Fill in the blank with

Fill in the blank with
Fill in the blank with yes or NO only.
_______I M NOT A Male.
Koi jaldi nahin hai, aaram se soch kar bata dena

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o kon Sa PHAL hai,
Jiska phela lafz kat dein to ek MULK ka naam aur aakhiri Kat dein to SHEHER aur dono ko kat dein to PARINDAY ka naam ban jata hai.
Snd it 2 ur frnDz & get lovly ans.
aj dekhte hen apko ktny songz aty hen.

"Ap mjhe ek aisa song ddc8 krain jo mere nam k 1st Alphabet se start hota ho"
This Is A Smart Test...
Try To Solve It...

"R + CAT + SHOW - RAT + SUN - CHOSE + MOON + I - NOON + GOAL + T - GOAT - U + E"

ThErE Is A WoRd B/w TheSe WoRDs
SolVe It .....
The Answer Is " SMILE "
Tell Me:

Mera Ek Jumla Jo Aapko Aksar Yaad Aata Hai.

Reply Is Must.

Forward It To Your All Friends and Get Intresting Yaadain.
1) Kis MuLQ main NanGay Paoen ChalneY per SaZa Di JaTii Hai ?
2) Darya-e-Neel Kis Mulk Main Hai ?
3) Wazir-e-Load Sheading Ka Naam Kia Hai ?

Try Must...!!
And Reply Must..!!
R u Smart EN0UGH??
fill d following...

Q. Which alphabet is a question?

Q. Which alphabet is fly?

Which alphabet is a part of face?

Which alphabet is a tool?

Which alphabet is a drink?

Which alphabet is in geometry box?

Which alphabet is a source of salt?
Jab Insaan ko Piyar hota hai to woo Sheesha (Mirror) kyn ziyaada dekhta hai?

Reply is Must..!!
Send this msg 2 all your friends and get amazing Replies..!!
But Reply me First of All..
Today Is
Now Express Your Feelings
About Me In Some Lines
Of Any Song ...

Reply mUst Hurry Up Em W8in ...
U Have 7 Sticks "| | | | | | |". . . Make It Twenty Four Without Bending Or Breaking Them. . . !

The Answer Is " XX|V"
Plz Fil This 4 Me
Koi Achai:
Koi Burai:
1 Advice:
1 Rquest:
1 Wish:
1 Jhot:
1 Sach:
1 Umeed:
1 Bat Jo Pehle Kbi Na Kahi Ho
B Frank & True.
Plz..Ok Reply Me
Slct 1 day den i''ll tell u meaning of dis dayz:::

Be Honest n Send This To Anyone
Who Made You Smile This Year.
It May Surprise You How
Many You Get Back.
Thanks For Making Me Smile... (-,=)