Cute relationship is

Cute relationship is
Cute relationship is
when someone is angry with you

and says I will never talk to you

And later comes back to

you to just inform you:

I am still angry :)

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saza yah khob mili tum say dil laganay ki,nazarlagi hay meray pyar ko zamanay ki,ab to qabar mein say bhi nikal ker kahtay hain hath mere,hamain to hasrat hi rah gai tumhain galay laganay ki
Don’t rush in luv for it never runs out.
Let luv be the one to knock at ur door,
so by the time you start to fall,
you know that ur feeling is for sure.
I''m Sad, ..
Sad Like Butterflies Pinned To Cardboard Boxes.Sad Like Books With Torn pages,

Ocean Shores Empty of Bathers..I Am Sad Like Unfinished Stories ..

Where Would I go With All This, yet To live Alone...
Mere pyarko "GUSSE SE"ya phir
"MOHABBAT" SE ya phir
"DHOKE" SE ya phir
"MAJBOORI" SE ya phir
"The best thing about loving and being hurt is that you get to know what true love really is. For as gold is tested in fire, and so will love be perfected in pain."
1 of d gr8 2 lines of Eng poem

"Ice melts when heated
Eyes melts when hurted".
So don''t hurt any1 who luvz u!!
Some pray to marry the man they love,
my prayer will somewhat vary:
I humbly pray to Heaven above
that I love the man I marry.
Tujhay kia khabar teri yaad
Nay humein kaisay kaisay sata dia
Kabhi khalwaton mein hansa dia
Kabhi mehfilon mein rula dia
Teray ishq mein kabhi yun huwa
K namaz apni qaza hui
teri aarzoo ne kabhi mujhe meray pak rab se mila dia
Love tip-

It is advisable to over react
whenever ur partner is in trouble.
It is an opportunity to express
your love and solitude to him..
Saying Goodbye

So Soft
The Brief Touch Of Your Lips
On My Cheek.

Was I Almost Intruding?

"Look After Yourself "
Should Have Been
"I Love You!"

Then The Jumbo Flew Over
My Head
And I Shouted My Love
Above The Roar
And Thundering Thrust

. . . As If You''d Hear.

Through The Clouds In My Eyes
I Watched You Fly Away
And Wished I''d Been Born With Wings.
He who is in love
is wise and is becoming wiser,
sees newly every time he
looks at the object beloved,
drawing from it with his eyes
and his mind those virtues
which it possesses.
wo chand chup gia mujhe raat sonp kar,
Aankhoon ko intezar k lamhat sonp kar,
Aik shaihas tha jo mujhy se bichar gia,
Aankhoon ko meri mosam barsaat sonp kar.