Being a friend is

Being a friend is
Being a friend is not just sharing a joke, a conversation,
a cup of coffee or a funny story.
It means sharing an honest and true part of yourself.

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[[ tOdAyz ThOught ]]

Minds Are Like Parachutes.

They Only Function

When They Are Open.
Wh8 sweetnes is left in
lyf if U take away
Robbing lyf of
"frndship" is lyk
robbing d sun of d wrld
A "true frnd" iz mre 2
b esteemd thn kinsfolk :)
Good friends are like angels

that lifts us up,

when our wings have forgotten how to fly.
friends may be old friends may be new.
real friends are very few.
so when ever you are rember one thing that
some one may be thing oo you.....
Yaade hoti hai satane ke liye,
koi ruthta hai fir maan jane ke liye,
dost banana koi mushkil to nahi,
bus jaan tak chali jati hai use nibhane ke liye
The sweetness of chocolate remains
On tongue for sometime but the
Sweetness of friends like remains
In heart forever and always
May Be A Hundred
Bitter Words

Will Not Give Pain

But A

Special Friend

Silence Brings More Tears To The Heart

So Always Keep In Touch .
Everyone has a friend

during each stage of life

But only lucky ones have

the same friend in all stages

of life.
The Light Of


Is Like The Light Of


Seen Plainest When

All Around Is Dark ... (:
Rahe pardes me to vatan ki yaad Aayi,

Khai thoker to Maa- Baap ki yaad Aayi.

Dushman mile zindagi me bahut,

Lekin dosti ke naam se bas Aapki yaad Aayi
Friendship Is Not Written By Chalk

2 Erase Or Write Again.

It''s Written With Da Ink Of Love

On The Wall Of Heart

Once Written Can''t Be Changed Dat Frndship.
A Great Quote By
Abraham Lincoln

"If FrIeNdShIp
iS yOuR wEaKeSt
PoInT tHeN yOu ArE
tHe StRiNgEsT pErSoN
iN tHe WorLd ... " :)