The Most Difficult Lesson

The Most Difficult Lesson
The Most Difficult Lesson
To Larn In Life Is.....

Which Hand U Hold For
Ur Life Time.....


Which One To Break Off....

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Seprations r those wounds

dat nobody can heal

& memoris r those treasurs

dat nobody can steal.

But dont separate to make memories.

so plz stay in touch !!!
~ A Wish For A Sweet Friend ~

May The Sun Alwayz
Shine On Your

May A Rainbow Be
Certain To Follow Each

May The Hand Of A
Friend Alwayz Be Near

May GOD Fill Your
Heart With Gladness To
Cheer You ... (:
Some Joyz Are Better
Xpressed In Silence

As A Smile Holds More
Meaning Than Words

I Was Asked If I Enjoy
Having U In My Life

I Juz Smiled ...
My PHONE Lubs It
When U Text ...
Its Litle Face
Lights Up
Bursts Into Beep
Has Ur Name
Written All Over It
I Think U Shud Text
More Often,
It Likes U Like Me ... =)
Memories sometimes
behave in a crazy way....
They leave you alone when
you are in a crowd....
& when you are alone they
stand along with you like a
Life mein kbhi compromise karna pade to don’t hesitate.

Jhukta wahi hai jisme jaan hoti hai,

Akad hi to murde ki pehchan hoti hai..
Wudn''T It B N!xE....

If WhEnEvEr We

MeSsEd Up OuR


We CuD S!mP|y




StArT A|| OvEr..... :-|
Mezbaan: Lassi aap peety nahi,

Chai hum pilaty nahi,

Roti ka time nahi,

Botal ka mosam nahi,

Ab batain apki kya khidmat karein ?
Mehmaan: To phir bas Easyload hi karwa dein.
A race horse that consistantly runs just 1 second faster than others is worth millions of dollers more. Don''t compromise on 2nd position in life..
Rivers, Ponds, Lakes
& Streams ...
They All Have
Different Names
They All Contain Water.
Just As Religions Do
They All Contain Truths...

~Mohammad Ali~
Dont Spend Tym Just Working & Being Busy
U''ll Always Complain About Lack Of Tym
Instead Put A Little Bit Of Effort
Plan & Organize Ur Lyf
U''ll Realize That U Have
Tym 4 Every Thing.....
I always wanted to be punctual,

When i became punctual.
I realized that.....
"Punctuality is the art of waiting for the careless people"