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Lambi Umeedoon se door raha karo , Kiun keh woh tumharey pass majod NAIMTOON ko haqeer baan deti hain...!!
"Some times i send u sms of GoOd nIgHt at the end of the day....
It doesn't mean that i always remeber u or u are my last thinking of the day
It means....
K sms pkg ka last day hota hai aur sms boht zyada tadaad mein hoty hein isliye aap pe ahsaan kar leta hoon"
Think Different
I always wanted to be punctual,

When i became punctual.
I realized that.....
"Punctuality is the art of waiting for the careless people"
1 day dream asked life : "when v all cum tru?"
Life smiled n replyd :
"never, coz d day all of u cum true
i'll lost my meaning"
"Short but deep sentences"
Life is beautiful only for those who know how to celebrate the "PAIN"...!!!!
4 Rules 2 following in life :-

Friendship : Take it never leave it.
Love : Share it never keep it..
Respect : Earn it never ask it...
Trust : Make it never break it....
cute relationship is when someone is angry with you
and says..
" i'll never talk to u"

and later

comes back to you just to inform ..
"i'm still angry"
Agar ho saky to mari gardishoon ko salam krna
Ma kitna gir gya hun tery urooj k lea.
Good Unerdtsanding Btewene
Ecah Ohter Is Rael FierndSihp!
Eevn If We Hvae So Mnay
MsiUnerdsantndig Lkie Tish Msseaeg,
Btu i Konw U Cna Raed WtihOtu Msitkae !!
U r The Best
Heart Surgeon In The World
U Made A Place In My
Widout Cutting
Spilling Blood.
I'm Lucky To Have U.....
Life can b hard & not always fun.

But as night brings dark morning brings sun.

When life gets tough & no1 seems 2 care

Give Me a Call Coz I'll always b There.........!
Laughter is the jam on the toast of life,

It Adds Flavour To It

Keeps It From Being Too Dry


Makes It Easier To Swallow Life's Sorrows.....