tum meri soch ho

tum meri soch ho
tum meri soch ho tumhe koi soche kyo,
tum meri chaht ho tumhe koi chahe kyo,
tum mera aina ho tumhe koi dekhe kyo,
tum meri dua ho tumhe koi mange kyo,

Jun, 14 2010     155 chars (1 sms)     692 views       Love

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If a raindrop would mean … I love you and you would ask me how much I love you , i bet you that it would rain all day !
U learn to like someone when u find out what makes them laugh....but u can never truly love someone until u find out what makes them cry....
WE All Want To Fall In LOVE . . .
Why ? ? ?
Bcoz That Experience Makes Us Feel Completely Alive
Where Every Scene Is Heightend, Every Emotion Is Magnified, Our Everyday Reality Is Shattered & We Are Flying Into Heavens. It May Only Last A Moment, An Hour, An Afternoon, But that Doesn’t Diminsh It’s Value
We Are Left With Memories That We Treasure For The Rest For Our Life
you''re ma honey bun sugar plump pumpi yumpi pumpkin,you''re ma sweetie pie,you''re ma cuppy cake gum drop spugm spugm slower the apple ov ma eye,n i love u sho n i want u know that il olwayx b ryth here,n i love to sing this song for u b.coz u r soooow deeeeaaaar :-)
Love is strong yet delicate.
It can be broken.
To truly love is to understand this.
To be in love is to respect this.
It is by the present heart of love that the blessings of the future are planted, to be reaped when the future again becomes the present.
Mohabat phir Muhabat he....

Kbi Dil se nhi jaati,

Hazaron rang hain is k,

Ajab hi dhang hain iske,

Kabi sehra.

Kabi darya,

Kabi jugnu,

Kabi aansu,

Hazaro roop rakhte he,

Badan jhulsa k jo rakh de

Kabi wo dhoop rekhti he,

Kabi ban kar ye ek jugnu shab-e-gham k andheron main

Dilon ko aas deti he,

Kabi manzil kenaarey par piyasa maar deti he,

Aziyat hi aziyat hai,


Ye b haqiqat he,

Muhabat phir muhabat he

Kabi dil se nhi jaati...
Best ever quote in "LOVE"
Some say
"Always Rremember Me"
Some Say
"Never 4get me"

But I Will Say..
"4get Me if U Really Can!"
Flowers will die sun will set.
But u r ma love dat i wont 4get..
Ur name is so precious,it will nvr grow old..
Its engraved in my HEART wit letters of Gold!
hame bhoolne ki koshish mat karna
ham tere dil ka dard ban jayege
karoge aakhri saas tak yaad
hum tumhe itna bebas kar jayege
Even if love is full of thorns, i''d stil
embrace it for i kno that in between those
thorns, there is a rose that''s WORTH all the
We must widen the circle of our love until it embraces the whole village; the village in turn must take into its fold the district; the district the province, and so on till the scope of our love encompasses the whole world.