"Coins Always Make Sound"
But The Currency Notes Are Always Silent!
So When Your Value Increases
Keep Yourself Calm & Silent

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When the door of happiness closes, another opens; but often times we look so long at the closed door that we dont see which one has been opened for us..
Dua Karte Hai Hum Sar Jhukaye, Aye Dost Aap Apni Manzil Ko Paye,
Ager Kabhi Teri Raho Main Andhera Aaye,
To Roshni Ke Lyie Khuda Humko Jalaye,,
Happey Friendship.!
I Want Go Back To
That Time

When ''''Getting High''''
Meant On ''''Swing''''

When ''''Mom'''' Was
The Only ''''Hero''''

When ''''Dad''s Shoulders''''
Were The ''''Highest Place''''
On Earth

When ''''Worst Enemies''''
Were Ur ''''Siblings''''

When The Only Thing
That Could ''''Hurt'''' U
Were ''''Skinned Knees''''

When The Only Things
''''Broken'''' Were Ur ''''Toys''''


When ''''Good Byes'''' Only
Meant ''''Till Tomorrow''''
iT''s A


M''''ind Touching''''


L''''ong Lasting''''

E''''ffect Which Wins The Hearts''''

Yes... iT''s Ur SMILE...

So Keep Smiling Always .... :->
Dil to chahta hai k aapse milen magar Faaslon ki majboori hai,

Hum to sada aapke sath hein sirf nazron ki doori hai.
It Was An Ordinary Day
I Was Caught In My Routine When
Suddenly Something Made Me Think Of You.
I Paused For A Moment N Smiled.
It Was No Longer An Ordinary Day…
Like a tear unshed,
Stalling the ache.
Or, a deluge uncontrolled.
Drowning hope in its wake.
sweet is your nature.dear is your name.close to my heart u wil earth want water.flower want dew. i want nothing but happines for u..
Frequency of my msgs may b less.

but the time i remember U is more.

Thats Y science says tht

frequency is inversely proportional to time.
If you are comfortable in standing alone...

The world will come to you seeking
The secret of your success.
Kuch Rishte Upar Wala Banata Hai

Kuch Rishte Log Banatae Hain ..

Par Kuch Log .. Bina Kisi Rishte K Hi Rishte Nibhate Hain

Shayed Wohi Rishte Kehkatay Hain !!!
A= Aitbaar
B= Bharosa
C= Chahat
D= Dosti
E= Enaayat
F= Faisla
G= Gham
H= Hamdam
I= Intizar
J= Justuju
K= Khayal
L= Lamhay
M= Mohabbat
N= Naarazgi
O= Omeed
P= Pyaar
Q= Qismat
R= Rishtay
S= Samjhota
T= Tamanna
U= Udasiyan
V= Virasat
W= Wada
X= Xcuse
Y= Yadain
In Sab Feelings Se Milkar Banti Hai Z=Zindagi