real conversation

real conversation
Silences make the the real conversation

between friends.

Not the saying but the never

needing to say is what counts

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Who Is A Frnd?

Frnd Wo Jo Bin Bulaye Aa Jaye

Bila Waja Sar Kaye

Aap Ek Bolo Wo 10 Sunaye

Kabhi Sataye

Kabhi Rulaye

Magar Hamesha Sath Nibahye... :)
F for faithful
R for real
I for intelligent
E for earnest
N for noble
D for dear

just like u
Friendship Is Like The Relation Between Hand And Eyes
When Hand Get Hurt Eyes Cry And
When Eyes Cry Hands Wipe Off
Its Tears.........
Frienship Is Something Which Keeps Ur Life Moving

No Matter Wharever The Obstacles Come In Ur Way

It Gives U Courage, Satisfaction & Never Let U Give Up . . .
ye safar dosti ka kabhi khatam na hoga. doston se pyar kabhi kum na hoga, door reh kar b agar ate rahe SMS ap k, humain kabhi bicharne ka gham na hoga
Trusting a friend should be like
the belief of a one year old child....
When you throw him in the air,
he laughs because he knows
you will catch him....
treat ur life as sea,

ur heart as sea shore,

ur friend as waves,

no matter how many waves r there,

the thing is dat which reaches da shore..
When a Guy does Something
Girl : You broke my Favorite
Lamp !!!
Boy : It was an Accident... I didn't
mean to..!! Girl : I can't believe you did this.
Boy : I'm Sorry.. !! :/ :/ :/
When a Girl does Something
Boy : You Lost My Dog??!!!
Girl : It was an Accident... I didn't mean to..!!
Boy : I can't believe you did this.
Girl : I already feel bad about it..!!
Stop making me feel Worse..!!
Boy : I'm Sorry.. !! :/ :/ :/
I Can''t Find A Reason
Why God Gave U To Me,
But That Is Not The Question To Be Asked; MAY BE THE QUESTION Is How Did God Knew That
Awesome Self Respect Line I Have
Ever Heard...
"If its going to be hard
for People to Choose between Me 'n
Someone Else
I would allow them to Choose the Other One
I 'm not an OPTION".. !
A Good Friendship Doez Nt Dependz . . .


How Gud Understandingz We Have . . .

But It Dependz. . .


How We Avoid MisUndersatndingz . . .
A is 1
B is 2
C is 3
Z is 26 then
Interesting hai naa...
Friendship is twice stronger than Love...