A reasent studdi haz

A reasent studdi haz
A reasent studdi haz shon dat peepal hoo aar vary samaart end gud lukeeng maik manee spallings meestaikes... vaat ees yorr opeeniun?

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If Someone Purposes You..

And You Dont Love Him/Her,

Hw Wud You Deny Him/Her Without Breaking Heart??
Agr Aap Dulha Ban K Stage Pe Baitho Gay

Tu Apni Dulhan K Kaan

Ma SUb SA Pehle Kia Kaho Ha?

Funny Reply Is Must
plz complete the sentence and reply m:


Degrees Of Girls!
Send it to Your Friendz and See k Wo Tumhe konsi Degree denge?

B.A: Beautiful Angel

B.E: Beautiful Eyes

B.Sc: Beautiful Stupid Chulbuli

B.L: Beautifully Loyal

MBBS: Much Beautiful But Stupid

B.COM: Basically Confidence of Mohabbat

B.B.A: Beauty Bold & Active

L.L.B: Love 4 Loyal Boy

Ph.D:Perfect Heart Dream Girl.

But Reply Me First.
Q : Baadshah Akbar ke zamnay main Darayaye (river) ravi main zabardast Salab aya tha .. Lahore sheher ko zabardasht Nuksaan Pooncha Lekin baad shah Masjid jo Drayeaye Ravi ke pass hai woh nahi doobi bataye kyoon???

Ans : Badshah Akbar Ke Zamanay Mai Baadshahi Masjid Bani Hi Nahi Thi :)
Agar dm hai to inka jawab do ap ne bhi bht sawal dekhe honge try it.

1. Adam A''A ne zameen par pehla phal kon sa khaya?
2. Roo a zamin par sb se pehle drakht kon sa tha?
3. Wo kon sa phal hai jo zamin k andar ugta hai?
4. Wo kon sa parinda hai jiska damagh nhi hota?
Challenge reply must.
Ager apko meri "Ammi" ko meri "Shikayat" Laganey ka MOQA miley to App Meri Konsi "Shikayat" Lagaoe Gaye..?

Send this to your Friends..
And find interesting facts about you Pesonality..
But Reply Me 1st..
It is a challenge for you,
Rewrite these words in a proper oder..
1/ Ctorpai (A Fruit)
2/ Suolt (A Flower)
3/ Jahatalm (Historical Place)
4/ Losot (Furniture item)
5/ Rceurym (An Element)
6/ pkpmiun (A Vegetable)
7/ Srriratbe (A Proffesion)

Take your time And Reply Must..
Hands she has but does not hold, teeth she has but does not bite, feet she has but they are cold, eyes she has but without sight. Who is she?

Ans: A Doll
1 Question:

Larky Jab Pyar Main Dhoka Khaty Hain To
Shave Barha Laity Hain,

Jab Larkian Dhoka Khati Hain to Kia Karti Hain?

Reply Must
Be Honest n Send This To Anyone
Who Made You Smile This Year.
It May Surprise You How
Many You Get Back.
Thanks For Making Me Smile... (-,=)
-winner of heart
-inner beauty
-source of smile
-rude dude
-beautyful soul
-ready to fight
-miss attitude
please replay b honest