Friendship Rules

Friendship Rules
Friendship Rules No Drama No Excuse No Sorry No Thanks Don't Say I am Busy Just Always Say . . . . Yar Hukam Kar Tery Liye Jan Bhi Hazir Ha . . . . . . . . Deni Nai Wo Alag Baat Ha…

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Wat''s real but invisible?
ur care.
wat''s true but unfair?
ur absence.
wat''s sweet but naugty?
ur smile.
wat is precious but priceless?

Ur Friendship!
Vacancy available

Post... True Friend

Ability... Loving & Caring

Experience... Not Required

Duty... To Sms Daily

Salary... Never Ending Love

To Apply......
Send a sweet SMS...... :->
A B C D E F G H I . . . . . . . . . . . U V W X Y Z..
Dekha I aur U ke beech mein jo bhee aaya sabko tapka diya...
Minutes r small,Hrs are less,Days are short,
Months are few,Years r not enough to be with you,
i can take 10 more Briths if I get a cool friend like you
Zamzne ki har zannat tumhari hogi..

Ye asma or ye zami tumhari hogi,

Tumhe pata bhi na chalega usse pehle,

Mere hisse ki har khushi tumhari hogi

Friends r Lyk Crayons
They Color Our Life
By Their Shades
I May Not B The Ur
Fvr8 Color
Hope U''ll Need Me
Somewhere To
Complete Ur Picture ... :)

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Submitted By HumAyuN From Multan ( 03216307893 )
Ye Dost b Ajeeb Hote Hyn
Dene Pe Aaye''n Tou
Jaan De Dain
Lene Pe Aayen Tou
Hansi Tak Cheen Lain
Kehne Pe Aayen Tou Dil K Tamam Khano K
Raaz Tak Keh Dain
Chupane Pe Aayen Tou Ye Tak na Batayen
K Khafa Kyun Hyn
Naraz Honay Pe Aayen Tou
Saans Tak na Lene Dain
Manane Pe Aaye''n Tou
Apni Saansain Waar Dain

"Dost" Zindagi main Nahi Mila Kerte
Zindagi "Doston" Main Milti Hy ... (:

May Be Precious



Are Priceless ... (=

HaPpY fRieNdSh!p DaY
Frndshp is:
Vast like UNIVERSE, High like SKY, Strng like IRON, Dip like OCEAN, Kind like MOTHER, Cute like HUM, Sweet like TUM, put 2gtha frndshp is HUMTUM
I have open n emotional bank account in my heart.
Plz deposit ur FRIENDSHIP in it.
I make u sure that U will receive interest as long as I am live
~D e d i c a t e d~

I find my hands full of Friends
I want to hold ''em tight as I fear losing ''em,
Then I laugh,
When I realize that they are the ones holding me....
Thanks for being there for me...=)
Knock On My Heart N Door Will Be Open For Cute



It Doesn''t Apply To U


U Dont Have To Knock Anymore

U''re Already In My

HEART . . . :)