Good friends are like angels that lifts us up, when our wings have forgotten how to fly. Good friends are like angels that lifts us up, when our wings have forgotten how to fly.

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Dost Ban Kar Bhi Nahin Saath Nibhaane Wala
Wohi Andaz Hai Zaalim Ka Zamaane Wala
Hum Ne Dekha Hai Gulistaan Ko Jalte Hue
Hai Koi Khuwaab Ki Tabeer Bataane Wala.
You ask if we shall know our friends in heaven. Do you suppose we are greater fools there than here?
Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.
F:Filed Of Love!
R:Root Of Joy!
I:Island Of GOD!
E:End Of Sorrow!
N:Name Of Hope!
D:Door Of Understanding!
Thats U my FRIEND
Have u ever THANKED frnds.
For their smiles?
Their hellos?
Their taps at ur back?
Their way of calling ur name?

Imagine ur friends never doing tht anymore,
could u bear it?
"small things usually go unoticed,
but in reality,
they are the ones who make life look so easy n cheerful:

"I THANK YOU 2 my dear" :-)
True Friends are like Diamond
They are real and rare
And everyone want it

False Friends are like sand and dust
They are scattered everywhere
And everyone hate it.

Your are my diamond, Take cares of yourself
Two Friends Are Two People Who
Are Comfortable Sharing Silence
YOU know..?

What''s d Best thing about our Friendship.. ?

.. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. .. ..

It''s d FIRST word of this Message..;-)
Some friends r worth 2b Thrown,
Some r Good 2 keep,
Some r 2b Treasured 4 ever,

and i Think u r one 2 b Thrown...
in the Treasure Box 2 b kept

4 ever.
a True Friend Is
You Can Disagree With
And Still Remain
Friends ...

For If Not,
They Weren''t
True Friends
In The First Place ...
Friends are like shoes,
some loose some tight,
some fit just right,
they help u as u walk through life.
thanks for being my size!
Age appears to be best in some things.
Old wood best to burn. Old books best to read.
Old rice best to eat and old friends best to keep
Mine Friendship For U Is A Journey

Starting At Forever


Ending At Never