The Most Difficult Lesson

The Most Difficult Lesson
The Most Difficult Lesson
To Larn In Life Is.....

Which Hand U Hold For
Ur Life Time.....


Which One To Break Off....

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< Health Tips >

1. Do Not Use Headphones/Earphone For Long Period Of Time.

2. Best Sleeping Time Is From 10pm at Night To 6am In The Morning.

3. Use Salads.
V Bridge Distance
Wid Text Msgs Still
V Know
It Fails 2 Fill
d Space
I Hope
Ours Isn''t Jst An
Exchange Of Text Msg
Its Keeping Our
Relationship Alive (=
One hurts you, so that you may find someone who can heal you.
If nobody is there to hurt u, u will never know d person who cares for U.
Alwayz B Happy
Alwayz Wear A Smile
Not Because Life Is Full Of Reasons To Smile . . .
But Because Ur Smile Itself Is A Reason For Many Others Smile . . . :)


Therz alwyz a reson 4evrythng,

a reson 2 luv,

reson 2 die,

resn 2 live,

resn 2 cry,

bt if u can''t find

a resn 2 smile,

can I b d reasn 4 a while?
Look Around You


Appreciate Those

Who Care About You .....

Be thankful They Are
In Your Life ..... =)
Challenges are like trees seen through a running train. As U approach them they grow bigger, once U pass them they become smaller! So never be afraid of them.
Smiles Are Like
They Fly From
Face To Face
May Ur Lip Give Them
A Better Nest
So That They Can
Stay There Forever

Wish U Smile Forever ........ :->
A Simple Bye Makes Us Cry,

A Simple Joke Makes Us Laugh,

A Simple Care Makes Us Fall In Love.

I Hope My Simple SMS Make U Think Of Me
You Need More Than A Thousand Good Things

'R E M E M B E R

Just One Bad Thing Can Make A Big Hole In Some Ones Heart,
We Have No Right To Ask When A Sorrow Comes. . . ''Why Did This Happen To Me. . . ?'' Unless
We Ask The Same Question For Every Joy That Comes Our Way. . .
Extending One Hand to Help Somebody has More Value,

than Joining Two Hands for Prayer.