There are a lot of people

There are a lot of people
There are a lot of people

who call you by your name.

But there is only one person

who can make it sound

so damn special.

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Mohabbaton mein,
Adawatein kesi!
Chahna kisi ko to phir,
Shiqayatein kesi!

Jab tumhara us par aitbaar hai itna,
To zara zara c baat per WAZAHATEIN kesi!
When You Love Somebody,

Be Ready To Take The Intensity Of Emotions. Be Jealous, Anxious.

Love With All Your Might.

Take The Pain And Everything That Comes With It.

Just Make Sure That The Person Is Worth It ...
Long after moments of closeness have passed,
A part of you remains with me
And warms the places your hands have touched
And hastens my heart for your return.
The bond of two peoples love cannot be broken,
Bend it, twist it, do what you will with it;
If it is true love then the sun will rise another day.
You know you''re in love when at those times you''re apart,
You find yourself gazing at the sky in the
direction she lives and feeling some peace in
knowing that you live under the same sky.
Love Does Not Die Easily.
It Is A Living Thing.
It Thrives In The Face
Of All Life''s Hazards,
Save One--Neglect.

~ By James Bryden.~
Be Sabab Youn Hi Sar-E-Shaam Nikal Aaty Hain,

Ham Bulaien Tu Unhen Kaam Nikal Aaty Hain,

Koi Hamen Shouq Tu Nahi He Aawargi Ka,

Ham Tu Unki Galiyon Me Hamkalam Hone Aaty Hain,

Unki Jafaon K Zakham Kehte Rehte Hain Kuch Is Tarah,

K Raat Ka Andhera Charhte Hi Dard Tamam Nikal Aaty Hain,

Kia Bataon In Husn Walon Ki Tujhe !...Wasi...!

Ham Bulain Tu Parda, Warna Sar-E-aam Nikal Aaty Hain.

=> 03337656310
Kabhi Mujh Ko Saath Lekar, Kabhi Mere Saath Chal Kar
Woh Badal Gaye Achaanak Meri Zindagi Badal Kar

Huye Jis Pey Meharaban Tum Koi Khush Nasib Hoga
Meri Hasaratein To Nikalin Mere Ansuuon Mein Dhal Ke

Teri Zulf-O-Rukh Kay Qurban Dil-E-Zaar Dhuundhata Hai
Wahi Champai Ujaale Wahi Suramai Dhundalake

Koi Phool Bun Gaya Hai Koi Chaand Koi Taara
Joh Chiraag Bujh Gaye Hain Teri Anjuman Mein Jal Ke

Mere Dosto Khudara Mere Saath Tum Bhi Dhuundo
Woh Yahin Kahin Chhupey Hain Mere Ghum Kaa Rukh Badal Kay

Teri Bejhijhak Hansi Say Na Kisi Kaa Dil Ho Mailaa
Yeh Nagar Hai Aainon Kaa Yahaan Saans Le Sambhal Ke
U know who is the best couple in the world??

Smile and tears..

Rarely they are seen 2gether,

but when they are together its the best moment of the life..
y0n chup se na raha kar0,
y0n kham0sh se j0 h0 jatay h0,
dil k0 weham sa h0 jata hai...
kahin khafa t0 nahi h0,
kahin udaas t0 nahi h0...
tum b0ltay achay lagtay h0,
tum dantay achay lagtay h0...
kabi shararat se kabi ghusay se,
kabi hanstay achay lagtay h0...
sun0! tum achay lagtay h0....
you''re ma honey bun sugar plump pumpi yumpi pumpkin,you''re ma sweetie pie,you''re ma cuppy cake gum drop spugm spugm slower the apple ov ma eye,n i love u sho n i want u know that il olwayx b ryth here,n i love to sing this song for u b.coz u r soooow deeeeaaaar :-)
The difference between crush and love:
When you like a person and you know why you like the person, it’s a Crush.
But when you like a person and don’t know why you like the person, its Love.