You insult me?

You insult me?
You insult me? I can handle it.

You insult my best friend? You die

No one insults my friend more than me.

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I always thought loving some1 was the greatest feeling,


I realised tat loving a friend is even better,

we lose ppl we love but we never lose true friends. :->
Jise dil ka kalam or mohabbat ki ink kahate hai,jise lamho ki kitab or yaado
ka covar kehate hai,yahe wo subjaet hai jise log friendship kahte hai

I told GOD let all my freinds be healthy & happy forever!
GOD said:But for 4 days only!

I said:Yes, let them be a Spring day,Autumn day,Summer day & Winter day!

GOD said:No. 3 days!

I said:Yes, Yesterday,Today&2mrw!

GOD said:No. 2 days!

I said:Yes,a Bright day (Day Time) and Dark day (Night Time)!

GOD said:No.Just 1 day!

I said:Yes!

GOD asked:Which day?

I said:Everyday!

GOD said:U realy know how to negotiate.but since u are praying & asking happiness for ur friends,I can''t refuse.

I love everyone who thinks of others 1st,so dont u worry.
All ur friends wil b happy everyday ;->
Typical Student Grabbed a coin, flipped it in d air n said:
"Heads, I Go to Sleep,
Tails, I watch a Movie,

If it Stands Still on d edge
Sometimes In Life
We Think We Don''t Need Anyone


Sometimes We Don''t Have Anyone
When We Need Someone

Hold The Good Frendz Around You


Never Let Them Go ...:]
Each friend represents a world in us,
a world possibly not born until they arrive,
and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
5 great people: 1.Quaid, woh to ab rahe nahi
2.Wasim Akram, woh kisi kaam ka nahi,
3.Aishwarya Rai, apni pohanch say bahir.
4.Pata nahi
Baqi rahe aap aur hum So keep in Touch
When U Count The Best Friends

U May Not Count Me

When U Cunt The Close Friends

U May Not Count Me


When U Really Need A True Friend

Just Start Frm Me
Dont give pa$sword of our Love and friend$hip to anybody,Becau$e if u
will $ay thi$ pa$sword "I LOVE U" It mean$ he will hack u from me
and u will go out from my hand$.....
Aspire to Acquire what u Desire & Admire & if on d process u Perspire dnt Retire but Refire.
A friend is like gas blown from the ass,
which creates noise n nuisance to others
but gives me a great comfort.
Thanks for being gas of my ass.
A Stone Dropped In
Water In A Moments
Its Gone
Dere''ll b 1000 Ripples
Circling On & On
2day Im Here
2morow Im Gone
Dere''ll b 1000
Memorie Echoing
On & On