What wil u select

What wil u select
What wil u select 4 my personality..?

1.Blue Bangles
2.White Dress
3.Red Lipstick
4.Pink Earings
5.Silver Ring
6.Black Eye Makeup
7.Golden Shoes.

Reply.. Then i''ll tell u the answer..!

Blue Bangles: U think Im gud lukinG
White Dress:U think Im religious
Red Lipstick: U think Im hot Pink
Pink Earings: U think Im funky
Silver Ring: U love me
Black Eye Makeup: U think Im sexy
Golden Shoes: U think Im boring!

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I m waiting for ur answer

Answer By HumAyuN

Do you miss me

in number''s ko is tarha arrange karein k jis taraf se b add karein ''15'' answer aaye.
Its challenge.. ;->

Answer :