Cute relationship is

Cute relationship is
Cute relationship is
when someone is angry with you

and says I will never talk to you

And later comes back to

you to just inform you:

I am still angry :)

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I have 3 parts of my heart,
1st 4 my Allah,
2nd 4 my Family,
3rd 4 myFriends.



But no part 4 u,


Farq sirf itna sa hai, US ki doli uthi meri maiyat uthi,
phool US per bhi they, phool mujh per bhi they,
mehfil wahan bhi thi , log yahan bhi the,
Un ka hansna wahan, in ka rona yahan,
sahelian us ki bhi thin, dost mere bhi they,
Do qul US k perhey, do qul mere perhey,
Qazi udher bhi tha, moulvi idher bhi tha,
WOH saj k gaya, mujhe sajaya gaya,
WOH uth k gaya, mujhe uthaya gaya,
Farq sirf itna sa hai usey APNAYA gaya, mujhe DAFNAYA gaya........
LOVE. . .

Its In Those Special Moments Together. ..
Those Laugh You Have Together
Those Secrets You Share
Those Promises You Made In Heart
Those Days You Wait To Meet
Those Million Sorrys You Say
Those Calls That Seems Like Seconds & You Never Know That Hours Have Passed. .
Dont rush into falling in love

4 love never runs out.

Even if somebody asks u y ur single

Just tel dem "God" is just busy

writing d best love story 4 me.
Kbhi Agr Tm Dua Me Kisi Ko Mango,

Phr Wo Tm Ko Na Mile To,

Ye Jan Lo K Kahin Koi Or Tmhe Apne RUB Se Mang Rha Hy,

Or Uski Mhbt Mai Tm Se Zyada SHIDDAT Hai.
Person Who Live In Once''s Heart,

R Not Needed To Meet Daily,

Their Memories Themselves

R Worth More Than Meeting Them..
I Only Wish To Be The Fountain Of Love

From Which You Drink,

Every Drop Promising Eternal Passion.
you''re ma honey bun sugar plump pumpi yumpi pumpkin,you''re ma sweetie pie,you''re ma cuppy cake gum drop spugm spugm slower the apple ov ma eye,n i love u sho n i want u know that il olwayx b ryth here,n i love to sing this song for u b.coz u r soooow deeeeaaaar :-)
Love comforteth like sunshine after rain.
-- William Shakespeare
Live for the person who''s ready to die for u;
Smile for the person who cries for u;

Fight for the person who protects u and luv the person who luvs u more than u!
Kuch Dur Hamare Sath Chalo
Hum Dil Ki Kahani Keh Dain Ge
Samjhe Na Jise Tum Ankhon Se
Woh Bat Zubani Keh Dain Ge
Pholun Ki Tarah Jab Hounton Pe
Ek Shokh Tabassum Bikhre Ga
Dheere Se Tumhare Kanoun Mein
Ek Baat Purani Keh Dain Ge
Izhare-E-Wafa Tum Kia Jano
Iqrar-E-Wafa Tum Kia Jano
Hum Zikr Karain Ge Ghairun Ka
Aur Apni Kahani Keh Dain Ge
They Say
"You Can Win Over Your Enemy By Love"


I Say
"Love Is The Biggest Enemy Of Life When It Hurts"