There are a lot of people

There are a lot of people
There are a lot of people

who call you by your name.

But there is only one person

who can make it sound

so damn special.

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Pyar ko chod kar tum koi aur baatkaro
Ab mujhe pyar ki har baat se dar lagta hai
Meri khatir na woh badnam kahin ho jaye
Esliye unki har mulaqat se dar lagta hai
Sometimes we let affection, go unspoken,

Sometimes we let our love go unexpressed,

Sometimes we can''t find words to tell our feelings,

Especially towards those we love the best.
v often don xpress our feelings coz of loosing in a relationship

but often v loose a beautiful relationship coz of not xpressing our feelings
Suhani Raaton Ki Chandni Mein
Kbhi Na Tum
Be-Naqab Aana
Mein DIL Pe Qabu To Ker Sakun Ga
Nigah Shayad Gunah Ker De
Gulshan ki tarah muje mehkaya karo tum
Din dhal jaye to raat ki rani ban jaya karo tum
Muje Tanhaion say bohat khouf aata hay
R kuch nahi to mera saya hi ban jaya karo tum
Tera Firaq muje khud say b begana karta hay
Khawab main b na apna daman churaya karo tum
Fall In
''''L O V E''''


Fall Out
''''L O V E''''
Awfull ...
The Cutest Proposal of d World frm a cute Grl to a Boy.......
Girl : "Hey, I hve lost my SurName... Can I use Urs".. ;)
Wo muskura rahe hai hume tanha chod kar,

Kiye huye saare waado ko tod kar.

Unke siva kahi dil lagta bhi nahi,

Ab kya karenge hum apne toote huye dil ko jod kar
You’re There For Me When I’m Lost
You’re There For Me At Every Cost
You’re There For Me Through Snow And Rain
You’re There For Me When I’m In Pain
You’re There For Me To Heal My Cut
You’re There For Me No Matter What
You’re There For Me Like An Angel From Above
To Watch Over Me And Teach Me How To Love
Love Is A Constant Battle Between The Heart And Mind
TRUE LOVE Is When They Agree
if GOD give me 24 hrs b4 death.......

then i"ll spend 23 hrs wid U........
1 hr to find that person,who will care 4U
After MY DEATH....!!!!
My pillow.

Enveloping me in your soft folds of comfort.

Eyes closed, your gentle caress soothes my concerns
and carries my thoughts to a bed of pure contentment.

Completely satisfied, I lay in your sweet embrace,
longing to remain indefinitely.

This is love......