real conversation

real conversation
Silences make the the real conversation

between friends.

Not the saying but the never

needing to say is what counts

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Life is like math. Friends ko plus kro,
dushman ko minus kro, khushion ko multiply kro,
Gham ko divide kro, aur hamesha muskrao.
A dEeP fRiEnDsHiP
Is LiKe A RaInBoW
WhEn ThE pErFeCt
AmOuNtS oF
hApPiNeSs & TeArS
aRe MiXeD,
ThE ReSUlT iS a CoLoRfUl
bRiDgE bEtwEeN tWo HeArTs ... :)
A Philosopher has very nicely said
"Friend is like blood, though they are not seen in your skin but it comes out when you are wounded"
Have u ever THANKED frnds.
For their smiles?
Their hellos?
Their taps at ur back?
Their way of calling ur name?

Imagine ur friends never doing tht anymore,
could u bear it?
"small things usually go unoticed,
but in reality,
they are the ones who make life look so easy n cheerful:

"I THANK YOU 2 my dear" :-)
love start
grows with
ends with
start with
grow with
ends with death
"Two of my friends were arguing as who is dear to me..

I was smiling silently thinking of you"
Apki dosti Ki ek nazar chahiye,
dil hai beghar use ek ghar chahiye,
bas yuhi sath chalte raho e dost,
yeh dosti hamein umar bhar chahiye
Aaj ki iss barish mein...
phir wohi si boondein hain

phir wohi si thundak hy

...phir wohi sa sab kuch hy
Aaj ki iss barish mein..

sath tum nahi ho tou ...

aankh num si kitni hy

saans tung si kitni hy

rooh piyasi kitni hy

ye udaasi kitni hy

Aaj ki iss barish mein
A memory lasts 4Ever

Never Does it Die

True Freinds Stay 2Gether

Never say GOOD BY.
For My Friends

You All r My
Strength, My Power,
My Belief, My
Imagination, My

Above all, You All r
The Back Bone Of My
Life & I m Proud That
You r A Part Of It ... :)
Don''t believe your friends when they ask you to be honest with them. All they really want is to be maintained in the good opinion they have of themselves
Ek dost aisa chahiye jo
Hume apna maan sakay
Hamray har dukh ko jaan sakay
Chal rhay hoon hum tez barish mein phir bhi pani
Mein ansso ko pehchan sakay