Perfect Friendship

Perfect Friendship
"Perfect Friendship is not in Phone Calls & in Messages.

Its the Silent Smile in your Heart when you think of your Friend."

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Secret Of Friendship
Isn’t Finding A Perfect Friend But Loving Imperfect Friend Perfectly
True Friendship Doesn’t Have Any Ending
It Simply Never Ends
Friendship is a 1 Way Road

to be Travelled by Two,

with Hand in Hand,

2 Care,

2 Share,

2 Forgive,

2 Love


2 Say Silently

"I''m Always with U"

Is Like Sound Health

The Value Of It

Is Seldom Known


It be Lost ....
A Friend is never measured by the number of times he made u laugh.

But by the number of times he made u SMILE after u cried.
Hasna Humara Kisi Ko Gawara Nahi
Har Musaffir Zindagi Ka Sahara Nahi
Milte Hain Bahut Log Is Tanha Zindagi
Mein Par Koi Dost Tum Sa Pyara Nahi Hota…
I am a psychologist, here"s your personality test.
select one of the following digits
1 2 3 4 5

if you have selected
1. you are a mad
2. you are monkey
3. you are donkey
4. you are a bhoot
5. you are stupid
The 10 Qualities
Of Perfect Friend
Must Have

1 Great & Brave Heart

2 Sweet & Soft Voice

3 Sharp & Fast Brain

4 Cute & Stupid Smile

5 Loving & Caring

6 Confident

7 Attractive

8 Deep Connectivity

9 Power Of Speaking

10 Power Of Hearing
Lie About Their Self ... ;->
What is real but invisible?
Your Care.

What is true but unfair?
Your Absence.

What is sweet but naughty?
Your Smile.

What is precious but priceless?
Our Friendship
Friendship is needless, like philosophy, like art....
It has no survival value; rather it is one of those things
that give value to survival.
*Best Buddies*
are hard to find..
So Today I choose to thank u 4 evrytime U made me smile, laugh,
4 evrytime U helped,
wiped a tear
I apologize 4 any inconvenience I caused,
4 evrytime I was rude,
4 anything that hurt U..
Thank U for being a great part of My Small Life :)
You Are The Most

Beautiful Flower

In My Garden Of Friendship,

Remain The

Same Forever
Friends Are Like Flowers In Hands
If Not Hold Properly
The Throns Can Hurt U . . .