Educate your children

Educate your children
Dont educate your children to be rich.educate them to be when they grow up, they will know the value of ,things,not the price.

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Fear less, hope more; eat less, chew more; whine less, breathe more; talk less, say more; hate less, love more; and all the good things are yours.
@ who r u ...?why do u
keep messaging me...?
who gv u my no........?
plz never message me again..?
me na kabhi aisa kaha ..?
nahin na
to messages kar na ...?
Staying far never breaks relation,

staying near never builds relation.

Its a link between hearts,

which never allows us to Forget each other!!
Life has its Ups and downs. Sometimes the sun shines, sometimes the rain lashes, but then it takes both Sun n Rain to make RAINBOW.
Memories sometimes
behave in a crazy way....
They leave you alone when
you are in a crowd....
& when you are alone they
stand along with you like a
One fine day,all of us wil get busy with our lives,long working hours,friends and sms,won''t have time for ourselves,at such a day you''ll look outside your
window and see the good old memories flash you by and you''ll get a smile with a tear in your eyes and you''ll turn back to your work thinkin i wish i could go
back.. thank u for being a part of such memories
Well wisher is not who greets you daily &
Talks to you daily.
Well wisher is one who may or may not meet you
But always think of you &
Prays to God for your happiness !!

It May be The Ray Of Sunshine


Someone Needs In The Stormy Day ... =)
"At My Will, Mountains Will Crumble,
I''ll Drink The Ocean,
Says the Preserving Soul.
Have That Sort Of Energy,Work Hard,
& u''ll Reach The Goal."
Taking Sips Of Coffee

Lying In Cozy Bed With
Blanket Around

Reading Novel Or
Watching Movie

Long Gossips With
Friends !

Rain Wid Soft Muzik

Long Walk On
Sea Shore At Night
With A Cyp Of Tea
In Hand

All U Can Enjoy
It''s WINTER Again !!
"The great thought"

A little lamp can do which the big Sun can not gives light at night
It means no one is superior by size,
But by purpose.
"I am not a palmist to tell U where UR paths will lead U..
I am not an astrologist to tell U if UR stars will be lucky enough for U..
I am not even gud enough to take UR burden 0ver my shoulders..
I can make a Wish for U..
A simple Wish that..
May Allah lead U to the best path..
May He bless U with the luckiest stars..
May He guide U,
protect U n help U through everything.. *Ameen*