Real friends

Real friends
Real Friends do not get offended

when you insult them.

They smile and call you something

even more offensive :P ;)

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Sometimes In Life
We Think We Don''t Need Anyone


Sometimes We Don''t Have Anyone
When We Need Someone

Hold The Good Frendz Around You


Never Let Them Go ...:]
As long as we have memories, yesterday remains;
as long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits.
As long as we have Friendship, each day is never a waste.
Can miles really separate us from friends?

If we want to be with someone we love,

aren''t we already there. . . ?
Stay Wid Me

I''ll Saty Wid You


We Will be Friends

Through & Through . . . (~_~)
Alone ?
I''ll Be Ur Shadow ...

Want To Cry ?
Here''s My Shoulder

Need A Hug ?
I''ll Embrace U Tight


Where Ur Strength Ends
M Worth Of Being Ur Friend
Begins ... =)
1 Advice- Don’t change,
1 request- take care,
1 wish- Don"t forget me,
1 Lie- I hate U,
1 truth- I Miss U,
1 hope- We"ll always be Gud Friends.
God Has Given Us Two Gifts

One Is Choice & Other Is Chance

Choice Is To Select A Good Friend


Chance Is Too have A Best One Like U . . .
Birth'' Is 0nce..

''Youth'' Is 0nce..

''Death'' Is 0nce..

''Love'' Is 0nce..

''Marriage'' Is 0nce


''FRIENDSHIP'' Is ''Runs'' Forever...
You make 10 friends,

laugh wid 9,

meet 8 of dem,

talk to 7,

celebrate wid 6,

share secrets wid 5,

trust 4,

cry wid 3,

take help of 2,

But pls dont forget 1

dat is me.../ @>--
Frienship Is Something Which Keeps Ur Life Moving

No Matter Wharever The Obstacles Come In Ur Way

It Gives U Courage, Satisfaction & Never Let U Give Up . . .
is a Sun, which rises,
only when Ur heart has
set on it
is a Throne, U can sit,
only when U share Ur
kingdom wid it ... !
Ae dost Allah kary tum jeo hazar baras
Aur har baras kay ho hazaar saal