Friends are like

Friends are like
Friends are like mangga... you''ll never know which is sweet and which is not. Well I''m lucky coz I was able to find the sweetest mangga in you!

Jun, 17 2010     145 chars (1 sms)     565 views       Friendship

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I keep memories of all our special times
tucked in my heart n wen i remember those times,
I smile n fall in luv with
our friendship all over again.
Small Anger
Silly Fights
Simple SMS''s
Serious Jokes
Sensitive Feelings
Senseless Speak
Million Sorrys

Mixture Of All The
Above Is Wh8 V Call
Never shall I forget the time I spent with you.. .

Please continue to be my friend. . .

As you will always find me yours . . . :)
For me U r as... Chees 4 pizza..
passport 4 visa... butter 4 bread..
ice 4 freezer.. cream 4 cake...
water 4 lake.. leaf 4 tree..
a FRIEND like u is 4 ever.
Are we friends or
Are we not?..
You told me once,
but i forgot..
so tell me ‘now’
and tell me ‘true’..
so i can say,
i am here for you..
of all the friends,
i have ever met
“u’ are the one i
will never forget..
and if i die
before u do..
i will go to heaven
and wait for u.
Friendship is a crossed cheque of Rs.Happy/-

When u feel upset or alone withdraw it from my account.

And when you are too happy deposite it in my account. . . :->
Haqeqat Mohabbat ki judai hoti hai,
Kabhi kabhi pyar main bewafai hoti hai,
Hamari taraf haath barha kar to dekh dosti ka,
Dostey main kitni sachai hoti hai.
Friendship is the
Heaviest Coin in The
Currency of Love
And with Your Friendship
I am the Richest person On the Earth
So keep me Rich forever
Nice person are the best part of our memories
that time can never erase and when i’m blessed
with a person like you my memories are always
worth and treasuring…....;->
My Frequency Of
Messaging May Be
The Time Period
I Remember You
Is More ...

That''s Why Science
Says ..
"Frequency Is Inversely
Proportional To Time .." :)
u may b a boy

or a gurl

u may fart alot

u may b fat

u may talk a lot

u may think u r the king...

or the queen

u may b bad

or u cud b gud

u may b in the circus

or work as a D.J

u may b weird

or u may b cool

u may hav weird tastes

u may b fit

but u r still my friend
Friends Means No Asking

Friends Means No Reasoning

Friends MEans Just Believeing

Friends Are Those Who Never Believe In Last Three Alphabets of FRIENDS ..