-D 1 Who HOLDS his hand in Difficult Time.

-D 1 Who HOLDS his hand in Difficult Time.
Man cn Nvr Forget 2 Face in his whole Life....
-D 1 Who HOLDS his hand in Difficult Time.
-D other Who LEAVES Him Alone in Difficult Time

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If A drOp FallS On lAkE,
It LosEs iTs iDentItY.

If iT fAllS oN a rOsE,
It ShinEs.

If iT fAllS On A shEll,
It bEcomEs A pEarL.

ThE drOp iS samE..
But ThE CompAnY mAttErs !!
Each Of Us Is A Star

Some Tyms We Shine With The Rest

Sometyms We Twinkle Alone

Sometyms When We Least Know It

We Make Someone''z Wish Come True :->
Meri dua hai to naik serat ho,

Tera dil teri tarha khobsurat ho,

Mill Jaye har cheez tujhe dua se pehle,

khud dua ko tere hathon ki zarorat ho.....
I learned dat even if u r right.....u can''t keep everybody happy....

and I learned dat it hurts when ur friends don''t trust u and accuse u of something which u never ever intended.....
The Best Thing To Give . . . ! ! !

To Ur Enemy Is Forgiveness

To An Opponent Tolaerance

To A Friend Ur Heart

To Ur Child A Good Example

To A Father Difference

To Ur Mother, Conduct That Will Maker Her Proud Of U

To UrSelf Respect

And To All Men Charity . . .
M o t h e r L o v e

I s T h e F u e L

T h a t E n a b l e s

A N o r m a l

H u m a n B e i n g

T o D o T h e

I m p o s s i b l e ;->
The people whom we like very much

God always keep them away from us..

So that we miss them every moment

And think about them every second..

"E"Ffecti Ve

"L"Ove &
Life is not about waiting

for the storm to pass.....

Its about learning

to dance in the rain....." ;->
When Will People Understand


Words Can Cut As Sharply As Any Blade



Those Cuts Leave Scars Upon Our Souls . . .
"Excellence has always been achieved by those who dared believe that something inside them is superior to circumstances"
JO tum ko dukh de ussy chhorr do
JO tum ko dukh de ussy chhorr do . magar jisey chor do usy dukh na do ...
din ki roshni main rizk talash karo ! raat ko ussy talash karo jo tumhain rizq deta hai.....'