Perfect Friendship

Perfect Friendship
"Perfect Friendship is not in Phone Calls & in Messages.

Its the Silent Smile in your Heart when you think of your Friend."

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Sada khush rakhna mere khuda usko,

tere farishtay b dien dua usko.

Dien usko uski chahat se ziada,

Maange qatra to mile DARIYA usko ....
Each friend represents a world in us,
a world possibly not born until they arrive,
and it is only by this meeting that a new world is born."
Bicharr ke to khat bhi na likhe yaron ne,
Kabhi kabhi ki adhoori si baat se bhi gaye.!
Friendship Is A Promise

Made In The Heart



Unbreakable By Distance

Unchangeable By Time

Like Us ... =)
A lover Says, i will be with in all your troubles...
a good friend says...u will have no trouble when i m wid u...
What Is The Difference

If Love Has Fear
Friendship Has Care ...

If Love Breaks
Friendship Breaks
Hate ...

If Love Gives Tears
Friendship Gives
Support ...

If Love Makes
Friendship Makes
Cooperative ...

If Love Ends On Hate
Friendship Ends On
Love ...

If Love Is For Always
Friendship Is Forever ... :)
treat ur life as sea,

ur heart as sea shore,

ur friend as waves,

no matter how many waves r there,

the thing is dat which reaches da shore..
Jise dil ka kalam or mohabbat ki ink kahate hai,jise lamho ki kitab or yaado
ka covar kehate hai,yahe wo subjaet hai jise log friendship kahte hai
In The Sweetness Of Friendship

Let There Be Laughter


Sharing Pleasures ... [=
If You Angry with your Loveable Friend,
Just Put aside you Egos.

Just Hug Each Other and Say:

I Need You Idiot, at least to Fight With Me..
A Friend Is One Who
Advise You To Study


A Best Friend Is One
Who Stands In
Examination Hall n Says

"Abay Kitna Likhega?
Larkiya''n Ja Rahi Hyn" ;->
Friendship Is All About 3 Things -





Winning Your Friends Heart,

Losing Your Self Ego,


Sharing Joys N Sorrows