Educate your children

Educate your children
Dont educate your children to be rich.educate them to be when they grow up, they will know the value of ,things,not the price.

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If death meant just leaving the stage long enough to change costume and come back as a new character...Would you slow down? Or speed up?”
Laughter is the jam on the toast of life,

It Adds Flavour To It

Keeps It From Being Too Dry


Makes It Easier To Swallow Life's Sorrows.....
There wil cme a day in ur life,
dat u wil think u r alone,
u wil b hurt by ur admires,

u wil cry 4 me,

i shall nt hear u,
i shall b beyound the galaxies, out of ur reach,

i pray to GOD that such a day,should never cme in ur life,but im worried about my prayers,

bcoz most of my prayarsr un answerd
Challenges are like trees seen through a running train. As U approach them they grow bigger, once U pass them they become smaller! So never be afraid of them.
~*~ Sometimes

When You Are

Really Lonely,

You Really Feel Alive


You Feel Like You Know

"Who You Are..." ~*~
I Laugh , I love , I Hope
I Try , I Hurt , I Need ,
I Fear , I Cry & I Know
You Do The Same Things Too
We Are Really Not That

''''Me & You'''' (:
I learned dat even if u r right.....u can''t keep everybody happy....

and I learned dat it hurts when ur friends don''t trust u and accuse u of something which u never ever intended.....
Height Of Hiding Failure In Love


I Will Remember that person

Not As The One Who Broke My Heart,

But As The One Who Taught Me

How To Live With A Broken Heart!

SoMe Of ThE GrEaTeR ThInGs

In LiFe

ArE uNsEeN ...

ThAt''S wHy !

wE cLosE oUr EyEs

WheN wE




DrEam ... =)
1947 ka behtareen sms
Us waqt mobile kahan tha?
Kabhi to apna dimaagh istamaal kiya karo.
Lambi Umeedoon se door raha karo , Kiun keh woh tumharey pass majod NAIMTOON ko haqeer baan deti hain...!!
If You Cannot Be A Pencil To Write Anyone''s Happiness


Try At least To be A Nice Eraser To Erase Everyone''s Sorrows . . .