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Best Listener
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'Like' If Agree

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Relation & Bone Are
Same, When Both
Cracked & Get Repaired
Correctly, They Are
More Powerful
If Not Correctly, They
Are Lost Their Worth ...
Dil Or Ankh:

Dil Ne Ankh Se Kaha Dekha Karoo Kaam..
Dekhtey Hoo Tum Taraptey Hain Hum!
Ankh Ne Kaha Dil Se...
Socha Karoo Kam Sochtey Hoo Tum Barasatey Hain Hum…..
A Relationship Does''t Shine

By Just Shaking Hands

In Best Times.

But It Blossoms

By Holding

The Hands

Firmly In

Critical Times...
Rich people travel in cars
poor people travel in carts
but people like u
always travel in hearts
" Anmo£ Batien"

1-"Wafa" sekhni ha to Pholon se sekho,Jo Tehni se juda hote hi Murjha jate hen

2-Dusron ki Galtian bhul jao,mgr apni 1 Galti bhi Na Bhulo"
A Smile Is A Language Even A Baby Understands. . .
It Costs Nothing
It Creates Much
It Happens In A Falsh
The Memory Make, It May Last Forever
Keep Smiling :)
Doesn''t Empty
Tomorrow''s Sorrow,
It Empties
Today''s Strength.
So Don''t Worry...
Stay Happy Always...
Keep Smiling. .
Suppose if i have no name, with what name u would like to call

me as per my nature & character ?send this to all ur friends enjoy the answer.

Reply me 1st
Aap Ka Muskurana

Kabhi Chehra KANWAL
Tou Kabhi ROSE Ho

100 Pal Khushi Tou
1000 Pal Mauj Ho

Bas Aisa Hi Aap Ka Din
Har ROZ Ho ... (:

Some Joyz Are Better
Xpressed In Silence

As A Smile Holds More
Meaning Than Words

I Was Asked If I Enjoy
Having U In My Life

I Juz Smiled ...
Sacrifice is greater
than Love,
Character is greater
than Beauty,
humanity is greater
than Wealth,
Nothing is greater than
Good Relations..
And Good Relations
don''t necessarily
mean finding
Its just about
Differences .. (:
d eye does not see what d brain does not know
so open ur brain before opening ur eyes.......