Loag Piyar Kay Liey Hotey Hn

Loag Piyar Kay Liey Hotey Hn
Loag Piyar Kay Liey Hotey Hn
AOr Cheezen Istemal K Liey
Baat Tb Bigarti Hay Jab Cheexoon Se
Piyar Kia Jaey AOr Logon Ko Istemal Kia Jaey
Hazrat Ali Razi Allah-O-Taaala Anhoo.

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Carry Me Away From This Dark And Lonely Room
Light Me In Your Arms All I Want To Know Is You
Chase Away The Darkness With Everything U Are
I Will Find My Strength In The Beat Of Your Heart
Once you have loved, You will always love. For
what''s in your mind may escape, but what''s in
your heart will remain forever. There is no
instinct like that of the heart.
When Nite Turns To A Darken Hue

Da Luvly Stars r Hinting At U

Ur Heart Beats Tells U Something True

That SomeOne SomeWhere Is Missing U
Love is Docomo, do the New. Mariage is idea
can change Ur life Wife is Hutch, where ever you go she
folows But Frienship is Airtel 1atut bandhan
Me .. ^^
Dil se tera khayal na jaye to kya karu?
tu hi bata teri yaad aaye to kya karu?
hasrat hai ki ek nazar tujhe dubara dekh lu
kismat woh lamha na laye to kya karu?
A Wonderful Saying..

Trying To Forget Someone Whom

You Love A Lot Is Like

Trying To Remember


You''ve Never Met...!
My soul is on fire, peace is no way near, my heart is broken and restless, my eyes all red with tears,
my body acheing with pain, sleep turned into nightmare, i think this is the end for me or s it the starting of love. . . ? ? ?
A Beautiful Msg

"Liv Wit A Prsn Who Undrstnd

U Radr Dan 1who Lvs U Coz D

1who Undrstnd U Wil

Atomtcly Luv U Bt D

1who Lve U May Fail 2undrstnd.
kabhi lafz bhol jaon, kabhi baat bhol jaon,
tujhe is qadar chahoon apni zaat bhool jaon,
uth ker kabhi jo tere paas se chal doon,
jate howy khud ko tere paas bhool jaon.
Chal aisy dais main chalty hain
Jhan chand aur sooraj milty hon
Jhan rang titley phelati hon
Jhan khoshe kay jharnay behty hon
Jhan baton say khoshbo ati ho
Jhan piyar ki basti basti ho
True Poets Don''t Write

Their Thoughts With A Pen...

They Release The Ink That Flows

From Within Their Heart.