really your friend

really your friend
I am not really your friend until

I start insulting you on a daily basis.

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Humari aapki dosti bilkul FIX hai,

Happiness or Sadness sab kuch MIX hai,

Hum to Aapko na bhulenge kabhi,

Ap bhool na jayen bus thora sa RISK hai..
Journey of life...

Journeys end
Friends Depart
Every Phase of Life Comes to an End
But Every End is also a New Beginning
It Is a New Chapter Waiting to Open

It''s up to you What you want to Think about,
The End or New Beginning
100 Memories ...

200 Jokes ...

300 Great Times ...

400 Secrets ...

1 Reason ...


HaPpy fRieNdShIp dAy
Wo dil hi kya jo milane ki dua na kare,
tujhe bhul ke jiyu khuda na kare,
rahegi hamari dosti zindgi bhar,
ye baat alag hai ki zindgi wafa na kare.
What Is Friendship ?

It Is A Ship Loaded With



Crossing The Sea Of Heart

Having No Wheels Of

The reality of the other person lies not in what he reveals to you but in what he cannot reveal to you. Therefore, if you would understand him, listen not to what he says but rather to what he does not say.
Facts Are GOD''S Argument ...

We Should Be Carefull

Never To



Prevent Them
Mujhe Awaz de dena

Kabhi ice cream lao tu!
Kabhi murghi pakao tu!
Kabhi picnic pa jao tu!

Mujhe Awaz de dena

Wallet ma maal ziada ho!
Jo shopping ka Irada ho!
Kabhi dawat ma jana ho!

Ya kesi ko dinner pa bulana ho

Mujeh awaz de dena

Kabhi kisi se ho larna!!!!
Tu mjhe disturb na karna!

Kesi shaadi ma jana ho!
Jaise hi shuru khana ho!

Mujhe Awaz De Dena

Mujhe Tum Bhool Mat Jana
Sono Tum Bhool Mat Jana!!
Making Friends Is Not Abt

Collecting Pearls Or Diamonds!

Its Abt Accepting One As Coal

N Wait Til D Warmth

Of Frndship

Turns It To Diamond.
Friends r lyk mornings,

u may share with dem

only a few hours of d day.

But u knw dat they will

always b there tomorrow,

the next day and the day after,

ur accused of crawlin'' in 2 my life,
& hijacking my smiles with ur cute SMS''s
U r found guilty n so u r sentenced
to b my friend 4 life!
No bail.......

My Frequency Of
Messaging May Be
The Time Period
I Remember You
Is More ...

That''s Why Science
Says ..
"Frequency Is Inversely
Proportional To Time .." :)