True friend

True friend
A true friend is one who

sees a fault, gives you advice

and who defends you in your absence

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Friendship Is Not Written By Chalk

2 Erase Or Write Again.

It''s Written With Da Ink Of Love

On The Wall Of Heart

Once Written Can''t Be Changed Dat Frndship.
Bolti hai dosti chup rahta hai pyar!
Hasati hai dosti rulata hai pyar !
mailati hai dosti juda karta hai pyar
phir be kyun dosti chor kar log karte hain pyar.
Hamari Dosti Aysi ho

k Tum

Har Raah

Har Nagar

Har Safar

Main milo

Agar mai mar bhi jaoon tu....

Aglay he Din Barabar wali Qabar mai millo
Be Slow To Fall In


When Thou Art In

Continue Firm
Constant . . . [-_-]
1 Advice Take Care
1 Request Dont Change
1 Wish Dont Forget Me
1 Lie I Hate U
1 Truth I Miss U
1 Hope We Will Always Be
A good friend is like a Fragrance
When you remind of it
It makes you happy and feel good
And you are my good friend
I Secure My Friend
i secure my friend
not by accepting favors
but by doing If all
my friends were to jump off
a bridge I wouldn''t jump with them
I''d be at the bottom to catch them
Everyone hears what you say

When times are rough
And all goes wrong
And every hill is up
When all but a few
Turn their backs on you
I''ll be one of the few
Who''ll always be there for you
A Friend Is Not a Spare Tyre That U Pull Out When U Feel Life Has Gone Flat ...

Friend Is The Steering Wheel Who Help U To Turn Ur Life In The Right Path ....
Colors may fade, the sun may not shine, the moon may not be bright, heartbeats may stop, lives may pass but our friendship, I''ll treasure ''till the day my heart stops
I say and You listen Its a good Friendship You say and I listen Its a better Friendship But I don’t say and You understand, Is best Friendship…
My Friendship Means ...

A Little Heart That
Neva Hates

A Cute Smile That
Neva Fades

A Smooth Touch That
Neva Shakes


A Strong Relation That
Never Breaks :)