You insult me?

You insult me?
You insult me? I can handle it.

You insult my best friend? You die

No one insults my friend more than me.

Jan, 29 2015     107 chars (1 sms)     411 views       Friendship

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Mixture Of All The
Above Is Wh8 V Call
ThE iMpOrTaNcE oF
gOoD aNd SiNcErE fRiEnDs
In OuR lIvEs Is LiKe
ThE iMpOrTaNcE oF hEaRtBeAtS !
ThEy ArE nOt ViSiBlE,
ThEy SiLeNtLy SuPpOrT oUr LiFe... [=
Frndshp is:
Vast like UNIVERSE, High like SKY, Strng like IRON, Dip like OCEAN, Kind like MOTHER, Cute like HUM, Sweet like TUM, put 2gtha frndshp is HUMTUM
How can u tell the rain not 2 fall when clouds exist? , How can u tell the leaves not 2 fall when wind exist?, How can u tell me not 2 fall is friendship when u exist..
When U Count The Best Friends

U May Not Count Me

When U Cunt The Close Friends

U May Not Count Me


When U Really Need A True Friend

Just Start Frm Me
Aaj ki iss barish mein...
phir wohi si boondein hain

phir wohi si thundak hy

...phir wohi sa sab kuch hy
Aaj ki iss barish mein..

sath tum nahi ho tou ...

aankh num si kitni hy

saans tung si kitni hy

rooh piyasi kitni hy

ye udaasi kitni hy

Aaj ki iss barish mein
Birth'' Is 0nce..

''Youth'' Is 0nce..

''Death'' Is 0nce..

''Love'' Is 0nce..

''Marriage'' Is 0nce


''FRIENDSHIP'' Is ''Runs'' Forever...
* end again. It is nice to have a friend like U making my everyday seems so great. Thank U my good friend lastly gd nite n sweet dreams...
F r I e N d S h I p

Is LiKe A bAnK aCcOuNt ...

YoU cAnNoT cOnTiNuE tO dRaW oN iT


MaKiNg DePoSiTs ... (=
My True Friends Have Alwayz

Given Me That

Supreme Proof Ov Devotion

A Spontaneous Aversion For

The Man I Loved
a True Friend Is
You Can Disagree With
And Still Remain
Friends ...

For If Not,
They Weren''t
True Friends
In The First Place ...
There are 3 Chambers in My Heart
One for my Mum
One for my Dad
One for God
What about U ?
Sorry No place for u in my Heart ! !
Because Friends like you are my HEART BEAT