Some people in life

Some people in life
Some people in life are a part of us,

Even though we Miss them,

We never Lose them bcoz we find

The Memories of time Spent

Together still living in us

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I took All The Pain Killers
Coz I Wanted To Wash Away My Pain
But One Thought Of U
And It Hurts All Over Again. . .
7 signs your falling in love*
7. You"ll read their txts over and over again
6. You"ll walk really really slow while youre with them
5. They becomes all you think about
4. You"ll get high just by their smell
...3. You"ll realize that you"re always smiling, when you think about them
2. You"ll do anything for them
1. While reading this, there was one person on your mind the whole time
Love is Pure
Love is Sure
Love is sweet poison
that Doctors can"t cure
Tumne hi kaha tha k aankh bhar k dekh liya karo mujhe...,
Ab aankh to bhar aayi hai par tum nazar nahi aaty.
main lafjo se kuch bhi izhaar nahi karta,iska matlab yeh nahi ki main usse pyar nahi karta,cahata hoon main usse aaj bhi par uski soch main apna waqt bekaar nahi karta,kahin tamasha na ban jaye mohabbat meri isliye ape dard ko izhar nahi karta, jo kuch mila hai usi mai khush hoon main, uske liye khuda se takrar nahi karta,par kuch to baat hai uski fitrat mai jalim warna usse cahane ki khata baar-baar nahi karta.
Jis insan ko gussa zayada aata hai wo insan piyar bhi utuna hi zayada karta hai
If red is a danger showing colour then red is also the colour of love
Love knows no limit to its endurance,
no end to its trust, no fading of its hope;
it can outlast anything.

Love still stands when all else has fallen.
pyar krne k lie kisi ki soorat na dekho
us k ander k insaan ki khoobsoorti dekho
We belong together,

You had me from the start,

We belong together,

You make my world complete,

Its the way it was meant to be,

You’ve completely stole my heart.

We belong together,

Just you and me.
Love Is Like A Little Old Woman And A Little Old Man
Who Are Still Friends Even After
They Know Each Other So Well..

Its True Love..
Love is not how u 4get but how u 4give.............. It''s not how u listen but how u understand............... It''s not what u see but what u feel.................. & Its not how u let go but how u hold on.
Love me for a second and I will make that second last a lifetime. . . ! ! !