Being a friend is

Being a friend is
Being a friend is not just sharing a joke, a conversation,
a cup of coffee or a funny story.
It means sharing an honest and true part of yourself.

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Aey mere SMS mere dost ke pass jana..
ager wo so rahi ho tu shor mat machana,
jab wo jage tu dheere say MUSKURANA
phir khana KUNJUS sms karoo!
Sumtyms In Lyf

U Find A Special Frend

Sum1 Who Changes Ur Lyf

Just By Being Part Of It

Sum1 Who Makes U Laugh

Until U Can''t Stop

Sum1 Who Makes U Believe

That There Really Is
Good In d World

Sum1 Who Convinces U

That There Really Is
An Unlocked Door

Just W8ing 4 U 2 Open It ... (=
6 rules to be HAPPY: Free your heart from hatred;
Free your mind from worries; Live simply;
Expect less; Give more & Always have ME as UR FRIEND
Khuda se koi baat anjaan nahi hoti,
jab insaan ki bandagi beimaan nahi hoti,
kabhi maanga hoga aapne 1 pyara sa dost,
yu hi aapki hamse pehchaan nahi hoti!!
Woh Beparwa Hi Sahi Dost To Apna hai FARAZ Aadat ki Baat Aur Hai Wo Dil ka Bura Nahi
Fights 4 Friends,
Joyful trips,
Exam fever,
Suspense of result,
Insufficient Money,
...Parody of teachers,
Bunking classes,
Gossip about affairs,
Carefree laugh,
All time cafe,
This is our Student life....
The best period of the life :D

"KHUDA" Kare har din apki khushian Petrol k Rates ki tarha Barhti Rahin,


"Or Ghamoo ki Supply Bijli ki Tarha Band Rahen


Never shall I forget the time I spent with you.. .

Please continue to be my friend. . .

As you will always find me yours . . . :)
TerI DosTi TerI WaFa Hi KAfi Hai..
TamaM UmeR yeH aSsRa Hi KaFi HAi..
JaHaN KaHIN BhI Mil0 Mill KeR MusKRa DaiNA...
meRe JeeNe K LYe TeRi YeH AddA Hi KaFI HaI....
Wishing To Be

Friends Is

Quick Work,

But Friendship

Is A Slow

Ripening Fruit.
This place is no longer
new to me,

But people! they are
still the same,

So are my dreams!

I wish,
you will find someone
like yourself,

I will miss you,
my dear friend,

As you are so special
to me, by all means ...
Kon kehta hai k hum ap se gila krte hain
Jese milty hain wese mila krty hain
Hamari badnasibi pay mat jao ae mehboob
Kyu k phool aksar kanto pay khila krty hain