You insult me?

You insult me?
You insult me? I can handle it.

You insult my best friend? You die

No one insults my friend more than me.

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Stay Wid Me

I''ll Saty Wid You


We Will be Friends

Through & Through . . . (~_~)
Is A gIfT,
tHaT iS fAiR iN aLl tHiNgZ.
iT rOoTs FrOm OnE''s HeArT
iNvOlVeS mEmOrIeS
tHaT sTaY nOt
FoR a WhIlE
FoR a LiFeTiMe ... -,-
Un say door janey ka irada to na tha!

Sada sath rehny ka b wada to na tha!

Wo yaad na karay ga yeah janty thy hum!

Par itni jaldi bhool haye ga indaza to na tha! KK
1 best book is equal to 100 books,but 1 good friend is equal to library!
love is possible after friendship but friendship is not possible after love,because medicien works before death not after death.
Who Is A Dost?
Dost Vo Jo Bin Bulaye Aaye
Bevajah Sar Khaye
Jeb Khali Karwaye Kabhi Sataye
Kabhi Rulaye Magar
Hamesha Saath Nibhaye
Meaning of F.R.I.E.N.D.S.H.I.P
Fun…………That friends share when they are together.
Reliability….A true friend is someone that you can always rely on.
Interest…….Someone who is genuinely interested in u,ur fears, joys, and life.
Energy………They pick you up when you are down, and give you the energy to go on and believe in yourself.
Nothing……..Nothing is ever too much, no matter what time it is, night or day.
Distance…….Although the miles may separate you, a true friend is never far away.
Secrets……..Your feelings and personal/private thoughts that you can only share with a friend.
Happiness……The way I feel when we are together.
Inseparable….Through good times and bad, tears and laughter. A friend will always be there for you.
Perfect……..The friendship
Raatein gumnaam hoti hai,
Din kisike naam hota hai,
Hum zindagi kuch is tarah jeete hai,
Ki har lamha doston ke naam hota hai
Among D GR8 & Glorious Gifts
That V R Blessed With...

It Is D Gift Of Understanding..
That V Find In True Friends!

Like You And Me.
You are not only the friend I found,
You are an angel who walks on the ground,
I could search my whole life through,
And I know I’ll not find another friend like U.

Opens Many Doors

Each Tym With A Different View


None Could Be More Beautiful

Then The One That Lead To

Y O U ... =)

What R U Wondering At?

I Hv Killed All Those Who Were Between I & U.
"Just 4 Our Friendship"
If time slips away without a word from me, U dont hv 2 worry about our friendship bcos feelings, beyond words will always keep me A R O U N D !