Some people in life

Some people in life
Some people in life are a part of us,

Even though we Miss them,

We never Lose them bcoz we find

The Memories of time Spent

Together still living in us

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Humare dil me dhadkan aapki sunai deti hai,
Aankhon me surat aapki dikhai deti hai.
Chalte to hum hai lekin,
jab mudte hain to parchhai aapki dikhai deti hai.
Once you have loved, You will always love. For
what''s in your mind may escape, but what''s in
your heart will remain forever. There is no
instinct like that of the heart
There are a lot of birds wispering only about you,
you should once listen to them,
then you would know how much I love you.
No Matter Where You Go..No Matter What You Do..
If We Grow Apart..Or Come Closer Together..
If You Fall In Love..And Forget All About Me..
Or If You Came To Hate Me..I Want You To Know That
I Will Always Love You..And Always Be There For You..
No Matter Where Your Destiny Lies..You Will Always Be My Friend..
And If Fate Tears Us Apart..Always Remember That
No Matter How Long It Has Been Since We Talked..
Or Why We Stopped Talking..If Life Brings You Down..
I Will Always Be There For You..You Can Call Me Anytime..Anywhere..
I Will Listin To You..I Wont Ever Judge You..And Always Remember..I Love You
If I Have To Choose


Loving You And Breathing

I Would Use My Last Breath To Say

"I Love You" ... (:
Sweet Quote From
An 8 Years Old Kid

"LOVE Is When
I Can''t Pay Attention
In Class
I m Too Busy In
Writing ''HER'' 1st Name
With ''MY'' Last Name ..." (:
Every relationship has its problems

but what makes it perfect is

when you still want to be there

when everything sucks…
Kisi Ke Deedar Ko

Kisi Ke Deedar Ko Tarasta Hai,
Kisi Ke Intezaar Me Tadapta Hai,
Yeh Dil Bhi Ajeeb Cheez Hai,
Jo Hota Hai Khud Ka Magar Kisi Aur Ke Liye Dhadakta Hai.
Yaadon ko bhulane mein kuch dair to lagti hai,

Aankhon ko sulaney mein kuch dair to lagti hai,

Kisi shakhs ko bhula dena itna aasan nahi hota,

Dil ko samjhaney mein kuch dair to lagti hai,

Bhari mehfil mein jab koi achanak yaad aajaye,

Phir aansoo chupaney mein kuch dair to lagti hai,

Jo shakhs jaan se bhi pyara ho wo achanak door hojaye,

Dil ko yakeen dilaney mein kuch dair to lagti hai.
Hum Say Kabhi Zikr Judai Math Karna, Ess Dil Ki Kabhi Ruswai Math Karna,"Tum Jan Ho Meri" Bus Etna Samjh Lo, Mery Enn Lafzoo Ko Nailaam Math Karna. IFFI
Life holds no promises to what will come our way. It makes no guarantee as to what we will have.

It just gives us time to make choices and take chances.
I MISS YOU in every beats of heart,
In every blink of my eyes,
In every second of Time and...
In every moment of the Day !