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Time is too slow for those who wait, too swift for those who fear, too long for those who grieve, too short for those who rejoice....
but for those who love....
The Most Difficult Lesson
To Larn In Life Is.....

Which Hand U Hold For
Ur Life Time.....


Which One To Break Off....
HaRdEsT MoMeNt Is NoT ThAt
WhEn u |osE SutHiNg
TeArs CoMe OuT OuT Ov Ur EyEzZz....


It'S tHe OnE, WhEn U LoSe SuMtHiNg
StI|| MaNaGe To CrY.....
Think of life as a great road trip ... if you spend too much time looking back at where you've been, you'll miss what's ahead.....!!!!! d
? Mom = Best Friend + Best Listener + Best Fan! ?

? Dad = Best Hero + Best Teacher + Best Supporter! ?

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8 Best Moments In Life

> Giving The 1st Salary To Ur Parents.

> Thinking Your Love With Tears.

> Looking Old Photos & Smiling.

> A Sweet & Emotional Chat With Friends

> Holding Hands With Your Loved Ones For A Walk.

> Getting A Hug From One Who Cares You.

> 1st Kiss To Your Child When He /She Is Born.

> The Moments When Your Eyes Are Filled With Tears After A Big Laugh.

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''The 0nly Time
A Girl Should Fall On
Her Knees For A Guy,
Is The Day
She Tie Her Son's
Shoe-Laces .."

We Spend Our Days W8ng For The Ideal Path
To Appear In Front Of Us..
We Forget That,
Paths Are Made By Walking..
By Waiting...! <-;
If Time
doesn't Wait for You,

Don't Worry...

Just Remove
the Battery from
the Clock 'n' Enjoy Life

"wadey log"
"uchiyan sochan"
"ty puthay kam"...:-)
How Can You"SMI-LE" Without"I"..?
How Can You be "F-NE" without "I"..?
How can you "W-SH" without "I"..?
How can you be "FR-END" without "I"..?
"I" am very important..!
But "I" can never achieve S-CCESS without "U"..
and that makes "U" more important than "I"...
If 1=6
It's harvard University IQ test question.what ur answer is MR....!
Man cn Nvr Forget 2 Face in his whole Life....
-D 1 Who HOLDS his hand in Difficult Time.
-D other Who LEAVES Him Alone in Difficult Time