RainDrop Would mean

RainDrop Would mean
If a raindrop would mean … I love you and you would ask me how much I love you , i bet you that it would rain all day !

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*Le kr Ana Usy Mere JanazY MeiN Ek Akhri HaseeN MuLaqat to ho gi..!
*Mere Jism Mein Jaan to Ni Hogi Magar Meri jaaN Mere Jism k PasS To ho Gi..!

?Ibrahim Mughal?
If I Have To Choose


Loving You And Breathing

I Would Use My Last Breath To Say

"I Love You" ... (:
Khafa Na Raha Karo Her Waqt
Hansa Bhi Karo Kisi Waqt
Jab Dil Ki Dhaleez Per Ahat Hoti
To Tare Ane Ka Andesha Hota
Hai Her Waqt
Jab Zindagi Hans K Milti Hai
To Tera Chehra Nazar Ata Hai
Us Waqt
Jab Gam Ka Badal Umadta Hai
To Teri Yad Stati Hai Us Waqt
Jab Tare Jane Ka Lemha Ata Hai
To Dil Bohat Tarapta Hai Us
Please tell me your INGREDIENTS because I mixed 100kg sugar
with 80kg chocolate and 60 kg honey but .... stilli can"t
make a personas sweet as you ...
Life holds no promises to what will come our way. It makes no guarantee as to what we will have.

It just gives us time to make choices and take chances.
Tere husn ki tareef karu to tarana na ban jaye,

Teri bewafai ka zikar karu to fasana na ban jaye.

Mat ker logon mei itna zikr mera,

kahin mera zikr tujhe chedne ka bahana na ban jaye
Best ever quote in "LOVE"
Some say
"Always Rremember Me"
Some Say
"Never 4get me"

But I Will Say..
"4get Me if U Really Can!"
''''To look life in the face, always, to look life in the face and to know it for it is.. At last to know it, to love it for what it is, and then to put it away.
always the years between us, always the years. Always the love. Always the hours''''
If The Moon Never Come Out


The Stars Did Not Shine

It Would Be One Lonely World ...

Just As Would The Heart & Soul Without Love ... (:
Wo mere liye kuch khaas hai yaaro''
jinke laut aane ki na koi aas hai Yaaro''
wo najro se door hai to kya huwa..
Banke dil ki dhadkn mere paas to hai yaaro''
Luving 100 Wrong Persons May Not Even Affect Your Life,

But Hating 1 Right Person All Leave U A Broken Heart Throuhout uR Life

Think Abt iT ..
I am standing alone in the crowd,
Surrounded by people & music so loud.
My loneliness vanishes in a while,
As I think of U & Ur lovely smile.