If I Was A Non Living

If I Was A Non Living
If I Was A Non Living

Thing In Ur Life Wat

Wud U Like Me To Be ?

Rply Iz A Must

N Ask Al Ur Frnds

N Get Cool Answerz!

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Kiss tarhan ki cheez sey apko raat main daar lagta hia?
Apney doston sey pocho and get exciting answers..!!
but reply me 1st.
Dimag H To Jawab Dena
Tumhare Bhai Ki Bhabhi Ki
Saas Ke Bhai Ki Biwi Ki Saas
Ke Pati Ke Jamai Ke Pote Ki
Maa Ki Nanand Ka Bhai Apka
Zyada GUSSA konsi age main ata hai?

1= Bachpan
2= Jawani
3= Burhappa
What book was once owned by only the wealthy, but now everyone can have it?
You can''t buy it in a bookstore or take it from a library?
ans: telephone book!

1:, Eik Din K Leiy P.M Of P@Kistan Bane To Kya Karo Ghy?

2:,1 Din K Leiy Jannt Mley To Kis K Sath Selibarit Karna Chaho Ghy ?

3:,Dil Aur Demaag Main Mutazad Ho To Kis Ko Mano Ghy ?

4:,1 Raat K Leiy Agar Sharab , Shabab Aur Kabab Main Se 1 Ko Chunna Ho To Kis Ko Chuno Ghy?

5:,Khud Se B Zeyada Jis Par Barosa Ho Wahi Dhoka De Jaie To Kya Kar Ghy ?
Ans:Reply Me Must.
Take away my first letter; take away my second letter; take away all my letters, and I would remain the same. What am I. . . ?


Answer "Letter box "
Aik Larkay Ka Mamoon
Aik Larki Ka Mamoon
Ka Mamoon Hai Batian

Larkay Aur Larki Ka Kia Rishta Howa?
if u r genius find the answer

I + Opposite of W, initial of Ice, twice of the letter b4 T + 3/4 of X, 15th letter, 1/2 of O,
Arrange 100 Rs Note. as 50 Notes should be there.And answare must be 100..
(Exp-2Rs note*50=100)
but 2 rs note should not be there.
Two fathers and two sons went duck hunting. Each shot a duck but they shot only three ducks in all. How come. . . ?.

The Answer Is "Grand father, father, son "
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Best Love:
U Fear
U Love
Reply Must Plz
kya aap duniya k sab sey ajeeb jungle k barrey mein jantey hein? yeh aisa jungle hai k jiss mein insaan rehtey hein? batayein!

Yar kya hum nei Pakistan ko kissi jungle sey kam samjha hai, yahan par b "jiss kee lathi uss kee bains" ka mahawra chalta hai aur jungle mein b