Loag Piyar Kay Liey Hotey Hn

Loag Piyar Kay Liey Hotey Hn
Loag Piyar Kay Liey Hotey Hn
AOr Cheezen Istemal K Liey
Baat Tb Bigarti Hay Jab Cheexoon Se
Piyar Kia Jaey AOr Logon Ko Istemal Kia Jaey
Hazrat Ali Razi Allah-O-Taaala Anhoo.

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1 bat bataon raaz ki?kro us larki se ishq.Jis k chehre pe ho sadgi.Sanso mei ho tazgi Chandni ho chand ki,Rani ho rat ki Khushbu ho gulab ki.Baten kre pyar ki. Nazuk ho mizaj ki. Ache ho ikhlaq ki, paband ho namaz ki. khidmat kre maa bap ki. aur kahey main hon sirf aap ki
The more silently love is expressed, the more deeply it is bound to impress. No wonder God loves us in silence but gives us unnoticed blessings. :)
Innocent Defination

Of Love By A 5 Year Old Gal

"Love Is When Mom

Makes Tea 4 Dad N Takes

A Sip B4 Giving It

2 Him 2 Make Sure Its Fine"..
Betha tha neem ki chaaoun main ek shaam
Ek pari aayee aur kaha kay aarzoo kiya hai
Kaha kay aankh num hai dil jall raha hai
Bas! ek meethi si khushbo-e-Hina hai
Kehti hai `MUSAFIR` yeh khushbo kiya hai
Kaha kay pagli! sirf ek khayal hai bas
Masoom lafzoon main chupi ek tasveer ayaan hai
Poochti hai Musafir! yeh jadoo kiya hai
Kaha kay Har Nazar na aanay waali cheez jadoo hai
Masoom! poochti hai tumhain aakhir justujoo kiya hai
Kaha kay usay pana mayri khwahish nahin,
Usay mehsoos karna mayri justujoo hai
Ab tum bhi lout jaao pari
Sooraj bhi ghar ko chal diya hai…
Simple truth of present:
if u dont want to know whats pain,
don't love anyone truely.

If someone loves you truly,
never show them whats pain.
~Author Unknown
wo muhabat hai meri koi majbori to nahi
wo mjhy chahy ya mil jay zarori to nahi
ya kia km hai k basa hai meri ankho ma
wo rahy meri nazro k samany ya zarori to nahi
Dunya ka Sb se Acha Gift WaQt hota ha
Agr Ap kisi ko Apna WaQt DetE ho
Ap Usay Apni LifE ka wo paL DetE ho,
Jo kbi Laut kr Nhi Aata
“I love you for what you are,
but I love you yet more
for what you are going to be.

I love you not so much for your realities
as for your ideals.

I pray for your desires that they may be great,
rather than for your satisfactions,

which may be so hazardously little.
You are going forward toward
something great.

I am on the way with you,
and therefore I love you.”
This is my wish for you

Comfort On Difficult Days. . .
Smiles When Sadness Intrudes. . .
Rainbows To Follow The Clouds. . .
Laughter To Kiss Your Lips. . .
Sunsets To Warm Your Heart. . .
Hugs When Spirits Sag. . .
Beauty For Your Eyes To See. . .
Friendships To Brighten Your Being. . .
Faith So That You Can Believe. . .
Confidence For When You Doubt. . .
Courage To Know Yourself. . .
Patience To Accept The Truth. . .
Love To Complete Your Life. . .
When lots of people starts to love you,
You may get confused whom to love,
Just tell them I hate you,
Everyone will get back,
But not the person who loves you truly.
Please tell me your INGREDIENTS because I mixed 100kg sugar
with 80kg chocolate and 60 kg honey but .... stilli can"t
make a personas sweet as you ...
Love Is As Much Of An Object As An Obsession
Everybody Wants It, Seeks It
But Few Ever Achieve It
Those Who Do Will Cherish It, Be Lost In It
Among All,
Never.... Never Forget It. . .