I miss my frnz..

I miss my frnz..

I miss my frnz..

Bcz......They open their ansr sheet during papr & say"Le chap le jldi wrna latak jyga"..

Apna homwrk kr k copy dety or kehty"kal homwrk kr lena wrna sir clas se nikal dngy"..

Cafe me break k wkt apni plate mjhy dete hue khty"Le kha.Apne pese qabar me lejana"..

Jb lrai hoti to dusri desk pe bthty or kehte"Dost dost na rha pyar pyar na rha"..

Last day ankhon me nami or hoton pe sawal"Tu mjhy bhol to nhi jyga na??

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Friends are the BEST part of our LIVES....
Thanx 4 "B"eing"1".
Nazar hamari nazar tumhari,
nazar ne dil ki nazar utari,
nazar ne nazar ko aise,
nazar na lage dosti ko hamari.
A Good Friendship Doez Nt Dependz . . .


How Gud Understandingz We Have . . .

But It Dependz. . .


How We Avoid MisUndersatndingz . . .
What Is Friend........?????
I Will Tell You......

It Is Someone
With Whom You Dare To Be
Friendship isn''t about whom you have known the longest, who came first , or who cares the best... Its all about who came and never left.
Ye Dost b Ajeeb Hote Hyn
Dene Pe Aaye''n Tou
Jaan De Dain
Lene Pe Aayen Tou
Hansi Tak Cheen Lain
Kehne Pe Aayen Tou Dil K Tamam Khano K
Raaz Tak Keh Dain
Chupane Pe Aayen Tou Ye Tak na Batayen
K Khafa Kyun Hyn
Naraz Honay Pe Aayen Tou
Saans Tak na Lene Dain
Manane Pe Aaye''n Tou
Apni Saansain Waar Dain

"Dost" Zindagi main Nahi Mila Kerte
Zindagi "Doston" Main Milti Hy ... (:
Zindgi lahar thi aap sahil hue,
na jane kaise hum apki dosti ke kabil hue,
nahi bhulayenge hum us hasin pal ko,
jab aap hamari chhoti si zindgi me shamil hue.
We"ve known each other by CHANCE, became friends by CHOICE,
still friends by DECISION. And when we say FRIEND FOREVER,
that"s definitely a lifetime PROMISE!
Sometimes the World Gives So
Many Reason To Hate It..
But Whenever it Happens
I Just Stop 'n Think Of You 'n Say
How Can I Hate This World When
You Are A Part Of It ..! :)
You Are The Most

Beautiful Flower

In My Garden Of Friendship,

Remain The

Same Forever
Zarori nahi doston mein baat hoti rahy, Zarori nahi doston ki mulaqat hoti rahy, Zarori hai bus itna........ Dost jaha bhi rahy, Usy humrai dosti ki yaad aati rahy
Karo ge yaad to haar baat yaad aye ge

Guzarte waqat ke her moj thehar jaye ge

Talash karo ge jo humse bather doost koi

Nigha door tak jak

Wapis loot aye ge