There are a lot of people

There are a lot of people
There are a lot of people

who call you by your name.

But there is only one person

who can make it sound

so damn special.

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Ajab andaaz hain mere,

Hazaaron raaz hain mere,

Anokhe saaz hain mere,

Sabhi aijaz hain mere,

Kaise abhaam hain mere,


Mein jis k pass jata hun,usey pagal banata hun,

Kabhi hansna sikhata hun,kabhi har pal rulata hun,

Yahi to kaam hai mera,


Nasha sa chaney lagta hai,maza sa aaney lagta hai,

Mujhe jo chahne lagta hai,mere gun gaaney lagta hai,

Nasheela jaam hai mera,

Boy- Do you love me?
Girl-Yes !!
Boy-Prove it!
Boy-Jump down from the roof..
She walked up to the edge and said with a smile
Girl- Push me!
I Have A Heart
& It’s True
But Now It’s Given
From Me To You

So Care It Just Like
I Do

I Have No Heart
You Have Two
mujh sey dur hone k baad
yaad aon ga main

har khushi rooth jane k baad
yaad aon ga main

apnu k rooth janey k baad
yaad aon ga main

moosam badalney k baad
yaad aon ga main

ab mujh sey saha nai jata
zindagi sey rooth janey k baad
yaad aon ga main
It hurts to love someone and not be loved in return, but what is the most painful is to love someone and never find the courage to let the person know how you feel.
Dating is so insecure.
My last relationship,
I was always there for her and she dumped me.
I told her about it. I said,
Remember when your grandma died?
I was there.
Remember when you flunked out of school?
I was there.
Remember when you lost your job?
I was there!
She said, I know - you''re bad luck.
ekh ke wo muje tera palke juka dena,
yaad bahut aye tera muskura dena,
kese bhulau wo sari bate, wo mithi rate, wo mulakate
--until your car or home is paid off
--until you get a new car or home
--until your kids leave the house
--until you go back to school
--until you lose ten pounds
--until you gain ten pounds
--until you finish school
--until you get a divorce
--until you get married
--until you have kids
--until you retire
--until summer
--until spring
--until winter
--until fall
--until you pass away...
There is no better time than right now to be happy.
Happiness is a journey, not a destination.
So -- work like you don''t need money, Love like you''ve never been hurt, And dance like no one''s watching.
U live …u die …u learn something..
A Heart To Love,

And In That Heart,


To Make Love Known.

~ William Shakespeare
In all the years
we''ve been together,
loving one another,
I vow from my heart
that there has never
been another.
On the very day we met,
I gave my heart to you,
and I promise that
as long as I live,
I will love you!
Missed call to ek bahana hai, Irada to aapka ek lamha churana he,
Aap chahe humse baat karo ya na
Aap ki yadon mein humara ana jana
Haqiqat ho tum kese tumhay sapna kahu,
Qurban hai meri jaan tujh par
kise tere siwa mein apna kahu