Heart is empty without love

Heart is empty without love
Heart is empty without love.

Mind is empty without wisdom.

Eyes are empty without dreams.

Life is empty without U

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To the whole world you are somebody....
but to somebody you are the whole world
If u have to choose between me & d world,

What will u choose?

If u choose world u lose me.

But if u choose me I will give u the world....;->
you can judge the depth of the sea....
it is possible.....
but estimating my love is completely Impossible..
this much i love u...
Ur precious love has turned my life completely around,

I feel lik Im walking but my feet
don''t seem to touch the ground!


kase ho

kia hall hain

kia ho raha hai

aray yar main khu

idher widher ke batin kar raha ho

seda sa

bola bhi nhe jata

I love uuuUUUU..HAHHA
Love puts the fun in together,

The sad in apart,

The hope in tomorrow,

The joy in the heart.
The Lovely Love THEORAM :=

Kisi Se Pyar Karna PAGALPAN Hai ..

Jiss Se Ap Pyar Karu Or Wo Bhi Ap Se Pyar Kare , To Wo Duty Hai ..


Ager Apko Koi Pyar Kare To Woh Apki KHUSHKISMATI Hi Nahi , ZINDAGI bhi Hai.

ISliye Apne Pyar Ki Kadar Karu Aisa Na Ho k Wo Kisi Or Ka Pyar Bn Jaye
3 Words Can Change The Whole Life. But The Bit is That The Words Should Be Saying By Wholehearted. And The Words Are



One Of The Best Love Quote Ever Said:

I Have Written Her Name

On My Heart

Because God Didn''t Write Her Name

In My Destiny.
Do Not Seek

The " Because "...

In Love There Is

No " Because "

No " Reason "

No "Explanation "

No " Solution " ...
Cutest proposal ever by a boy :

"Do u hug ur teddy bear while sleeping at night?

Girl-" Yes "

Boy-Can i replace it for the rest of ur life? (-:
When I say I love you,
It doesn’t mean just 3 words of love,
It means I care for you,
I trust u,
I believe you,
I miss you,
Love sometimes changes some moment
And sometimes WHOLE LIFE...;->