Dheka he ujartey

Dheka he ujartey
dheka he ujartey huwey ktne he gharon ko
hai kon jo ishq mein barbad nhn hai

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Accidents do happen.
i slip- i trip- i stumble-
i fall & usually i dont
care at all.but now i dont
know what to do coz
i slipped and fell in love with u…..
saza yah khob mili tum say dil laganay ki,nazarlagi hay meray pyar ko zamanay ki,ab to qabar mein say bhi nikal ker kahtay hain hath mere,hamain to hasrat hi rah gai tumhain galay laganay ki
Love Is As Much Of An Object As An Obsession. . EveryBody Wants It. . . EveryBody Seeks It. . .
But A Few Ever Achieve It. . . Those Who Do, Will Cherish It. . .
Be Lost In It And MAmong All . . . Willl Never Never Never Forget It . . .
Do Not Seek

The " Because "...

In Love There Is

No " Because "

No " Reason "

No "Explanation "

No " Solution " ...
LoVe Is MuCh LiKe

A WiLd RoSe ,

BeAuTiFuL aNd CaLm


wIlLiNg To DrAw BlOoD

In ItS dEfEnSe ...

Find ARMS that will HOLD u at ur WEAKEST
EYES that will SEE u at ur UGLIEST
HEART that will LOVE u at ur WORST
If u’ve found it, u’ve found LOVE

q rkhte ho mera itna khyl k
ab hr lmha udas rhne ko ji krta hy

q mante ho hr ek bt ko meri k ab
tm ko tmse hi mangne ko ji krta hy

tm jo chalo sth to koi shikwa ni zindgi se
k ab to kanton pe b chalne ko ji krta hy

dr hy k is safar mei tnha na reh jaun
k ab umar bhar tera sth nibhane ko ji krta hy
I’ll be ur 1st nd u’ll be my last.
My world,my everything, till my time
has past.
I will always LUV u until the end of
Another month ..
Another year ..
Another smile ..
Another tear ..
Another winter ..
Another summer too ..
But there will be never another YOU ..
Ek Baat Kahon Gar Suntay Ho
Ik baat kahoon gar suntay ho
tum mujh ko achay lagtay ho,
kuch chunchal say, kuch chup chup say
kuch khoiy khoiy rehtay ho,
hain chahnay walay aur bohut
par tum main hai aik baat bohut
tum apnay apnay lagtay ho,
yeh baat baat pay kho jana
kuch kehtay kehtay ruk jana
kia baat hai hum say keh dalo
yeh kis uljhan main rehtay ho,
ik baat kahoon gar suntay ho
tum mujh ko achay lagtay ho!!
Long after moments of closeness have passed,

A part of you remains with me

And warms the places your hands have touched

And hastens my heart for your return.
Wen U Live For

A Strong Purpose,

Then Hard

Work Isn’t An Option.

It’S A NeCeSsity