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''Beautiful Advice
Ager Dukhon Ka Darya Uboor Karna Hai To Ansoun Ko Jazb Karne Ka Tareeqa Seekho

Duniya Ko Jeetna Chahte Ho To Awaz Main Narmi Paida Karo''
'"Cold Water" and "Hot Iron" removes the Wrinkles From Clothes.

Same way,

The cool Mind & Warm Heart remove worries of life...'
'Two simple lines-

Don't make any close relation without full understanding...


Don't break any close relation with small misunderstanding...!'
4 cheezon ko khoob Sanbhaal kar rakho:
1.Namaz mein Dil ko.
2.Tanhai mein soch ko.
3.Mehfil mein zuban ko.
4.Raasty mein nigaah ko...
You Never Get A Person OF Ur Type In This World. U Will Either Have To Adjust Or U Will Have To Compromise U Adjust When Someone Wants To Be With U……..? And U Compromise When U Want To Be With Someone..
You Need More Than A Thousand Good Things

'R E M E M B E R

Just One Bad Thing Can Make A Big Hole In Some Ones Heart,
out kar phool main wapis nahi aati khushboo

Apnay Ikhlaq-o-kirdaar ko mousam SAY bachaey rkhna

Hazrat Imam Hussain (a.s) ne farmaya :
Aurat ka "parda"karna Shaheed k khoon se B zyada Afzal he....
"Dream is not that what you see in the sleep....
Dream is the Thing which Does not Allow you to sleep...
"Ignorance Up to a specfic time

will rise your value

When it is adopted as a habbit

It Will make Others to Ignore you"
*>Ultimate Truth<*
"Its very easy to say that i am busy
when some one needs you...
But its very painful to hear.
" i a m busy"
When you need some one.
Most irritating and ann0ying moment:

You're getting bored and no messages, not even a
single text. . . !

Suddenly your cell rings,
you rush t0wards it to watch who finally texted !

You pick your cell with excitement and see a text
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