Educate your children

Educate your children
Dont educate your children to be rich.educate them to be when they grow up, they will know the value of ,things,not the price.

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A= Aitbaar
B= Bharosa
C= Chahat
D= Dosti
E= Enaayat
F= Faisla
G= Gham
H= Hamdam
I= Intizar
J= Justuju
K= Khayal
L= Lamhay
M= Mohabbat
N= Naarazgi
O= Omeed
P= Pyaar
Q= Qismat
R= Rishtay
S= Samjhota
T= Tamanna
U= Udasiyan
V= Virasat
W= Wada
X= Xcuse
Y= Yadain
In Sab Feelings Se Milkar Banti Hai Z=Zindagi
What Is The Largest Word In Eng Language?

"Smiles" (5 Miles)! And U Know,

Ur Smiles Can Touch People Beyond Miles...!

So Keep Up Ur Smiles.
To realize the value of 1 week,
ask the editor of a weekly newspaper.

To realize the value of 1 hour,
ask the lovers who''re waiting to meet.

To realize the value of 1 min,
ask a person who missed the train.

To realize the value of 1 sec,
ask a person who just avoided an accident.

Treasure every moment that you have!

Yestrday is history,
Tomorw is mystry,
Today is gift, that''s why it''s called Present..

Have a nice day today & always..
Suppose if i have no name, with what name u would like to call

me as per my nature & character ?send this to all ur friends enjoy the answer.

Reply me 1st
What is DUA ?
Dil se Nikli Hui Awaz jo Ap Ko Din Bhar Sachi Khushi De.

Udasi Ap K Qareeb Se Bhe Na Guzre.

Allah Ap Ko Hamesha Khush Rakhe.
Rich people
travel in

Poor people
travel in

But sweet
Travel in Hearts !!

continue ur journey in my heart.
Teri Hansti Hui Zindagi Ki Raho''n Main

Hazaron Phool Lutati Hui Bahar Aaye

Chalo Tou Sitare Nisar on Tum Per

Hanso Tou Phoolo''n Ko Bhi Tum Pe Pyaar Aaye
AgAr hUm 1 AnsOo hOt3y..!

To Ap Ki AnkhOn sE hO kAR

Apke hOnton PeR mRnA pAsAnd Krty

Or AgAr Ap Meri AnkhO k AnSoO hOty

ToU vAda hAi dOsT hUm Kabhi nA rOt3y
Meri zindagi ka sahara nahi hai,

Is jahaan me koi hamara nahi hai,

Chua unka daaman to wo haskar bole,

Dost ye daaman tumhara nahi hai.
If I can only touch the RAINBOW

I will write YOUR NAME on top of it

To let the PEOPLE know

How COLORFUL is my LIFE to have a PERSON like U ... (:
Tere ghum me tarap kar mar jayengay,

mar gye to tera nam lejayengay,

rishwat de k tujhe b uper bulayengay,

tm uper ao gay to 7 beth k kurkure khayen gay;-)
Evn though, I clutch my blanket n growl
when de alarm rings.
Thank u, ALLAH,
that I can hear.
There r many,
who r deaf.

Evn though, I keep my eyes closed
against da morning lite as long as possible.
Thank u, ALLAH,
dat I can see.
Many r blind.

Evn though,
I huddle in my bed n put off rising.
Thank u ALLAH,
that I hav da strength to rise.
There r many,
who r bedridden.

Thanks a lot ALLAH for Ur uncountable blessings...\