really your friend

really your friend
I am not really your friend until

I start insulting you on a daily basis.

Jan, 29 2015     74 chars (1 sms)     870 views       Friendship

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The Friend Who Luv u Will Fight U More too Bt If

u Drop a Tear He Will Fight Da World 2 Stop Ur TEars So

Never Lose The Loving Friend ) Like ME ;)
Your smile is my sunrise, your kiss is
my sunset. Thank you for being the
most wonderful friend and companion.
1day I may die
wiTout sayng
gud bye2 U!
Bt I''ll nevr
4get2 say
Bcoz U hve givn
me 1of loveliest
friendship ever in
my life!
Aaj ki iss barish mein...
phir wohi si boondein hain

phir wohi si thundak hy

...phir wohi sa sab kuch hy
Aaj ki iss barish mein..

sath tum nahi ho tou ...

aankh num si kitni hy

saans tung si kitni hy

rooh piyasi kitni hy

ye udaasi kitni hy

Aaj ki iss barish mein
Full Form Of FRIEND
That Is Friend.
Friendship is unnecessary,
like philosophy, like art…
It has no survival value;
rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.
Age Appears To Be Best In Somethings

Old Wood Best To Burn

Old Books Best To Read

Old Rice Best To Eat


Old Friends Best To Keep
Like U JAn|x . . . ;->
Moon said to me, if ur friend is not messaging u why dont
you leave ur friend.I looked at moon and said does
ur sky ever leave u when u dont shine.
"Perfect Friendship is not in Phone Calls & in Messages.

Its the Silent Smile in your Heart when you think of your Friend."
Boy Apni Girlfriend Se:-
Yu Mat Kheench Tu Mujhe Apni Taraf Sanam..
Branded T-Shirt hai..
Phat Gayi to Bahut Pitegi, Maa kasam..!!
Friendship is a mercury drop...
If its
Impossible to
don''t drop your friends.!
Stay in touch
I m not
Javed Aktar
2 write about u

I m not sonu nigm
2 sing 4 u

I m just a friend 2 say
i m am always with you...