real conversation

real conversation
Silences make the the real conversation

between friends.

Not the saying but the never

needing to say is what counts

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Best gift : Zindagi
Best ehsas : Kushii
Best feeling :Piyar
Best relation : Dosti
Best person : Hum
Best friend : Tum
Friends r lyk mornings,

u may share with dem

only a few hours of d day.

But u knw dat they will

always b there tomorrow,

the next day and the day after,

Hum apne par gurur nahi karte,

yad karne ke liye kisi ko majbur nahi karte.

Magar jab ek bar kisi ko dost bana le,

to usse apne dil se door nahi karte.
No sound in this world can be more louder than silence

And if someone cannot understand your silence, he can never understand ur words
Friendship Is Like The Relation Between Hand And Eyes
When Hand Get Hurt Eyes Cry And
When Eyes Cry Hands Wipe Off
Its Tears.........
DOSTI wo hy jo

“JANUARY” ki dhoop ho,

“FEBRUARY” ki barish ho,

“MARCH” ki shaam ho,

“APRIL” ki hawa ho,

“MAY” ki subah ho,

“JUNE” ki chawo’on ho,

“JULY” ki khushboo ho,

“AUGUST” ki taaron bhri raat ho,
“SEPTEMBER” ki chandni ho,

“OCTOBER” ki rim-jhim ho,

“NOVEMBER” ki bahaar ho,

“DECEMBER” ki sard raat ho,

Us sardi mai mery sard Hath hon or aap ky leay Dua ek khass ho k,
RAHO “ameen”
Someday whn the book of my life ENDS

I know that u''ll be one of its MOST BEAUTIFUL

CHAPTER& if ever i get 2 read it again

I''ll open it from the page WE MET.
If two Hearts are Meant to be friends,no Matter How Long it

takes,How Far they Go,How Tuff it Seems,fact Will Bring them

together to Share Friendship 4ever
Ache Friends Duniya K Hr Kony Mai Mil Jate Hain,,
Masla Ye Hy,

Duniya Gool hy kona nhn milta..
There are 2 types of enjoyment.
One is being with a friend.
The other is being with the memories of friends.
Miss u but not ur memories.
hAr mAjBoRi Se

lArNa SiKh lO . .

hAr gHuM k SaTh

jEeNa sIKh Lo . .

'' BUSY '' hUm BhI kAm NaI

pAs hAmArI tArHa . .

DoStO kO yAaD kArNa

sIkH lO . .
From Today

4th Sunday

Is A Special Day

3rd August

Guess It

No Idea

Its Friendship Day

I Am