I feel tears

I feel tears
Some times I feel tears in your laughing
Some times I feel sadness in your happiness

But It is true friendship when you know unexpressed emotions of your friend

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5 great people: 1.Quaid, woh to ab rahe nahi
2.Wasim Akram, woh kisi kaam ka nahi,
3.Aishwarya Rai, apni pohanch say bahir.
4.Pata nahi
Baqi rahe aap aur hum So keep in Touch
As long as we have memories, yesterday remains;
as long as we have hope, tomorrow awaits.
As long as we have Friendship, each day is never a waste.
Best day aaj, best gift zindagi,
best eahsaas khushi,
best feeling pyar,
best relationship dosti,
best person hum,
best friend tum hum tum
Milna Bicharna Sab
Qismat Ka Khel Hy

Kahin Nafrat Kahin
Dilo''n Ka Mail Hy

Bik Jata Hy Har Rishta
Dunya Main

Sirf Dosti Hi Yahan
"Not For Sale" Hy ... :)
You ask if we shall know our friends in heaven. Do you suppose we are greater fools there than here?
Friendship is the golden thread that ties the heart of all the world.
Pyar V/S Dosti
Pyar Ek Shikwa Hai,
Dosti Ek Jazba Hai.
Pyar Me Hr Bar Dhoka Hy,
Dosti Me Bar Bar Moka Hy.
Pyar Dewano Ka Kam Hy,
Dosti Dlwalo Ka Nam Hy.

mother"s love

father"s advice

brother"s care

sister"s fight

baby"s smile


Oye "apni frndhip..yaar"....
A short but nice sentence by a true friend
"Surely Hurt me with truth, but never please me with a lie"
Frienship Is Something Which Keeps Ur Life Moving

No Matter Wharever The Obstacles Come In Ur Way

It Gives U Courage, Satisfaction & Never Let U Give Up . . .
"Tu Ek Munfrid Phool Tha Jo Dil Ko Bhaa Gya"
"Warna Main Wo shabnam Nahi Jo Har Gul Pe Fida Ho Jaon"
...Only for You...
2007 me 7 bole to
7me rehna
7me jeena
7me marna
7me khana
7me pina
7me rona
7me hasna
7me 7milakar chalna
yahi hamara 2007 ka 7(saath) hai
kabhi 7na chodna dost
a frnd is sweet when it is newooo

it is sweter when it is youoooo