Cute relationship is

Cute relationship is
Cute relationship is
when someone is angry with you

and says I will never talk to you

And later comes back to

you to just inform you:

I am still angry :)

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best picture..
the world..
()‚‚() ()‚()
( ,o ) ( o,)
(,) (,) (,) (,)
=hum tum=


I'm giving to you a bird of friendship
now its ur responsibility to care it.
Somewhere,sum1 dreams

of your smile

& finds your presence in life

so worthwhile.

So when your lonely,

remember its true that

some1,somewhere, is thinking of u.
Sum1 Asked Me 2 Discribe U In 1 Sentence..
I Said-

"Individual That

Makes Place In

Others Heart

Widout Knocking It"
Love is like a friendship caught on fire.
In the beginning a flame, very pretty,
Often hot and fierce,
But still only light and flickering.
As love grows older,
Our hearts mature
And our love becomes as coals,
Deep-burning and unquenchable.
kiya zaruri hay kay mein nay jisay chaha tha kabhi
agli duniya bhi meray piyar ko us ka paye
kiya zruri hay jo dharka na kabhi meray liye
agli rut mein bhi mera dil usay pathar paye
Love doesn’t require two
people look at each other,


that they look together in
the same direction.......
I hide my tears when I say ur name, But the pain in my heart is still the same, Although I smile & seem carefree, There is no one who misses u more than me..
Love To Fault Is Alwayz Blind

Always Is To Joy Inclined

Lawless, Winged And Unconfined

And Breaks All Chains From Minds

... Shakespare ...
If someone asks me.

what is life..?

I will just come close to you!

Take your hand in my hands!!

and then say!

Thats my life.
last night while lying on my bed
Looking at the ceiling
I realized I realized
If you would not be there, I would lost all the joys of my life"
Main jis din bhula doo tera pyar dil se,
Woh din akhri ho meri zindagi ka,
Yeh Ankhen usi raat andhi hojaye,
Jo ter siva dehken sapna kisi aur ka..!
You look so fine!I want to...
break your heart and give you mine