As we grow up

As we grow up
As we grow up,

we realize it becomes

less important to have

a ton of friends, and more

important to have real ones

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Aasman se utari hai,
taro se sajai hai,
chand ki chandni se nehlai hai.
Mere DOST sambhal kar rakhna ye DOSTI,
ye meri jindagi bhar ki kamai ha na
Friends R Like Delicate Flower...

They Dry Not Die..

However I M Cactus I Will Be Always

Poking U So That U Will Remember Me....
Friends are like shoes,
some loose some tight,
some fit just right,
they help u as u walk through life.
thanks for being my size!
DOSTI wo hy jo

“JANUARY” ki dhoop ho,

“FEBRUARY” ki barish ho,

“MARCH” ki shaam ho,

“APRIL” ki hawa ho,

“MAY” ki subah ho,

“JUNE” ki chawo’on ho,

“JULY” ki khushboo ho,

“AUGUST” ki taaron bhri raat ho,
“SEPTEMBER” ki chandni ho,

“OCTOBER” ki rim-jhim ho,

“NOVEMBER” ki bahaar ho,

“DECEMBER” ki sard raat ho,

Us sardi mai mery sard Hath hon or aap ky leay Dua ek khass ho k,
RAHO “ameen”
yun rooth jana acha nahe lagta,
yun tarpna acha nahe lagta,
mairey dil main jo baat ha,
mairi aankhoon sey chura lo,
mujay har baat btana acha nahe lagta...
BeSt FrIeNdZ

aRe LiKe

A FaVoUrItE pAiR

Of bLuE jEaNs ... !!!

tHeY gEt BeTtEr

As ThE TyM PaSsEs ... (:
Every One In This Beautiful World

Has An Individual Name


We All Together Have A common Name



In Our Beautiful Hearts
Zamane se kab ke hum gujar gaye hote,
thokar na lagi hoti bach gaye hote,
bandhey the to bas tere dosti ke dhage mai,
warna kabke motiyo jaise bikar gaye hote..
Frndship is a promise spoken

by the heartIsn''t given by plege,

nor written on paper

But promise renewed everytime frnds keep in touch. . . :)
Alone I can only say but together we can shout, alone I can only smile but together we can laugh, alone I can only live but together we can celebrate. That''s being friends.
ArE tHe LiNk BeTwEeN
oUrSeLvEs AnD tHe
RoAd To
HaPpInEsS ,
jOy ,
sUcCeSs ,
WiThOuT tHeM
wE aRe LoSt ... (-:
LIFE Becomes LIE
If "F" Is Missed

"F" Denotes



I''m Happy To Say That
Till I Have FRIEND Like U ... =)