really your friend

really your friend
I am not really your friend until

I start insulting you on a daily basis.

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A true friend is like a cool shadow of tree
When you get tired of hot weather
You sit under this shadow of friendship

"Be my true friend for always"
Weakly One Day Holiday,

Monthly One Day Salary Day,

Yearly One Day Birthday,

Lifely One Day Death Day,

But Sharing


Is Every Day
Dreams Are
Thoughts ...
You Don''t Have
Time To think
About During The Day
Jisey DIL Ka Qalam Or Mohabat Ki Ink Kehte Hy,

Jisey Lamho Ki Kitaab Or Yaadon Ka Cover Kehte Hy,

Yehi Woh Subject Hy Jisey Log "FRIENDSHIP"
Kehte Hy . . ;->
Aap pas raho ya door hum dil ki awaz mila sakte hein
na khat k na phone k mohtaj he hum per apke dil ko
ek hichki se hila sakte hein.
True Friends are like Diamond
They are real and rare
And everyone want it

False Friends are like sand and dust
They are scattered everywhere
And everyone hate it.

Your are my diamond, Take cares of yourself
If you are alone, I’ll be your shoulder; if you want to cry, I’ll be your shoulder; if you want a hug, I’ll be your pillow; if you need to be happpy, I’ll be your smile… but anytime you need a friend, I’ll just be me.
Teri taswer dekh kar main rota hoon ,
Ban kay rah gaya main ek samjota hoon
To kahan kala kawwa thera or mujay dekh
Ek masoom sa khubsoorat pyara sa tota hoon
keep the lamp of friendship burning with oil of love,
bcoz sun rise in east and sets in west but friendship
rises in HEART and sets after DEATH!
Friends r lyk mornings,

u may share with dem

only a few hours of d day.

But u knw dat they will

always b there tomorrow,

the next day and the day after,

A great frend is an extension of our-self

widout whom v r nt complett.

So better take care of urself

b''coz I dn''t wanna 2 loose a part of me!
Kch yaade''n hyn un lmho''n ki
Jin lmho''n me hum sath rahe
Khushyo''n se bhare jazbat rahe
Ek umr guzari hy hum ne
Jahan roty huey b hansty thay
Kch kehty thay
Kch sunty thay
Hum roz subha jab milty thay
Tou sab k chehry khilty thay
Pur-lutf wo manzar hota tha
Sab mil kr baate''n kerty thay
Hum socho kitna hansty thay
Wo goonj humary hansny ki,
Ab ek purani yaad bani,
Ye baate''n hyn un lmho''n ki jin lamho''n mein hum saath rahe

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