I feel tears

I feel tears
Some times I feel tears in your laughing
Some times I feel sadness in your happiness

But It is true friendship when you know unexpressed emotions of your friend

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Friends Means No Asking

Friends Means No Reasoning

Friends MEans Just Believeing

Friends Are Those Who Never Believe In Last Three Alphabets of FRIENDS ..
You Are The Most

Beautiful Flower

In My Garden Of Friendship,

Remain The

Same Forever
Whn U Win, Evr1
Takes Pride In
Celebrating Ur
But Whn U Lose
Onlt True Frnds
Hold Ur Hand
Sit By Ur Side
& Say

"Jahan Jana Zaleel
Hi Kerwana" ;->
Life is a little foolish and v r all fools
wen v find some1 whose foolishness is EQUAL 2 ours

v fall in 2 mutual stupidity and call it FRIENDSHIP.
When we are grown, we''ll smile and say we had no cares in childhoods day,

but we''ll be wrong. ''Twill not be true,

I''ve this much care... I care for you."
A Friend Is

Long Sought

Hardly Found


With Difficulty Kept ...

Friendships r An Important Part Of Life To All Of Us . . . We Make Friends Go Through Good Times & Bad . . . But Yet Stay Friends For Life
Friends Are What Make Us ''''US''''
Friendship isn''t about "i m sorry"
its about "kamine teri ghalti hai"

Its not about "m here 4u"
its about "kahan hai kaminey"

Its not about "i understand"
its about "sab teri wajah se hua hai manhoos"

Its not about "i care 4u"
its about "kamino mujhe chor k kaha jaogey"

Its not about "im happy 4 ur success"
its about " chal beta party de... =P ;->
When U Count The Best Friends

U May Not Count Me

When U Cunt The Close Friends

U May Not Count Me


When U Really Need A True Friend

Just Start Frm Me
A FrIeNd OpEnS
a CoNvErSaTion WiTh
A FuLl NeWz BuLleTiN
oN hIs LiFe ...


A ReAl FrIeNd Sayz

"WhAt''s NeW wItH YoU ..." (:
A Smile Makes Us
Look Younger …

While Prayers Make Us
Feel Stronger .…

And Friends …?
They Make Us Enjoy Life Forever ... (=
riends r da cutest,lovble idiots in dis world!!!

Bcoz they can die for friendship at any instant...

But At da same time,they wil demand a treat for Dying.. ;->