Educate your children

Educate your children
Dont educate your children to be rich.educate them to be when they grow up, they will know the value of ,things,not the price.

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High level confidence!

Teacher 2 student: If u tel me ''where is GOD'', i''ll reward u 100 rupees.

Student : n If u tell me''whr GOD is not''i''l reward u
200Rs.. ;->
Memories Are Special
There Are Sum Frnds
Come Over When U''re Shunned By All & Subdry
Still Luv U
There Are Sum Frnds Who Start Noddling
When U Are Three
Same Sense Of Humor As U. . .
U & I Are Of Those Frnds . . . :->
Ae Dost Humari Wafae''n Tumhare Liye Hyn

Mehakti Fiza''en Tumhare Liye Hyn

Jahan Bhi Raho Tum Khush Raho

Labbo''n Pe Dua''en Tumhare Liye Hyn
MeMoRiEs r tReAsUrEd,
No oNe cAn StEaL.
PaRtInG Is hEaRtAcHe,
nO oNe cAn HeAl.
SoMe''ll fOrGoT u wHeN u R gOnE,
BuT I''ll r3m3mb3r u No MaTteR HoW lOnG.....
There''s A Wonderful Mythical Law Of Nature Dat The3 Things We Crave Most In Life ....
Happiness, Freedom & Peace Of Mind Are Always Attaind By Giving Them To SomeOne Else...
No Sound In This World Can B
More Louder Than Silence
If SomeOne Can’t Understand Ur Silence . . .
They Can Never Understand Ur Words . . .
Realize things before it''s too late. Accept things rather than deny them. Luv people before u lose them. U have just one life, luv it while u live it.
Don''t hold anybody by his shirt or arm to be heard, if he doesn''t wants to listen to you better hold your tounge
SMS krain gay hum eak doosrey ko bari bari.hamain lagti hai yeh rasam bari pyari.yeh sms miltey hi eak sms bheaj dena.kyun k iss k baad bari hai tumhari.
There r Two Kind
Of People In This World

1-Those Who Remember Names


2-Those Whose Names r Remembered

Choice Is Yours
koshesh kijiye k zndge me wo shaks ap ko hmesha muskurata hua mile....
jise ap roz aene me daikhte ho.....!
so plz always keep smiling...!
zarorat tor dati he goror-o-be nayazi ko, na hoti koi majbori tu har banda khuda hota,