Same Friend

Same Friend
Everyone has a friend

during each stage of life

But only lucky ones have

the same friend in all stages

of life.

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friends may be old friends may be new.
real friends are very few.
so when ever you are rember one thing that
some one may be thing oo you.....
Jisey DIL Ka Qalam Or Mohabat Ki Ink Kehte Hy,

Jisey Lamho Ki Kitaab Or Yaadon Ka Cover Kehte Hy,

Yehi Woh Subject Hy Jisey Log "FRIENDSHIP"
Kehte Hy . . ;->
Humne jab kabhi khushi mehsoos ki,
Her kadam pe aapki kami mahsoos ki,
Door rehkar bhi aapki dosti kam na hoi,
ya baat humne Dil se mahsoos ki..
Aaj dil puch baitha apni hi tasveer se,
Tune kiya paya hai taqdeer se? Aapki tasveer dil k aaine ko dikhai Aur kaha,
inko paya hai duniya ki bheed se..
FRENDSHIP is Wen U hav a huge fight;
decide to break all relations.....

den u decide 2 put aside ur egos, hug each other n say,
aye NAUTANKI, I NEED U yaar.....
Be Slow To Fall In


When Thou Art In

Continue Firm
Constant . . . [-_-]
In The Sweetness Of Friendship

Let There Be Laughter


Sharing Pleasures ... [=
Keep me as a friend and I will keep you in my heart
and lock it up.
I"ll throw away the key so that no one can take you away from me
As long as we have memories, yesterday remains;
as long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits.
As long as we have Friendship, each day is never a waste.
"S T A Y"

Is A Charming Word

In A

Friend''s Vocabulary ...

"Stay In Touch" ... (:
Sum Can Give U Crying Tears . . .
Many Others Can Give U Laughter, Smile . . .
But Only Few Can Give U
Laughing Tears n Crying Smiles . . .
Those Are Simply
FRRIENDS. . . :)

Friends r Lyk Crayons
They Color Our Life
By Their Shades
I May Not B The Ur
Fvr8 Color
Hope U''ll Need Me
Somewhere To
Complete Ur Picture ... :)

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