Loag Piyar Kay Liey Hotey Hn

Loag Piyar Kay Liey Hotey Hn
Loag Piyar Kay Liey Hotey Hn
AOr Cheezen Istemal K Liey
Baat Tb Bigarti Hay Jab Cheexoon Se
Piyar Kia Jaey AOr Logon Ko Istemal Kia Jaey
Hazrat Ali Razi Allah-O-Taaala Anhoo.

Aug, 09 2014     174 chars (2 sms)     462 views       Love

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Love is born with the pleasure of looking at each other,
It is fed with the necessity of seeing each other,
And is concluded with the impossibility of separation.
MeRe Bas Me Ho To LeHRoN Ko ITNa “HaQQ” Bhi “Na Du..”
LiKHu KiNaRe Pe “NaaM
TuMHaRa “AuR Use “CHHuNe” TaK “Na
Aankhon me rahne walo ko yaad nahi karte,
Dil me rehne walo ki baat nahi karte,
Hamari to ruh me bus gaye hain aap,
Tabhi to hum milne ki fariyaad nahi karte
As I feel the tear go down my cheek,
I notice that my heart is weak,
For the love I have for you,
Will always be gold and true,
I have made some mistakes, they rest in the past,
But know my love will always last,
Even though we are a distance apart,
You always have the key to my heart.
Muddat se jin ki aas thi, Woh milay b tou kuch youn milay,

Hum Nazar utha kar tarrap uthay, Woh nazar jhuka kar guzar gaye...
A boy proposed a girl, But the girl rejected
Boy was not Sad
Friends asked him: Why are You not Sad?
Boy: I am not sad because I lost one who never loved me but she lost the one who always loved him
I don’t know if i can live without your presence in my life,

all I know is..

that I’ll keep on waiting for you,

even you wouldn’t return

I’ll just wait for you in heaven..
"Luv Is Not Made

By The Time...!

Its Made With Perso


With Whom

The Time Is Spent"...! :-)
Hearts beat 72 times a min,
Even if ur heart beats only once a min,
U’ll stil live coz 71 times my heart beats 4u.....
Loving you could take my life, but when I look into your eyes, I know you''re worth that sacrafice!
Kash tumhare chere pe chicken-pox ke daag hote,
chand to tum ho hi,
sitaray bhi saath hote!!
Words cant express,
what I feel for you.
I cant explain why
the sky is blue.
But I know
my heart is true
when I say:
I am lucky to have a lover like you
Love you my angel..!!