Flowers Of Friendship

Flowers Of Friendship
Flowers Of Friendship Never Give Up

It Is A Promise Made Forever .

it Brings Happiness To The Heart And Mind


Makes Every Dream Come Alive ... :)

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A Friend Is One Who
Advise You To Study


A Best Friend Is One
Who Stands In
Examination Hall n Says

"Abay Kitna Likhega?
Larkiya''n Ja Rahi Hyn" ;->
"Kuch log"

Kehte hain dosti pyar hai kuch log

kehte hain dosti zindagi hai.

hum kehte hain dosti dosti hai..

jis-se barh kar na pyar hai na zindagi hai....
Distances never separates any relation,
Time never builds any relation.
If feelings are true from heart,
Then frnds are always frnds 4evr
Zindgai Udaas Hone Ka Naam Nahi,
Dosti Sirf Paas Hone Ka Naam,
Agar Tum Door Rehkar Bhi Hame Yaad Rakho. Isase Badkar Hame Koi Enaam Nahi..
How 2 grow friendship? pick a good heart, plant in a pot of trust, water with good thoughts, add some emotions and faith, remove the misunderstanding and nourish it.
MY friendship is just like a rubber band,
It is too flexible,
Stretch it as much as u can,
but if u leave it,it "ll hurt u a lot, really a lot!
a True Friend Is
You Can Disagree With
And Still Remain
Friends ...

For If Not,
They Weren''t
True Friends
In The First Place ...
A best f.r.i.e.n.d
is like
a t.i.s.s.u.e

when you have tears
need to be wiped

they always do the
job ... :)
A Good Friend

Is Like A Light House

It Doesn''t

Ring Bells, Fire Guns
To Call Attention

When You Are Lost ...

It Simply Stands
Tall And Shines ... =]
sur ha na taal ha
deekh mara kia haal ha
rang barangi is dunia main
tare dosti bay misaal hai
A FrIeNd OpEnS
a CoNvErSaTion WiTh
A FuLl NeWz BuLleTiN
oN hIs LiFe ...


A ReAl FrIeNd Sayz

"WhAt''s NeW wItH YoU ..." (:
ek dost ne apne dost se kha k agar me mar jaon to tum kiya karo dost ne mazaq me jawab diya k me to bhot khush ho jaon ga agle din os ka dost mar geya or ek lettar us dost ke liye chor geya jis me likha hua tha yar jaan bhi koi cheez thi teri khushi k liye