You ask if we

You ask if we
You ask if we shall know our friends in heaven. Do you suppose we are greater fools there than here?
Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.

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Aapki Dosti hamein is kadar pyaari hai, Jis tarah bin paani ke machli bechari hai, Ab na aur kuch khawish hai, Bus tum DOST bane raho ye hi tum se guzarish hai ek
Difference between Good Friend and True Friend.

Good Friend comes to visit u in the hospital

with flower and goes.


A True Friend sits near u and says: yaar,

bohat tite nurse hai, aaram se theek hona
Hand Grasps At Hand
Eye Lights Eye In Good
Great Hearts Expands
Grow One In Te Sense
Of This Worlds Life ... (-:
PaIn Of MisSinG FrIeNdS iSn''T tHiEr aBsEnCe . . .
ItS WhEn U ThInK oF ThE gOOd TyMs u HaVe ShaReD & U aSk UrSeLf
"WiLl ThOsE mOmEnTs eVeR hApPeN aGaIn"
ThAt''s FrIeNdsHiP
Tum ne suna hai.

Nahein suna?

Waqain nahi suna?

CNN pe?

BBC pe?

PTV pe?

Geo pe?

Nahin to phir mere se he sun loo.

The best feeling in the world is
when yOu think that ur friend forgot you
yOu receive a msg from ur friend saying
“Hey I am Missing yOu “
Never Ever Try To Examine Friendship.,

Bcoz Friends Are Like Diamonds.,

When You Hit Them
They Don''t Break.,

May Slip Away From Your Life...!!!
Moon said to me, if ur friend is not messaging u why dont
you leave ur friend.I looked at moon and said does ur sky
ever leave u when u dont shine.
Pyara sa ehsaas ho tum,
har pal mere pass ho tum,
jeene ki 1 aas ho tum,
mann ka vishwas ho tum,
shayad isiliye kuch khas ho tum.
A daily thought...

A silent tear...

A Constant wish that u r near...

Words are few but thoughts r deep...

Memories of our frenship i''ll always keep!!
Leave SOMETHING for friend..

Never Leave FRIEND for something..

coz in life, SOMETHINGS will leave u but
FRIENDS will always live with u
crush it,
twist it,
squeez it,
beat it to pulp;
all that u’ll get only