"Coins Always Make Sound"
But The Currency Notes Are Always Silent!
So When Your Value Increases
Keep Yourself Calm & Silent

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Four Things Never Come Back:

The Triggered Bullet,

The Spoken Word,

The Wasted Time,

The Neglected Opportunity !

So,Think Twice,Act Wise.
Relationships Are Like Traffic Signs



Do Not Enter

No U Turn

No Left Turn


The Best So Far Is

Give Way & Keep Right ... (:->
A Good person is like a Lighthouse. It doesn''t Ring Bells & Fire Guns to call Attention to itself. It simply Shines just like YOU
Books Me Likha He Phool Todna Mana He
Bago Me Likha He Phool Todna Mana He
Par 1 Cheez....Koi Nahi Kehta

K Dil Todna Mana Hai...
There r Two Kind
Of People In This World

1-Those Who Remember Names


2-Those Whose Names r Remembered

Choice Is Yours
You Need More Than A Thousand Good Things

'R E M E M B E R

Just One Bad Thing Can Make A Big Hole In Some Ones Heart,
Never Explain Urself To AnyOne
B''coz The Person Who Likes U
Doesn''t Need It
The Person Who Dislikes U
Won''t Beleive It .....
Past is Xperience !

Present is Xperiment !

Future is Xpectation !

Use ur Xperience In Ur Xperiment To Achive ur Xpectations In All
Matters. . .
"HameSha yAAd rAkh0"


RiShtAy KhooN K NAhi HotAy,

RiShtAy EhSAS K HotAy HAiN''

AGAr EhSAS NA Ho To ApNe B AJNAbi...
Gurbat ki waja se
Kisi Ko faqeer mat
Samjo Q K Uska "RAB" B Wohi HE
Jo Aap Ka he
Wo "Ye" Sb Use Ata
kr sakta he
OR Aap Se "Le" B Sakta he
Keep The Smile
Leave The Tear

Think Of Joy
Forget The Fear

Hold The Laugh
Leave The Pain

Be Joyous Till
I Message Again ... :)
People Need To Be.....

- Drunk To Talk;
- Forgetful To Forgive;
- Psychotic To Be Passionate;
- Hurt To Be Honest;
- Confused To Think;
- Crazy To Love.

Strange Indeed.