Cute relationship is

Cute relationship is
Cute relationship is
when someone is angry with you

and says I will never talk to you

And later comes back to

you to just inform you:

I am still angry :)

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Obstacle . . .
Reminder Of
How Strong
Can be . . . :)
?"Love is Unconditional"

Im happy to wait for u..
when u say " im busy, wait",
Im happy to wait for u knowing that
you wil never turn back..
Im happy to wait even when
you dont know that i was waiting for u...
Im still waiting......for u to say " I Love You.." ??
"Lovely thought"
Agar apke paas pyar he,
to duniya me or kisi ki zarurat nahi,
or agar pyar nahi he to,
apke paas kuch bhi ho sab bekar hai.
hame bhoolne ki koshish mat karna
ham tere dil ka dard ban jayege
karoge aakhri saas tak yaad
hum tumhe itna bebas kar jayege
“I Love Walking in Rain
So That No One Can See My Tears”,
It’s a Bit Old One
. Do You Know The Latest One??
“I Love Walking in Any Season,
Petrol is Now "78 INR" Per Litre”.
bottle main Pepsi say zyaada
....used Socks main smell say bhi zyaadaa....
Adnan Sami main charbi say zyaada...
Mithai main sweet say zyaada...
Pakistan main coruption say zzyaada... I LOVE U
It’s hard to find someone whom u truly love,

much less to find someone who loves u as much.

When the chance comes, don''t ever let go.
Chahe wafa me thokre khate raho,

fir bhi rasme wade nibhate raho.

Yahi to ishq ka dastoor hai yaaro,

ki jakhm khate raho aur bas muskurate raho.
~ Ultimate Truth ~

Love Is What ...
Can Be Felt Not Tod

It Can Be Given
Not Sold

It Comes When
You Least Expect It


Leaves You When
You Most Need It ...
Girl: I like someone.
Boy: Who?
Girl: Wait wait. I love someone.
Boy: Can U tell me?
Girl: Yeah, but you won't laugh
......Boy: Okay. I wont, just tell me.

Girl: It starts with Y & ends in U

Boy: I wont laugh cuz I like that person too.. !! ? ? ?
Dream what you want to dream; go where you want to go;

be what you want to be, because you have only one life and one chance to do all the things you want to do.
y0n chup se na raha kar0,
y0n kham0sh se j0 h0 jatay h0,
dil k0 weham sa h0 jata hai...
kahin khafa t0 nahi h0,
kahin udaas t0 nahi h0...
tum b0ltay achay lagtay h0,
tum dantay achay lagtay h0...
kabi shararat se kabi ghusay se,
kabi hanstay achay lagtay h0...
sun0! tum achay lagtay h0....