Good friends

Good friends
Good friends are like angels

that lifts us up,

when our wings have forgotten how to fly.

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A moment of joy spent
under a willow,
The tear of eye that
wets ur pillow,
Sometimes pain
Sometimes pleasure
When given by Friends,
Both are treasure ! (:

Love Says, If Anything

Happens To You,

I Am Always There
Friendship Says,

How Can Anythin

Happen 2 U Wen I Am Wid U!
Friendship is like standing on wet cement,
the longer you stay the harder it is to leave,
and you can never go without leaving your foot
print behind...
Vaat Lag Gayi Waala Expression :


... ... When u call ur frnd on his mobile nd say,

"Abey kamine.. kaha mar Gaya??"

And the ans is :


"Beta, wo to bahar gaya hai..!!"
When A Person Can Find

Sorrow behind Your Smile

Words behind Your Silence

Love behind Your Anger

You Can Believe That Person

Is Your True Friend ... :)
Friendship isn''t about whom you have known the longest, who came first , or who cares the best... Its all about who came and never left.
Alphabetic advice for you:


Avoid Bad Company.


Don''t Entertain Fools.


Go for High Ideas.


Just Keep Lovely friends like me.
Friendship is the
Heaviest Coin in The
Currency of Love
And with Your Friendship
I am the Richest person On the Earth
So keep me Rich forever
Un say door janey ka irada to na tha!

Sada sath rehny ka b wada to na tha!

Wo yaad na karay ga yeah janty thy hum!

Par itni jaldi bhool haye ga indaza to na tha! KK
One Injection Of

One Tablet Of

One Tbs Syrup Of

One Drip Of

Take 3 Tyms A Day

It''s All Necessary 4 The Health Of
Time Might Lead Me
Sumwhere Away 4m
U & Fate Might Wipe
Me 4m Ur Memory...
BUT I Will Always B
Thankful 2 God Dat
Once In A Life''s Jorney
V Bcame
FRIENDS... <-:
Hmari Aapki dosti Bilkul FIX hai
Love,Emotion, Sadness
Sb kuch MIX hai
Hm to Apko Na Bhulenge kbhi,
Aap Bhool na jye Bs yahi thoda RISK hai