Friends are like

Friends are like
Friends are like mangga... you''ll never know which is sweet and which is not. Well I''m lucky coz I was able to find the sweetest mangga in you!

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We cannot tell the precise moment when friendship is formed. As in filling a vessel drop by drop there is at last a drop which makes it run over, so in a series of kindness there is at last one which makes the heart run over.
Friendship is unnecessary,
like philosophy, like art…
It has no survival value;
rather it is one of those things that give value to survival.
Hum to kuch dair k liye lete thy "Faraz", Kisi Anni dy Puttar ne janaza perha diya
We Make So Many Friends,
Sum Bcum Dearest,

Sum Bcum Special,

Felt In Love Wid Sum1,

Sum Go Abroad,

Sum Change Their Cities,

Sum Left Us,

We Left Sum,

Sum R In Contact,

Sum R Not In Contact,

Sum Don''t Contact Cuz Ov Their Ego,

We Don''t Contact Sum Cuz Ov Our Ego,

Wht Eva They Were,

How Eva They Are..

We Still Remember, Love, Missed, Cared Them Cuz Ov The Part They Played To Made

Dedicated 2 All My,
(-: "FRIENDS" ;->
Nice Friends Are Best Part Of Our Memories
That Tym Can Never Erase
When I''m Blessed Wid A Friend Lyk U
My Memories Are Alwayz Worth Treasuring . . . =)
Bikte Hai Gum Husn Ke Bazar Me,
Lakho Dard Chupte Hai Ek Chote Se Inkar Me,
Ho Jao Ager Zamane Se Khafa,
To Swagat Hai Hamari Dosti Ke Darbar Me... ;->
Good friends are like angels that lifts us up, when our wings have forgotten how to fly. Good friends are like angels that lifts us up, when our wings have forgotten how to fly.
Best day aaj, best gift zindagi,
best eahsaas khushi,
best feeling pyar,
best relationship dosti,
best person hum,
best friend tum hum TUM
Friends R Like Films, Some R Musical,
Some R Romantic, Some R Adventurous,
Some R Comedy & Yet Others Are Tragedy,
But Very Few Like U R Oscar Winning.

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A True Friend Knows Your Weaknesses But Shows You Your Strengths; Feels Your Fears But Fortifies Your Faith; Sees Your Anxieties But Frees Your Spirit; Recognizes Your Disabilities But Emphasizes Your Possibilities.
Bharat Ka Sabse Bada Confusion Ka Din Kaun Sa Hoga ?
Nahi Maloom..!!!!
Jis Din Raksa Bandhan Aur Friendship Day Ek Saath Padega..