Being a friend is

Being a friend is
Being a friend is not just sharing a joke, a conversation,
a cup of coffee or a funny story.
It means sharing an honest and true part of yourself.

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waqt tera gulam hoga,
har pal pe tera hi naam hoga,
jara mudke dekh E mere dost,
har kadam par mera saath hoga.
One Best Book Is Equal To Hundred Good Friends . . .


One Best Friend Is More Than A Library :)
Freindship happens inside the heart,
Unnbreakable by distance..
Unchangeable by time..

Once a Friend, always a Freind.!
Dosti Is Something
That No One Can Hate

Dosti Is A Passion
We Can Never Rate

Dosti Can Happen
Anytime Early Or Late

Dosti Is Only Medicine
Without Expiry Date ... =)
10 messages received,
1, HI,
2, Hello,
3, I miss U,
4 How r U?,
5, hope ur fine,
6, keep smilling,
7, Take Care,
8, God bless U,
9, Be happy,
10, Gud night.!
Is Like Smell
You Can Never
Touch It
If You Want
You Can Easily Feel It ... :)
Aaj Rutha Hua 1 Dost Yad Aaya, Accha Guzra
Hua Waqt Yad Aaya, Jo Mere Dard Ko Sine Me
Chupa Leta Tha, Aaj Jab Dard Hua To Wo Bhut
Yad Aaya.
What does a Friend mean?
FRIEND Stands for
F: Forever with you
R: Remembers you in his prays
I: Increase you Joys
E: Enters into your heart
N: Never hurts you
D: Decrease you sorrows

I am proud my dear "friend"
If U Trust Sum1,

Trust Till The End;

Whatever The Results May Be"

In The End Either U'll Have A Very

Good Relation

Or A Very Good Lesson....
May Be A Hundred
Bitter Words

Will Not Give Pain

But A

Special Friend

Silence Brings More Tears To The Heart

So Always Keep In Touch .
A GrEaT fRiEnDsHiP
Is FoRmEd
CoZ oF 2 ReAsOnS
1sT tO fInD oUt ThE
2nD iS tO rEsPeCt ThE
DifFeReNcEs ... :)
Ab Aur Manzil Pane Ki Hasrat Nahi
Kisi Ki Yaad Me Mar Jane Ki Fitrat Nahi

Aap Jese Dost Jabse Mile
Kisi Aur Ko Dost Banane Ki Zarurat Nahi