothing can be re-written. So, live the best and leave the rest to God.
Janwar Ma
Frishtay Ma Aqal Hoti Hy

Magr Insan Ma Dono Hoti Hyn

Agr Wo Aql Ko Dba Le To Janwar


Agr Khuwahish Ko Dabata Hy

To Frishta Kehlata Hy