Good friends

Good friends
Good friends are like angels

that lifts us up,

when our wings have forgotten how to fly.

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One Injection Of

One Tablet Of

One Tbs Syrup Of

One Drip Of

Take 3 Tyms A Day

It''s All Necessary 4 The Health Of
Life''s Most Deepest
Feelings Are Often
Express In Silence
The One Who Can Read
Volumes From Your
Silence ..
Is Your True
Companion ... :)
Mujhe Awaz de dena

Kabhi ice cream lao tu!
Kabhi murghi pakao tu!
Kabhi picnic pa jao tu!

Mujhe Awaz de dena

Wallet ma maal ziada ho!
Jo shopping ka Irada ho!
Kabhi dawat ma jana ho!

Ya kesi ko dinner pa bulana ho

Mujeh awaz de dena

Kabhi kisi se ho larna!!!!
Tu mjhe disturb na karna!

Kesi shaadi ma jana ho!
Jaise hi shuru khana ho!

Mujhe Awaz De Dena

Mujhe Tum Bhool Mat Jana
Sono Tum Bhool Mat Jana!!
dosti yakin pe tiki hoti hai ye dewaar bari mushkil
se khari hoti hai kabhi fursat mile to prhna kitab rishto ki
dosti khoon k rishton se bhi bhari hoti hai
the recipe of friendship 1 cup of sharing
2 cups of caring 3 cups of 4giveness
mix all of these 2gether to make friends 4ever
When U Ask GOD For A Gift

Be Thnkful If He Sends

Not Diamond, Pearls O Riches


The Love Of Real True Friends . . . =)
Friends r like street lights along the road.
They don"t make the distance any shorter,
but they light up the path & make the walk worthwhile
I d0n''T
NeEd a FrIeNd
wHo NoDs
I NoD . . .
BeTtEr . . . ! ! !
Raat ko pocha mujse chand sitaro ne
tumko bhula diya tere jigri yaro ne.
Maine kaha k bhule nhi hai fariyaad to karte honge,
mera sms pad k yaad to karte honge.
Dont give pa$sword of our Love and friend$hip to anybody,Becau$e if u
will $ay thi$ pa$sword "I LOVE U" It mean$ he will hack u from me
and u will go out from my hand$.....
There comes that mysterious meeting in life
when someone acknowledges who we are and what
we can be, igniting the circuits of our
highest potential.
A moment of joy spent
under a willow,
The tear of eye that
wets ur pillow,
Sometimes pain
Sometimes pleasure
When given by Friends,
Both are treasure ! (: