I miss my frnz..

I miss my frnz..

I miss my frnz..

Bcz......They open their ansr sheet during papr & say"Le chap le jldi wrna latak jyga"..

Apna homwrk kr k copy dety or kehty"kal homwrk kr lena wrna sir clas se nikal dngy"..

Cafe me break k wkt apni plate mjhy dete hue khty"Le kha.Apne pese qabar me lejana"..

Jb lrai hoti to dusri desk pe bthty or kehte"Dost dost na rha pyar pyar na rha"..

Last day ankhon me nami or hoton pe sawal"Tu mjhy bhol to nhi jyga na??

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Heart has 4 chambers

1 Chamber for God
1 Chamber for Papa
1 Chamber for Mom
1 Chamber for Love
No chamber for Friends
Because Friends are heart-beats
And Life is due to these heart-beats
Aaj dil puch baitha apni hi tasveer se,
Tune kiya paya hai taqdeer se? Aapki tasveer dil k aaine ko dikhai Aur kaha,
inko paya hai duniya ki bheed se..
vishvas ki ek jori hai Dosti,
betab dil ki majboori hai Dosti,
na mano to kuch nhi,


mano to zindagi ki kamzori hai Dosti..!
Friendship is a relation where no Charges of Activation,

Free incoming, Free Outgoing, with roaming facility all over the World!!
Andhere ne Kabhi Roshni Nahi
Maut ne kabhi Zindagi nahi dekhi,
Jo Kehte hai Mit Jati hai Duryo se
Unhone Shayad Humari Dosti nahi
Friendship is a language spoken by heart...
not written on paper, not given by pledge...
it is a promise renewed everytime we keep in touch...Take Care...
one day Love and friendship met.
Love asked-when i already exist why are you here?
friendship replied "to make faces smile when u
leave the tears!!!"

Friendship is the best thing in the world as there is
no scope for tears if your friend is good.
TwO things are impOrtant in Our life.!.

First One,
yOu shOuld make.!
SecOnd One,
yOu shOuld kEEp.!
A true friend is one who

sees a fault, gives you advice

and who defends you in your absence
Frndship is a promise spoken

by the heartIsn''t given by plege,

nor written on paper

But promise renewed everytime frnds keep in touch. . . :)
What does a Friend mean?
FRIEND Stands for
F: Forever with you
R: Remembers you in his prays
I: Increase you Joys
E: Enters into your heart
N: Never hurts you
D: Decrease you sorrows

I am proud my dear "friend"
The 10 Qualities
Of Perfect Friend
Must Have

1 Great & Brave Heart

2 Sweet & Soft Voice

3 Sharp & Fast Brain

4 Cute & Stupid Smile

5 Loving & Caring

6 Confident

7 Attractive

8 Deep Connectivity

9 Power Of Speaking

10 Power Of Hearing
Lie About Their Self ... ;->