Heart is empty without love

Heart is empty without love
Heart is empty without love.

Mind is empty without wisdom.

Eyes are empty without dreams.

Life is empty without U

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To the whole world you are somebody....
but to somebody you are the whole world
I cant tell you how much I love you,

but I can try my best to show you just how much I really do.
A Funny Thought
About Love

"L O V E"

Is Like The

"M E A S L E S"

We All Have To

Go Through It ... :)
i"ve written you on the page of my heart,
reflected your face on the mirrors of my soul,
displayed you in the gallaries of my eyes
,this show how much i care...wow you are loved!
1.A confusion has confused my mind which is already confused
with some confusion.I don't know why this confusion had
confused my confused mindIf my confusion had confused
ur mind thn try to get a solution for my confusion to rectify
my confused mind.If my confused msg din't confuse
u,b happy
MOHABBAT aankh main palta wo pur-israr jazba
Jise ab tak koi nai samajh paya
Na iski koi surat hai
Na iska koi paimana
Dhake alafz main iska bohat izhar hota hai
Kuch aise hi k jaise ab
"Tah-e-dil"se hum dono iqrar karte hain
Magar phir bhi na jane kyun
Tmhen zid hai k men kehdun
Mujhe zid hai k tm kehdo
Mujhe tum se MOHABBAT hai
Kaho mujh se MOHABBAT hai......
Sometimes I Wish I Never Saw U
Never Met U
Never Knew U
Not Bcoz I Dunt Like U
Neither Bcoz I Hate U
Bcoz I''m Afraid I Might Loose U
Heart touching dialogue

Force can make everything possible in de world, but it cannot create a single drop of love in anybody''s heart..
Love Cannot Endure Indifference. It Needs To be Wanted
Like A Lamp, It Needs To be Fed Out The Oil Of Another''s Heart
It''s Flame Burns Low . . .
I took All The Pain Killers
Coz I Wanted To Wash Away My Pain
But One Thought Of U
And It Hurts All Over Again. . .
If You Cant Get

Someone Off

Your Mind They

Are Probably

Supposed To Be There..
Mosam shabab ka,
Nasha sharab ka,
Parda janab ka or rang gulab ka,
in sabme haseen , in sabme Lajawab dekho SMS padne wala "Chehara Janab ka."