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U r nice, so Nice Morning.

U r Sweet, so Sweet Morning.

U r Loving, so lovely Morning

U r Good, so Good Morning.
L0ve Hurts Wheny0u
Breakup With S0me 0ne
Hurts Even M0re
When S0me 1
Breaks Up With YOU
But L0ve Hurts
The M0st
When The Pers0n
U L0ve
Has N0 Idea
H0w YOU Feel.
If a raindrop would mean … I love you and you would ask me how much I love you , i bet you that it would rain all day !
Cute Answer When A Girl Asked Her Ex.. … Girl – Do U Still love Me?? Boy – Pyar Ka To Pta Nahi, Lekin Mere Dost Aaj Bhi Mujhe Teri Kasam Dete Hain..!!
There is something special between me and you, the flutter in my heart and the glow in your eyes tells me our love is no lies. More love messages
1 best book is equal to 100 books,but 1 good friend is equal to library!
love is possible after friendship but friendship is not possible after love,because medicien works before death not after death.
I love YOU are 3 words;
But it takes:
3 seconds to read;
3 minutes to think;
3 hours to understand;
3 days to demonstrate;
3 weeks to explain;
And whole life to prove it!
And remember with gratitiude
Allahs favor on you;
for you were enemises and
He joined your hearts in love so
that by His grace you became
brethren and you were on the brink
of the
pit of fire and He saved you from it.
Kitnay masly hal ho jayen..

Wo or main agar "HUM" ho jayen..!!
Soft Speech clean heart,

peaceful eyes, strengthful hands,

focussed mind and determined decision with God's love.

Alway Makes you winner.
Happiness as light as air.

Happiness as light as air.

love as DEEP as OCEAN.

Friends as solid as diamonds and

success as bright as gold.

These r my wishes 4 u today n everyday...