True friend

True friend
A true friend is one who

sees a fault, gives you advice

and who defends you in your absence

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Sabse alag sabse nayare ho aap
Tareef kabhi puri na ho itne pyare ho aap
aaj pata chala ki zamena q jalta hai humse
Qki dost to akhir hamre ho aap
Men Kick Friendship
Around Like A Football ,


It Dusn''t Seem To Crack ...

Women Treat It Like Glass


It Goes To Pieces ...

Isn''t It Strange ...
Time Mite Lead Me To No Where


Faith Might BrMy True Friends Have Alwayz

Given Me That

Supreme Proof Ov Devotion

A Spontaneous Aversion For

The Man I Loved ak In To Pieces

Bu t

I''ll Alwayz Be THANKFUL That

Once In My Life''s Journey We Became

FRIENDS . . . [~_~]
10 persons in a day pray 4 u...i wil b one of them...
if 5 persons in a day pray 4 u .i will b 1 of them...i
f 1 person in a day pray 4 u ..i will b that one...
and if no one prey 4 means..

If u read,u owe me a HUG,
if u delete,u Owe me a kiss,
if u save,u owe me a DATE,
if u return txt msg 2 me,
u OWE me All,
bt if u ignore,
U r MINe!
So wat will U do?
Tum na mano ye haqikat hai,
Dosti insan ki zarurat hai,
Kisi din aao hamari mehfil me,
Jan jaoge zindagi kitni khubsurat hai.
Friendship Is A Promise

Made In The Heart



Unbreakable By Distance

Unchangeable By Time

Like Us ... =)
"Flower Turns 2 Fruit Bt Fruit Cant Turns To Flower"

Just Think
Frndship May Turns 2 Lov
Lov Cant Turns 2 Friendship.
Friendship never speaks volumes, it never demands proof,
it never has a happy ending too simply coz
it doesn"t end as long as friends r true, just like U!
Thank you for touching my life in ways you may never know.
My riches do not lie in material wealth but in having friends like you a precious gi ft from God!
ek dost ne apne dost se kha k agar me mar jaon to tum kiya karo dost ne mazaq me jawab diya k me to bhot khush ho jaon ga agle din os ka dost mar geya or ek lettar us dost ke liye chor geya jis me likha hua tha yar jaan bhi koi cheez thi teri khushi k liye
All love that has not


For Its Base,

iS LikE A

Mansion Built

Upon ThE SanD.