Kiss tarhan ki cheez sey

Kiss tarhan ki cheez sey
Kiss tarhan ki cheez sey apko raat main daar lagta hia?
Apney doston sey pocho and get exciting answers..!!
but reply me 1st.

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Select 1 colour
And you Have to Do Whatever Comes In It
& Reply must

Tell Me Your Life''s Biggest Achievement

3 sentences in My praise

Cal me for 1 mint

Tell Me Your Life unforgettable Day

You Have To Kiss Me Whenever You meet In infront Of Everyone

Pepsi Is DUE On You

Send me Your 2 Favorite Msgs

Send me Balance Of 50 Rupees
If Ur Ex-Lover Invites To His/Her Marriage,

Wat Wud U Like To Gift Him/Her?

Send It To Ur Frdz N Know How Ppl Hav Feelings For Dr Ex-Love, But Reply Me First
1.White Cloud=too emotional
2.Blue Sea=intelligent n cute
3.Black Universe=devil
6.Pink Rose=u luv sum1 deeply
If you were running a race, and you passed the person in 2nd place, what place would you be in now?

The Answer:

You would be in 2nd (not 1st!).

you passed the guy in second place, not first.
A - Roses
B - Tension
C - Understanding
D - Heart
E - Romance
F - Fight
G - Care
H - Money
I - Respect
J - Nothing
K - Freedom
L - Kids
M - Suche Mhbt
N - Satsfaction
O - Posesivens
P - Friendship
Q - Gifts
R - Chocolates
S - Lots of Love (Gud Luck)
T - Pain
U - Happiness
V - Rudeness
W - Kisses
X - Tears
Y - Attitude
Z - Forever Love
Slct 1 day den i''ll tell u meaning of dis dayz:::

Fill in the blank with yes or NO only.
_______I M NOT A Male.
Koi jaldi nahin hai, aaram se soch kar bata dena
send dis msg 2 ur franz n gt funny reply

if im get in married 2mmorrow n today u get 2 walk 4 smtime wid my fiance,wht wud u lik 2 tel him abt me?reply
A man walks into his bathroom and shoots himself right between the eyes using a real gun with real bullets. He walks out alive, with no blood anywhere. And no, he didn''t miss and he wasn''t Superman or any other caped crusader. How did he do this?
Ans: He shot a mirror.
Today Is World Red Rose Day.

If U Luv My Frndshp Give 1 Missed Call

N Snd Tis 2 Al Ur Friend
N See Hw Many Missed Call U Get
Fill it For me..

Colour For Me:- ?

Nick for me:- ?

Dress for me:- ?

Flower for me:- ?

Advice for me:- ?

Song for me:- ?

Tittel for me:- ?

Gift for me:- ?

Reply Must..
IMAGINE:We Meet after a LoNg Time and We aRe TalKing In Ur Room at Nite n No One at Home.


Then Ur Handphone RiNgs Downstairs.
I asK U2 Come BacK after The Call&U Promise Me!
Person On Call
Tels U Dt I Died Last Nite.


Would U Come BacK2 Ur Room As Promised?

Reply Wd Reason.